Saturday, 15 September 2012

So broke!

Whats with people nowadays and managing money?  I believe I am not the only who is broke before the middle of the month simply because of the proof below :D

#1  Within minutes after I posted this status, look at the amount of people who is broke AS WELL!


What are you guilty of for being broke this month?  Did you went on a guilty spree shopping?  Obtain a gadget that you have been eye-ing on?  Jewellery pieces?  Phones?  Cameras?  Gazillion friends birthday, especially during year end?  Cosplay clothes?  Cosplay accessories?  Materials for cosplay weapon?  Or maybe you went on a food-splurge?  Maybe that short vacation trip that you have been planning since half a year ago?  Whatever the reason is, we are left dry.  Very very dry, as dry as my grandmothers' skin and as cold as the weather in Alaska.  Brrrrr.  Like this.

#2  Grandma's Dry Hand

It's unbelievable that my money management skill is so bad and to think that my Want-To-Buy-List is at least another foot long is pure insanity.  Middle of the month and already living off instant noodle or the cheapest, nearest economy rice stall is very bad.  I guess it's because I feel like this every month during salary day.

#3  Salary Day

However that voice nagging at the back of my head on the things I want to buy is not going away!  With a depleted bank account, what is my solution?? To continue to be as thrifty as possible until pay day and THEN continue checking off things from my Want-To-Buy-List.  Is that what you do?  Then you my friend, are going through a circle of 'so-broke' illness and you are not going to recover anytime soon because this was exactly what you did last month and the month before that leave you in the state of penniless that you are now! 

#4  How I literally feel by middle of the month >.>

So what can you do to lighten up this burden?

1.  Eat less expensive food.  You are already doing that.
2.  Eat lesser.  Hm, maybe.  But you shouldn't do it if you mistaken your stomach growling for                your twitter alert from your phone.
3.  I know there are lots of things that you want to buy but you got to be able to keep a straight mind, look at your list and start crossing off things that you don't really need.  It's painful to cross them off but at the middle of the next month, you will start to feel better about yourself because your wallet isn't as empty as it is currently!  Don't hesitate!  Take that list out now and do it immediately while you still have the courage *channels courage via blog*!  Don't look like my grandma by middle of next month!

#5  Me Attempting to Cross Things Out My List!

4.  You might have crossed 20% of the things off your list.  *Claps hand*  You've done a very good job.  Now I know it's hard but after the first time, the second time should be easier.  I want you to dive back this instance to that list now and cross of things that you really, really don't need.   At the end of this post and you've crossed at least 45% of the things on your list, good job.  Give yourself a reward by doing this.

#5  Image taken from

Or, my own interpretation of success - like this:

That being said, I hope I am able to accomplish this.  You know how they say things aren't always what they seem to be?  Well, the person giving the advise now might not be able to do this =P

Just try your very best to tone down your spending alright.  Make lesser phone calls.  Go out lesser with your buddies therefore not succumbing to temptation.  If you want a difference in the thickness of your wallet and the size of your bank account, you are the one person who can make that difference because no one else can tell you how to spend your money correctly except giving you pointers here and there.

I shall try and experiment with this and let you guys know at the same time next month to see if it worked.  Everyone, try it with me!  Lets not be broke by middle of the month the coming months!

Some behind the scenes pictures:

#7  Hahaha getting ready for picture!

#8  Ending this with a self shot <3

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  1. damn... I'm so humble that I don't even have such a list. The only expensive thing I want is an iPhone and I'm really wondering if I really need it in the end.

    No big expenses and still hesitating - that's the spirit isn't it, sensei? :D