Sunday, 23 September 2012

Is it Asian Eyes or Just Mine?

It's always, always, ALWAYS the case whenever someone is trying to take a picture of me.  They will take my picture (group photo, passport photo and even during my IC picture), after they take they will say 'Hey mish didn't open her eyes!' or they would ask me to open my eyes BEFORE taking the pictures.

                                                            __  __

BUT WHAT THEY SEE IS THIS -> = u =  (extra stroke for the eye brows)

HAROO, IS IT BECAUSE I AM A ASIAN? (being Chinese in particular) or... IS IT JUST ...... me?

I refuse to believe it's the second reason.  Absolutely refusing to believe that.  NOT BUYING THAT!

It happened to me many, many times like since forever.  And it just happened again few hours ago  Lol I have no hard feelings for those who says that to me but I should really consider getting a double eye lid surgery huh?

Then I could finally look like this >D

#1  Picture(s) credits to my Godbrother who magically painted this picture for me when I requested him to do so, even when he is overseas >D  Under 10 minutes!  Wow what, he named those pictures Michuhasnoaiiz.  THANK YOU BROTHER.  YES, I get the point!

You know, I've tried opening my eyes real big and my friends who saw that told me to never do it again.  I think.. I am just not suited with big eyes ;_;

I had a nick name last time.  Remember when Naruto was the in thing at one moment and there's this skill call 'Byakugan' ?  'Gan' basically mean eyes in Japanese.  My friends called me 'Chisaigan' for many months.  'Chisai' stands for exceptionally small.  I've translated the last word for you so that you can put 1 and 1 together pft.

Some of them even went to the extent and asked me:  Are you able to see when you are laughing?   I don't know, judge for yourself.

#2 Photo credits to my talented photographer, JY Photography.  You can contact her via the page <3  And that's Mayyie who's next to me <3

The real answer is:  90% of the time I can see even when I am laughing.  10% of the time when I am laughing really hard, yes I can't see.  Happy?

Come on, it's not because I really have small eyes, I merely have larger cheeks that gives the illusion I have smaller eyes because, because- er, because erm, because... I think I need to get myself an eyeliner.  And some Youtube tutorials on making eyes look bigger.


Maybe I should start taking advice from this guy here.  I mean he looks so much better than me D:  Flawless skin and awesome make up skill.  I should totally go for the Korean look.

# Video 1 Super cute looking guy in the video is Ivan Lam.  Visit his page to look for more of his (future) videos!

Well, I am not sure if it works or not but I am pretty sure this is counted as 'got eyes' alright?

#3 So obviously GOT eyes loh

This was taken this evening at my balcony, so no cheating :D SEE, GOT EYES!

<3  Tonight I will be able to go to bed and sleep soundly because I have convinced the world that I've. Got.  Eyes!

Never be in denial.