Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tag, You're It!

Last night at midnight (my timezone), Peet  tagged me and who's Peet? She is one super cool person and is responsible for single handedly almost getting me fired from work because I was Laughing out Loud (for once) for reading her post on "How to Get Rid of A Girl :10 Different Tips!" during work time.  Well, my own fault but anywaysss, this tag wants me to list down six (6) yes six, not 100 random things about myself so here goes! <3


I've NEVER been tagged before so this is the FIRST TIME I am doing such a thing and I feel that there's a need to celebrate!!  I don't know, people just don't tag me for such random funs on Facebook or anywhere else :<  I've always seen people answering pages and pages of funs or questions or things like that but never me, so thanks Peet! <3 There really IS a first time for everything!  *successkid.jpg*  The only thing I've ever got tagged or asked to fill up are questionnaires which are well, questionnaires and of course, answer sheets for exam >.>  But note that this is not an invitation to send me a hundred tag just because I've been deprived of it >D


For a very very short time of my life, I was actually bulimic and I believe very few people know about this :D    Yeah well, one does not simply puke and go telling the whole World about it.  One could expect but one might never thought of me doing it lol.  There's always a time in someone's life where they are insecure about themselves, insecure about their physique, insecure about their relationship, insecure about their wealth but the good thing is, this things comes and go for most people and I am glad to say it's been a really long time since I last try to force food out of myself.  Never be afraid to admit your mistake.  It can only make you feel better and go further.  Being afraid and acceptance is the first step towards healing.


People never really believe that I have a temper, and quite bad one in fact because they all think I am super pleasant, amicable and "cute".  Quite contrary to that, I had a history of being notorious, hooligan and many of my older relatives does not really favour me back when I was a kid.  There was several accounts where my relative would pinch me till I bleed but it was my own fault for flipping her skirt every 5 seconds while walking behind her in a shopping mall :D  I deserved it :P  My point is, those tempers are still there, merely subdued but given the correct time and pushing the right button, you might see my old self once more :D  And no, I would not pop out from between your legs going "GUESS WHO?"


I am a freak of gadgets and specifications.  I love, or rather, have a compulsion to read reviews of everything before I buy anything.  I would read up to twenties, thirty or more web pages and also asking people who owns that device before making a final decision but once I've made my decision it's not going to be easy to change my mind on that :D  That being say, I am a proud Applefan.  No, not those who shoves Apple products down your throat telling you that it's the best device out there (though Siri might disagree with me) I simply like it as it suits my usage.  Taking brilliant photos and it's good for game handling as it doesn't really hang.  I do not really give much f-s whether or not I can customize the layout and all so yeah, Apple has been serving me good so far <3


For a person who loves food and grew up on pastries (because I don't like rice), I've never had the chance to bake until December last year.  That's the first time that I've ever baked and boy I would never want to leave the kitchen because of the smell of melted chocolate, whiskey on fruit cake and so on.  I've always liked baking and collected a few cookies/cakes book but never really the type who sits down and actually bakes them but I would take it as a blessing in disguise to slow down the process of my expanding waistline. No, do not refer to number two up there.

Last :D

It was my secret ambition to be either an astronaut or a singer though the only person who would tolerate my singing is my mother but nevertheless I am still looking for an opportunity to try to record a YouTube video of me singing but up todate, no such luck and my favourite movie will forever be The Parent Trap (1998) where I've watched the movie more than 600 times that I can tell you exactly which is Lindsay Lohan and which is her double, movie bloopers like one leg there and one leg gone the next second in the same scene and etc.  Yes I am a TV freak.  I could sit on the couch all day, eat sleep and eat somemore without budging an inch - if only I can.

