Saturday, 1 September 2012

Do It Slow and Steady

I know how sometimes you are at a point where you feel depressed because everything is not going the way you planned it and that is the exact time when opportunity presents itself to you.  It's like a super stuffed crust cheesy pizza delivered straight to your door without you ordering it when you were starving.  

Will you accept this free pizza or will you question the existence of it or where it's coming from?  Or would you think it's stupid that you are letting this golden opportunity slip away from your very hand?  I guess this is what its meant by temptation at its best.  

For example:  You have been job hunting for a really long time, knocking from doors to doors and yet all the doors turns you down and one day, you accept a call from an unknown number asking you to work for them and they promise you some really good benefit and terms and conditions.  You have no idea where this guy is calling from, no idea if he is real or fake and the only way to find out is to go to the unbeknownst place and time mentioned by this guy.  Will you go?  Or will your gut instinct tells you something is wrong somewhere.  Sometimes your gut instinct might be wrong but at times it could be right so is this not a very tough decision?  Temptation, temptation and more temptation. Hmm, tough, tough and very tough.

It's always a waging war between "I should do it" and "I should not do it" and the only way to find out is actually doing it but then another question follows:  Would you risk it?  And another question:  Isn't this too good to be true?  I believe this might be your strongest question and strongest defence if you ever come across such a situation.  Unless if your greed side is overpowering, you might be able to make a rationale decision.

For my case, I am very lucky to have few people who are there to offer me advises or their sincere and honest thought on the things that I am about to decide.  They are like my GPS in a sense:  Points me a direction but I have the last say on which route I want to take.  Bear in mind that once you've decided, you are the one who has to take full responsibility off your actions.  Their advises are merely advises and you cannot hold any grudges against them if your choice did not turn out the way you think it should turn out as they are merely the catalyst. For it to happen, its your call.  Don't be those type of people where when something good happens, you take credit for all your smart brain cells but when something bad happen, you look for a platform to vend all your angst out.  Be fair, play fair and act your age.

I have this brief moment where such temptation present itself to me earlier and boy, it's so tempting to just accept it because it's like a dream come true!  Makes everything so much smoother and easier for me but is the risk too big?  Is it worth it?  It feels like a scam.  I think it's a scam. 

Okay enough of inner self talking.  Lets talk about external influence.  Well, I have great advice from a friend who is actually an expert on that subject matter of this opportunity that I am talking about and he advised me against it but he told me that at the end of the day that I will still be the one making the decision because I guess I was subconsciously trying to push the responsibility to my friend to help me make a decision (and secretly hoping he would encourage me to go for it) lol.  I guess I was greedy but not that greedy yet.  Lots of guessing work here cause I didn't actually accept that 'offer' so I could only guess what could happen after that IF I have accepted it.

Another person who cleared my head was my Godbrother.  He pointed out some very relevant points and also said something along the lines of 'If the expert says somethings fishy somewhere, something should be really fishy there'.  Thanks to this two people,  I believe I made the right choice this time.

Besides, thinking back, I believe I am a believer of doing things slow and steady (this recent years).  I don't know if its because of an age thing or I am just trying to sit back and try to look for the bigger picture in this view I am looking at right now.  I believe it's a wiser thing to do than to decide on one thing rashly and later regretting it.  It's worth that extra 10 minutes of sitting and pondering over that subject matter before deciding because if it's a really important decision, what's 10 minutes of your time in comparison to the result of your decision.  Anyways, lots of 'believing' here again because it's just something that I've been trying to practice.  There's no clear cut on right or wrong or a good or bad method on this as it differs from a case to case basis.  What suits me might not suit your personality or the current road that you are on.

I am also incline to believe that hard work gives a very unexplainable satisfactory feeling when you accomplished it.  Of course I am not asking you to do everything in slow mo and then feel happy after you finish it, that's not the point yo.  In fact,that would be quite silly.  What I meant is a piece of work where you put in particularly lots of effort or long hours and the moment you finished it, you will feel like you're already at number 1.

I know for sure I am going to feel like that after I posted this post cause it's already 4.30 a.m. and I am not sleeping yet, lol.

Well life is quite short as it is so you don't always have to go for the short cut.  Take the long road once in a while and you might just find it rewarding.

Good morning <3

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  1. Simple and straightforward. I like this post. I like it a lot.