Monday, 24 September 2012

One Letter Makes All the Difference

I am pretty sure many of you experienced bloopers like this before.  You were typing or writing a sentence in a hurry and you hit enter before you know it and when you realized it's already too late.  Or, you submitted that assignment of yours to your lecturer without double checking because you did it last minute.  Well, it's a lesson for you to never do last minute work again, ever!

My tuition teacher once told me that she submitted her assignment without proof reading it and when she got her grades, she not only got an F on her paper, her teacher also took the effort to make her the scapegoat in front of the entire class.

Her paper's title was 'Public Services'.  What she submitted was 'Pubic Services'.

Enough said.  She said she really wish to just die on the spot.

True story bro. 

Second true story.

Happened to me like just 3 days ago.  Went to the dentist and after registration and all, went to grab a seat.  It was a little crowded and the only seat available was a bench where a young couple was already sitting there.  Afraid of intruding, I went over and asked politely but what came out was 'Excuse me, can I shit here?'.  I blinked, excused myself and went inside the toilet to hide for a full 5 minutes.  Well maybe they really think I wanted to shit badly since I was in the toilet for 5 minutes.  Just to clear things up, I wasn't shitting.

Third true story.

I saw my cousin online on Facebook so I pmed her.  She replied me with 'Hellllllllllp'.  I was like O.O Wait what?  And I was thinking to myself what happened.   Then she told me she meant 'Helllllllo' but she made a typo since 'P' is situated next to 'O'.

So guys, before you sent any text messages or submit a piece of paperwork, it's worth that double checking.