P/s:  It is a heart breaker to know that Natasha Richardson, the actress who played the character of the mother has passed away in 2009 due to a head accident during ski-ing T____T

Thanks Peet, for the opportunity to be tagged and tagging others *rubs hands*  I choose YOU, YOU and YOU!
You = Jaslin  You = Maria and You = Evelyn!  for being so nice to me and everyone else and now I am just being a pain in the ass by tagging you >D  Extra work for you!  <3 I wish I could tag you once more Peet, then we would know another 6 random things about you but that's not allowed isn't it QQ

So gogogo!

Currently in love with my new statement necklace <3

AND, I LOVE ALL THINGS ROUND!  Check out this hilariously cute video!! My friend posted this as a response to my "I ate so full that if I fall face down right now I will bounce right back" and crap, he has never been so right!  OAO

Monday, 25 February 2013

Bras & Bikinis - The Difference?

Both cover's up a girls' body in a sensual way and they both look almost the same so what's the difference?

Easiest difference to tell is:  One pushes your boobs up to your ears and the others shows itself in its natural state.  Well, it kinda applies for push-up bras *shrugs*

Anyways!  What I wanted to talk about is how a girl would react when a guy sees a girl in bras or bikinis.  The difference in their reaction is like Heaven and Earth.  Girls struts their beautifully carved body and assets on the beach with the skimpiest bikinis ever invented out there that you do wonder how do they stay on with just two bare strings (or one interconnected string for G-Strings) whereas if a guy walks into a girl who was changing her clothes but fully clad in her bra and underwear, she screams her head off!  I bet many of you wondered about the same thing too!

What I can conclude from is that this is simply the difference of whether or not there was prior consent.  One is done willingly and voluntarily while the other, it felt like someone had intruded upon your sacred moment with the worst vulgar action ever because that sense of security has been forcefully taken away.  The best example that I could come up with is the difference between consented sex and rape (which goes for both genders) so you would roughly know what I mean.  They both involves the same action (I believe unless you have an out of the world fetish) but the outcome is so different.  One brings out the love in both parties whereas the other is just downright- I don't even want to talk about it.

I believe it goes the same with guys as well and not just us girls but perhaps on a lower level of hysteria case.  Guys too strut and show their toned bodies at the beach but walk into them while they are changing (bottoms clothed) they might do a flip or squeal like a little lady too.  One's body does not simply change from just a gaze but it is mostly the mental part that you've intruded upon uninvited.

What do you know?  It not only applies to us human but it applies to our childhood cartoon character as well!  Take a look at this!

Source from Here!

Well that being say, I've got to apologize to my beloved readers for my long absence.  Lots of things, crazy (good) things has happened this past weeks and the most awesome one so far is that I've got featured in the Newspaper!! .*confetti*  Well, with 6 others but well, at least I was a part of it!  I got featured in the Newspaper!!! (repeats) LOL (for the first time in my life!) The euphoria of that and seeing the happiness that shines from my parents face is priceless <3

The competition's about coming up with ideas for phone apps to bring Malaysians together by DiGi, who started out as a new cellular and ISP few years back which quickly grown to being one of the top cellular and ISP in Malaysia within a span of 10 years give or take and is continuing to forever improving themselves and providing better services for their customers.

From nearly two thousands participants, we were shortlisted to top 30 then top 7 and I was one of the 7!! *confetti once more!*

Picture taken from DigitalNewsAsia :D  With the other 6 participants, Digi Executives and the Event's Partners (hint:  Like Google and also Microsoft Malaysia >D)!  

I honestly never dreamed that I would make it but here I am, I made it and 7 of us are moving on to the next round!  Here's hoping and wish me luck! <3

See you peeps soon and hopefully with better news hahaha! :D

Side note:  End of the World is coming because I've just seen my long lost Bella, that deadly double layer chin of mine after Chinese New Year.

Side side note:  What do you guys think of Korean brows?  I think that they are super in fashion today and I would love to get some and Wengie comes along the way to provide tips on how to get Korean brows!  Check out her video here <3


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Never Forget the 3 Types of People in Your Life

One, those who have helped when you were in your difficult times.

Two, those who had left you when you were in your difficult times.

Three, those who'd put you in your difficult times.


