Friday, 7 September 2012

Nature's Broadway

I am watching Nature'sl Broadway live.  Right now.

*whoosh~ whoosh~*
*artistic bend
*artistic swings
*dances wildly
*woof woof*
*meow meow*

Nature's Broadway at its best is when its raining meows and woofs  near to midnight with natural sound effect to go with it.  They always say it's very hard to describe the sound of the wind and I have to say they are right because no words came to mind when I try to describe them now.  I even had to Google for it but Google results returns me descriptions like the wind is moaning, tinkling, chime etc etc which I don't find suitable as to what I am listening right now. 

What I DO SEE when I look out of the window are all I mentioned.  The trees looks like they are arching and dancing with their leaves as clothes floating and fluttering around while the rain drops seem to circle around it.  You know when rain falls really hard with strong winds they at times seem like they are dancing in circles or just swishing from left to right and right to left?  It's doing exactly that now.

Then, since it's at night and without any cars passing by, the only visible light from outside are the lamp posts standing on guard alone and shinning like a, well lamp post while surrounded by dark, shawdowy moving objects - tree branches and leaves.  It feels like I am watching the characters coming to life like watching the main male or female standing under a spot light and shinning like a star whereas the trees and the leaves plays as the background dancers'.  The music comes from the winds# howling and the sounds of the rain tapping the window, the roof, the road and everywhere else it can reach.

The doors are playing its part too.  You know how even when we lock the doors its never really quite tightly locked?  With every gush of strong wind the door tends to knock against the wood and vibrates thus letting out the 'thud, thud, thud' sound that's our drummer for the night.

What we are missing (thankfully) are the sound of cats meowing or dogs barking.  Call me ignorant but I don't  quite understand why would people invent the phrase "raining cats and dogs" because quite contrary to that, the sound of water flowing or raindrops brings peace to the mind.  If not, why else would they be packaging the sound of 'cats and dogs' in a CD and selling it worldwide to soothe the minds of people? WOOWOFOFFFEEMEMOEWOOWWWREEOWWWARWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!.  Hm, to pay to listen to that.  I don't know that's worst or the sound from cats' mating season time is worst.

Like I was saying, since I am watching a live Broadway show from my room, it clearly mean it is in 4D.  Added to all those that my eyes or ears can feast on, another plus point to the show shall be  credited to my roommate.  The smell of her Lavendar calming effect body lotion is simply hypnotizing.  Sight, smell and sound.  Truly a wonderful night.

It's a beautiful night, nearly midnight so I believe it is time for me to log off and say goodnight to all of you. before Uncle Thor and Thunder decides to crash into the performance unannounced. 

Good night it is.

Oh wait, 2 pictures for you <3  My new shoe (second picture) as I promised earlier and also my new hand bag (a gift from Godma <3).  Beware:  They are not dangerous but they are all pink!  So for all of you who has a serious case of allergy to pink colour, best to stop right here and not view this photos.


#1  New bag and old shoe (which is not a flat shoe)

#2  New shoe!  Taken by kuroya-ken 

Love <3


  1. It's nice to see the rain and thunder from that point of view for a change. Normally, I'd cower at the sound of thunder, switch off my laptop and other electronic devices for fear of it being struck, and hope it all ends soon. This is quite a new perspective :3

  2. I've always liked the atmosphere of thunder, rain and wind (so long as I'm not outside) ;p