Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Singing Is Not My Forte

But it is something that I like and enjoy doing.

I used to tell those around me that one of the things to do in my life is to record a song and put it on YouTube one fine day and like everything else, days passes in the blinks of eyes and there's still no song, no YouTube.

One night, I decided to pick up my 10 bucks microphone from years back and just started singing and recording in really bad quality and bad singing.  After that I decided to send it to my Godbrother for some laughs and what a turn of events.  Instead of laughing at me, he actually encouraged me to post it on YouTube.  What he said was if I never do it that night, I will never do it and I will never start.  He told me everyone needs a starting point and that is one truth that I cannot ignore so I did.

I posted my first ever singing video on YouTube on 7th of February this month and by today, I've posted my 3rd video.  It is far from perfection, very near to imperfection but hey, one achievement accomplished in life is one step nearer to chasing down all your dreams and doing them and that in itself is something special and intimate to yourself.  Its like feeding your soul with happiness and with life instead of just stressing and dumping it with work loads and tiredness.

I know that I still sound like I have not gone through puberty nor someone with great vocal but I am glad and thankful enough to have a voice to use and because of that, it overcome my fear and shyness of sharing it with all of you.  Quite on the contrary, I am happy and humbly would like to share my singing with the rest of you and hope that you would in turn chase down your dreams and do it irregardless of what type of dream it is.

So here's Stay The Night by Zedd ft Hayley Williams for you =3

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See you guys soon!

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Stay The Night: Zedd ft Hayley WIlliams <3  I've decided to add the caption to my YouTube video! Not sure why didn't I thought of that before =p

Friday, 21 February 2014

Aftermath (Nightmare) of Valentines 2014

For some, Valentines Day is all about loving one another more on that special day, dressing and spending candle light dinner together and wrapped in each other's arms.

For some, its about spending that day alone and hating the world and the chocolates while refusing to step out of one's home just so they would not be caught for murdering lovely couples on the street.

For me, its making a fool out of myself, once again.

The story is, you obviously dress up and try to look appropriate for valentines so here I am, decent looking enough =3


Then when its time for food, of all the things to be served, there's this awesome dish known Squid Ink Spaghetti (It has a fancy French name but I am too lazy to look it up xD) and its known to taste really rich and good and hey, it looks great.

It looks like this <3

Looking good, check!
Awesome food, check!



This ain't true.

This ain't happening.

Yeah well... that valentines lunch escalated pretty quickly from there.

Jk xD It was valentines lunch over at my Godparent's place and we all ended up looking like that but still, one could not resist laughing at one another when we all look like we've just finished tarring the roads with our mouth.

Its just a heads up for all of you, do not eat anything squid ink related stuff whenever you are out in public or order anything with lots of black pepper with it when you are on a date with someone new because you will end up looking like the Wicked Witch from.. well, wherever you are seated at that moment =p

On another whole new random note, I never realized my hair has grown so long o_o I chopped it all off in December 2012 and whoa, 1 year and 2 months + multiple time of cutting, my hair is really pretty long and I did not realized it until today when I asked my godbrother to help me take a picture cause of the braid.

Long hair is long lol! (back view)

How it looks from the front <3

Well, time out!

See you guys next post <3

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Monday, 10 February 2014

One of the Toughest Question: Describe Yourself

Despite the amount of time some of us spend in front of the mirrors scrutinizing each inch of the mirror reflection of ourselves, when this question pops out, we would always do a double take, ponder and then try to answer this question seriously but we could never truly accurate describe ourself.  Its like forever trying to grasp which shade of colour we are but we always miss the mark:  we either describe ourself as too pale a shade or too bright a shade.

Lets not go all deep and describe or measure our intelligence by the score of our IQ or type of Myers Bridge test.  I shall take the challenge and try do describe myself (face wise) for once.

I have quite a broad face, sharper chin, medium size dark brown eyes (don't you scream FALSE at this point!) that forms into a one liner when I smile or laugh (see I am admitting this fact but I DO have eyes pft!), average nose with a 'button' tip, normal size lips, not too big not too small not too thin nor too full, layered hair from neck length (shortest point) to nearing waist length (longest point) and with pores on my face, yellow skin shade.

And that's how I see myself in the mirror.  Perhaps others see the same, perhaps others sees differently, I don't know, I cannot be my own judge.

I came across this video by chance and I thought it was a wonderfully made video and if I could, I would make you watch it but I can't so I would simply, politely ask you to watch it and hope it reaches out to you like it did to me.

It is a 3 minute video and it currently has 61 million views so it has to mean something, so please, do watch it.

Most of the people around me sees things beautifully and the best side of another person but when it comes to themselves, they are unnecessarily harsh on judging themselves and I think it is high time to change that.  We are mere mortal and we are on a very different league than Angelina Jolie or Chris Hemsworth but that does not make us any less disabled than them and it is something that we should realize.  Some of us may never look like cover girls but hey, we have heaps and abundance of happiness in our life and for that alone, it is simply enough.  

We are growing each day and in a blink of an eye, we will start to sprout grey hairs, wrinkles and then we simply pass on and turn to dust so don't be so hard on yourself.  Love thyself, for there's only one of you and you, my dear friend, is special.

Lots of love,

P/s: Thank you Po, for sparking this thought in me.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014


My Godbrother's friend decided to give her additional Netflix account to us because she wouldn't be using it for this year anyways and thus, we celebrate because

1. Its Netflix;
2. It's free!!

That IS a valid reason to celebrate!

20 seconds later


"We are sorry but Netflix is not supported in your country." in their freaking default font.


Thank you awesome country, for blocking out Netflix. -bow-

URGH, dem rage.

That was 5 months ago and yesterday while talking to this Murican friend of mine, he said he's watching Attack on Titans on Netflix and I casually popped in saying we do not have Netflix here.


My reply was, "Well, I have THE INTERNET." So much win \o / At least imo its a win ;w;

Let me put it this way for you.

The internet is like the engine of a car which is the most important part of the car, the life of the car.  Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, (colour)tube, etc, they are all merely accessories to the Internet / Car.  If you have them, all the better as they boost the human experience but if you have some and is lacking some, overall as long as you still have the care engine and it runs, I can still make do with that because it still takes me to my destination somehow, one way or another because without Internet.

The car engine is equivalent to your Internet.  The horse power is equivalent to your internet speed.  You have a Proton, well good luck to you.  You will reach your destination 10 light years later like how that YouTube is loading at 144p and its still taking forever.

You have a Toyota, woots, thats like having 4MB speed.

You have a BMW, that's fibre optic for you.

Ferrari?  That's 4G right there man.  "What's that?  It's a bird!  Its a helicopter! Nooo! IT'S FOUR GEEEEEE!"

So yes, we still manage to live in a country without Netflix because le power of the Internet is unstoppable!  As long as we have the Internet we shall thrive and repopulate like there's no tomorrow!

Your car tyres or type of car like a manual or automatic car is comparable to your gaming mouse or keyboard.  It is all part of aiding the user experience but the engine, is still the most important of all.

Random post is random, yep yep.

I am a little mind blown by myself.