I came across this so-called principle today and I immediately thought of the old saying "Forgive and Forget".  So what are we supposed to do now?  Are we really to forgive and forget a wrong that was done onto us?  Are we actually CAPABLE of forgiving AND forgetting?

What about you?  Are you the Forgive and Forget type or Forgive but NOT Forget?

I believe up till now, most of us has been 'hurt' or 'wronged' by someone close to us be it your partner, your best friend or just a friend that you thought you could trust.  So what happens after you are wronged?  Do you guys break off the friendship or you simply mend it?  If you DO mend it, what happens next?  You have forgiven the person yes, but would you actually forget what the person has done?

From past experience, I am the forgive but not forget type because I find it impossible to just slip this piece of memory off my mind.  I could push it to the furthest corner my brain could store but it will still be there somewhere.  If only my memory wasn't being such a scumbag during exams where my trusted motto applies:  Study and WILL, MOST DEFINITELY forget.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

My mom is the forgive and forget type because there are times when someone else brought up things that happened sometime ago and she has no recollection of that event happening so I guess the old saying does apply somehow, in certain cases :D

I am sure there are some among us who does NOT forgive and does NOT forget.  I always find it easier to forgive someone for their mistakes but it has proven very hard to forget about it because that feeling of being misunderstood or blamed or victimized, it's much harder to store that memory away.

Anyways, back to today's post, it would seem that the principle stands solid for me.  I am not able to forget those who has helped me in my troubled times.  If I am able to that, I will label myself as a heartless bish and a A-Class Ungrateful person.

Two, I might just totally forget about the person that would ditch me when I am in troubled waters, skipping through the forgiving part conveniently because people like this does not deserve your attention nor sorrows towards them.

Third, WHO in the right mind would actually forget someone who TRIED to DROWN them?!  You could forgive the person if it was done unintentionally (like kicking you full int he face accidentally when you tried to resurface and stuff) but would you actually forget?  I don't think so!  Morever so if it was done intentionally!  You would be mental to actually forgive and forget such person lol -> at least that's my honest opinion :D

Well enough about me, what about you?

Enough of depressing post :D  Some random coordinates throughout the weekend! <3

Saturday! :D  


Miniature Fish-Tail Braid!

I like the back design of this top :D

See you guys next post!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Thanks and Rants

NSFW: Contains slight swearing

So which should I go first?  The Thanks or the Rant?

People tend to be a little bit sadistic and sinister so I will save the best for the last so lets start with Thanks >D

First of all, THANK YOU for letting me have my precious Internet back!  It's been approximately ONE month (as of today) since I last have any Internet connection and gone are the days where I have to camp in McDonald or Godbrother's house or sitting in my car parked outside my friend's place stealing their wifi (just kidding, my friend did offer but I don't want to be caught and hauled to the police station for doing this) just so that I can get a few orgasmic moment of having Internet, so to my Internet Service Provider (ISP), here, have my thanks +1.

Second, THANK YOU mommie for being here with me during Chinese New Year.  Next year it will be a family reunion with daddie and everything would be perfect <3  Three round family members together is one of the best thing that could ever happen!

It secretly reminds me of dango (some Japanese dumpling)

 Daddie, Mommie & Me

We spent this year's CNY in Kuala Lumpur, walking around window shopping for items and hardcore shopping for food >D

So Kuala Lumpur, here, have my thanks +1.

My CNY Red Packet from my parents <3

ANDDDDD, this is exactly why in MOST of my pictures, I do not smile wide because then you would notice me with my non-existing eyes but who could resist not smiling when one is holding two red packets!  I was tempted to use photoshop to make my eyes bigger but those who has seen me try to smile with my eyes open tells me to never to do that again so yes, I am destined to be a one-liner eye when I am to smile.  MISH, LIVE WITH IT! <3

First day of CNY Outfit!  BE COLOURFUL! <3

Me and mommie in Pavilion  <3  My towering height over mommie and she is not even short QQ Saying goodbye to all my beloved high heel shoes!

