Monday, 10 September 2012


Avert eyes.  Swerve wheels.  Clenched fist.  Jaw tightened   Frown.

This are the exact 5 expression that I do every.single.time. I see a roadkill.  Then comes a string of whys.  

Why can't these people avoid this poor animals?

Why can't they drive slower?

Why are they so stupid?

Why are they so heartless?

It's just heart wrenching whenever I see one and the worst thing is, this is the second roadkill I've seen this week.  2 in a week?  That's not a good sign.  Either this poor animals are dying to die (no pun intended) or the drivers are just reckless.

In Malaysia, anything is possible.  Roadkills ranges from birds, cats, rats, dogs, monkeys and even cows.  Do you know just how ridiculous does this sound??  Monkeys?! Cows?! You blind bro? Sadly it's all but true.  People, the road is just another medium that you use to travel.  It's not for you to show off your skills.  If you have the habit of being late and always rushes to your destination, seriously can't you just wake up 10 minutes earlier instead of rushing on the road and killing everything along the way?  I believe one life is much more significant than you rolling on your bed for an extra 10 minutes.  

All these animals own their own life just like yours.  They too have families just like yours.  The only thing that's different between you and them is you have a big car to travel around while they travel around by foot or wings.  This does not give you a power or permission to run over them.  I would think your conscience would feel bad if you were to run over one of them and it's a very uncomfortable sight for other users of the road to see it.

Pet owners, if you want to keep a pet and assume responsibility over their lives then make sure they roam in a safe surrounding.  Don't let your carelessness cause a loss to life.

Drivers, do try to avoid whenever possible and the best would be driving at the recommended speed at the selected roads so that you are always able to brake in time.  When you are driving in housing area, don't go more than 30 km/hour. 

Care for your own lives, care for others as well be it they are on 2 feet or 4.

Illustration by kuroya_ken from Deviant Art <3