I did manage to grab one dress which my mom termed it as the 'pyjamas effect' dress lol.  I think it's pretty cute and summer-ish!  The mirror is those type that makes you look slimmer.  I wish I look like that in real life QQ

Third, THANK YOU Godparents + Godbrother and Seaweed + Mommie for spending this year's Valentine's with me just so that I am not forever alone >.>

To Godparents + Godbrother, thank you for the lovely dinner.  The crab was awesome though it did made me camp at the toilet for quite some time in the middle of the night >D

To Seaweed, thanks for the beautiful flowers and that box of chocolate which I am not sharing with anyone but my mom despite your LARGE NOTE on it >D

Twelve beautiful Roses <3  I love Roses even if they are the most common flower on Earth.  There is no such need to always be different and loving Roses is one of them <3

Me & my beautiful Valentine's Date <3

Valentine's Outfit!  Was wearing red pants but not like you can see it from here lol <3

Those are the thanks that I would like to share with you all so now comes the juicy part.  Who loves to hear some rage stories?  I know I do!

First, THANK YOU TELESHIT + STREAMSHIT = SHITSHIT ISP.  When I was down without internet for 3 weeks. all you did was shove me left, right, up and above whenever I call your helpline for help regarding my line (this sentence should not even go together).

I've subscribed to shitshit in December last year and up to January 14th, my speed was less than 10% of the promised speed / the speed that I paid for using AND also shitshit's official speed test website.

On January 15th, I made my first report to shitshit helpline to ask them to give me the speed that I am supposed to have for the amount of money that I am paying and what do you know, January 15th onwards, my line seems to be non-existing and I have no freaking internet to use except stalking wifi at various places!

Called, called and called some more to shitshit helpline and all they gave me was more and more report numbers instead of my internet back to me.  They keep telling me that it's my internal wiring problem and that I should refer to my management (because I am staying in an apartment) and it is not shitshit's fault where I CONSTANTLY tell them that I've referred to my management, not once, not twice but THRICE until the management's engineer came to my room to check on the so call problematic internal wiring and there's no freaking problem with the internal wiring okay.  It's your shitshit's fault and you are not doing anything at all to help me get my internet back.  All you did was refer me to someone else, made me waste my money on calling you and being put on hold, given the same memorized script over and over again and at the end of the day, gave me a new report number.

I thought of giving them more chances until February 8th, that was the last straw.  As I've mentioned, I did my first report to shitshit on 19th and on guess what I found in my letter box on January 28th, A FREAKING BILL dated January 28th!! WHAT / WHY DID YOU WANT ME TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I CAN'T FREAKING USE, not to mention all those time that I used to call you (which wasn't free by the way)!

I put my foot down that very instant and went to terminate shitshit internet the following day and telling them that I am NOT paying for something that I can't use!

I've gotten my internet back because I've subscribed to a certain broadband which gave me instantaneous activation and I could surf straight away!  Only downside with broadband is, it's not unlimited :<  So I've got a pretty tight bandwidth and limited use for now but it's better than paying for a non-existing Internet service.

Yep, that's it for my Thanks and Rants post <3

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's and Chinese New Year!  Though there aren't much celebration season after Valentine's, we should still make the best out of each day and make each day counts!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Valentines Dress/Tips & How My Pre-Valentines Date Went!

I guess everyone is excited about the upcoming combo:  Valentine + Lunar New Year because that gives us girls a very valid reason to go S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!  Below are some pictures of dresses or outfit recommendation on what you could wear if you haven't thought of what to wear for February 14th yet!

Well it really depends on where you guys  are going!  If you know for sure that your special one is taking you out to somewhere fancy and private, then by all means go ahead and dress up from head to toe!  For this, I would recommend that you wear something feminine and elegant :D  Preferably long dress because long dresses just brings out the feminine aura in you.

A closer shot at the beautifully sewn beads <3

If your partner is keeping it a surprise where he is bringing you, then don't go for something too extravagant as it might appear inappropriate if he is to bring you to a more casual outing or place.  If you have no idea on what to wear for such occasion, just keep it simple and sweet because simple and sweet always does the trick!  You could go for something similar to those below <3

Peach or Pink is forever in fashion and you can never go wrong with pink!

Casual and sweet baby fuschia dress brings out the fun and cuteness in you, so go for it!

Burgundy is a sexy colour if you ask me, and seems perfect for Valentines too.  You will not look like a drag queen but you spell sexy and fun with a feminine lacy dress of knee length!

OR, if you are really not sure or you don't have any dresses on short moment notice, then you can never go wrong with a nice and fancy top with simple a simple leggings/tight pants.

If you've noticed, this year I have quite a few pieces of lace outfit because lace is all over in fashion this year so don't be shy and lace everything up because you will only look better!

For me, I've gone out on my date with my special one few days earlier as my family would be here for Lunar New Year and we wouldn't have time to go out on Valentines so for this special day, I wore really casual.  A singlet top with denim jacket to go with it and our date went real lovely <3

It was one heck of a date and we were being so overly sweet that people was staring at us.  Oh gosh, shame on me >_<  And I don't mean to let it all out on my blog publicly but I just could not hold all this sweetness in so I gotta let it out somehow >_<

My date's being adorable and taking pictures of me while I want to feed him.  SO sweet <3

Another shot of me while I was just smothering over him.

It's kind of embarrassing to be sharing moments like this on the Net but I will not be selfish and here's a picture of me and my date >_<



Enough said.


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Standing Under the Rain with an Old Man

Warning:  All words post.

I can never do what my roommate did.  She is having her final paper today and last night after coming back to the room, she was sitting on her bed reading a story book.  I was like O.O

Normally during exam times you can spot various symptoms popping out from your friends, roommate or housemates.  For example, one of my housemate was mopping the floor this morning at 8 a.m.  I promise you I've never seen her lift up a mop for the past few months until today.  At eight.  In the morning.

Other common symptoms are of course the Zombie-Like symptoms:  blood shot eyes, cranky and moody, rages easily, very bad case of severe dark eye rings - cough, flying salivas everywhere, headache and groans + mumble inaudibly most of the time.

There are also those who fakes illness to get a Medical Sick Leave or some of them really DO fall sick during the course of 2 weeks where they have to take numerous torture papers during the span of this two weeks but whatever it is, I've never seen one like my current roommate.  She manage to sit somewhere in the room and just concentrate and study weeks before and when the actual paper is coming, she could go on Facebook or read a story book so calmly.

I am one of those who had to pull an all nighter because I have to cram an entire semester (or even 2)'s knowledge into this mere 12 hours (not proud of it!) and most of the time, I go to the exam with an hour or maximum of three hours sleep.

Oh well enough of exams and all.  (Ma & Pa, please don't lecture me on this.  It's long over :D)

Yesterday, it rained all day long where I am at.  From morning until night and early yesterday, I went to Shell Station to fill up my car.  There wasn't anyone else there because it was quite early and I didn't bring any cash with me - I only brought a card with me.  The cashier was rude, downright unhelpful and unpleasant.  She told me there is a problem with my card after 1 try and refused to try it the second time and just keep waving  at me from behind the counter, indicating that I should "get lost".


I went to a second Shell Station and my goodness, the cashier was lovely as mad, helpful and there isn't any problem with my card at all.  She was asking me all about the upcoming Lunar / Chinese New Year whether I have prepared all the food, clothes and everything and before I leave, she wished me a very Happy Chinese New Year.  Seriously, two person doing the same thing could produce a very varying result.  One makes you feel like burning her hair (not a smart idea when you are at a petrol station) and the other makes you to want to just hug her and wish her all the best.

Anyways, when I was halfway filling up my tank, a guy from the booth next to mine called out to me and my first instinct was:  "Is he trying to scam me or some shit like that" due to all those chain emails about people distracting another so that they could enter the person's vehicle and something like that.  I looked and him and he told me my tyre on the passenger side is punctured and when I walked over to look at it, the tyre indeed IS punctured.  I was immediately ashamed of my initial thought and thank the guy profusely for pointing that out to me and just when I was wondering what I should do about this, an old man who works for Shell came over to me and told me to back my car up to the Air Filling Machine.

Note that the Air Filling Machine is positioned in an open space where there are no roof covering it and the uncle just walked out of the shed, straight into the rain and helped me fill my tyre up.  I was so touched that I just got out of the car and stood under the rain with him even though I didn't do anything.  I know it might be stupid to others but I thought that I could not let this person, who is older than my parents help me fill up my tyre under the rain while I just sit in my car and wait while listening to the radio.  It just doesn't feel right that way.   The uncle told me to get to the mechanic immediately to get the nail out (yes there was a nail sticking out like a sore thumb in my tyre) and get it fixed.

As  I was on my way driving to the mechanics', I can't help but think to myself that I am really a very lucky person, surrounded by all this nice people.  People whom I have never met in my entire life and maybe never ever again (like the guy from the next booth) yet they bothered to point out to me and helped me (old uncle).  It's a very small gesture from them and it does not affect their lives even if they decide to not point it out to me but for me, it's a very big matter because driving on a rainy day with a problematic tyre IS a problem.  Not so much of the changing of tyre or calling for help under the rain but rather safety problems.  Perhaps I could be speeding and I could have injured myself in one way or another if the kind stranger had not point it out to me and I could be stranded for some time at the Shell Station if the old uncle had not helped me.

It really made me think that at times, it might not mean much to you but what you do or say to others could mean the world to them at that point of time.  So be nice to thy neighbour.  Be nice to thy kins and be nice to anyone that you could.

mish <3

Monday, 4 February 2013

❤ Valentines Part 1 ❤

Needless to say, Valentine's drawing near whether you have a partner or you are single.  IRREGARDLESS, it's NOT a crime for one to dress up even if one is single!  Yesterday, I came across two fabulous ideas by the famous Michelle Phan and Lilith Moon where they gave a nail and hair tutorial which I found really perfect, simple and cute for this coming Valentine so I decided to reproduce their idea AND also improvise on the hair part <3

The end product of the day is as follows <3

It's real alright >D  Nice isn't it!!!  And can you believe that it's so simple to do?!  It takes like 10 minutes for each!  For the hair part, I have done it before in my earlier post:  It's call hair chalking where you use soft pastels to temporarily dye your hair with some crazy colour.

For more tips and guides on Do's and Don'ts for hair chalking, read it here <3

My favourite line:  Less words, more pictures!

Original Me :D

Side view

Remember, it is very important that your hair is wet!

Next, just twist your hair and start applying the colour of your choice in ONE motion only, that is DOWNWARDS!

See how easy it is for the pigment to get onto your hair <3

After you are done with the colouring, you can then braid your hair!

OR, you can braid and THEN colour!  Don't be shy and don't back away from being daring!  Experiment with different colours and they won't hurt because they are not permanent and you might just end up with a very interesting combo!  Try rainbow colour, I highly recommend it :D

For the part on how to make it into a heart shape, you merely require bobby pins but for detailed instructions, watch the original video below! <3

And now the nail part, I actually have a step by step pictorial tutorial, so scroll away!

Original credits for the idea is to:

Michelle Phan's Nail Tutorial

Michelle Phan's  DIY Nail Tutorial using Band Aid

Lilith Moon's Braided Heart Tutorial for Valentines Day

Okay for some reason I am unable to link her video from Youtube directly but the link to her video tutorial is here or watch the one that I have uploaded manually above :D  You MUST watch it because it teaches you how to loop your braids into heart shape with few simple tricks!

Happy Valentines Part 1! <3  Part 2 coming soon :D