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Singapore #3, Part III

Well, last post on my Singapore Trip and I am pretty sure most of you would be like "Why is her Singapore Trip post never ending *rolls eyes*" so here it is, the long awaited last post on Singapore =P

We started off our morning with breakfast (obviously that would be the only term, I can't say I start my day with supper at 9 a.m. in the morning >.>) at Singapore Coffee Bean.  The menu's great as they have so much food choices that our Malaysia Coffee Bean does not provide but the price is overkill.  Simple analogy:  For a cup of coffee in Malaysia's Coffee Bean, you pay RM 12.90 but in Singapore, you pay $ 12.90 x 2.5 = RM 32.25 for a cup of coffee!! Waaaaaaaay overkill but hey, they come with a nice view ;_;

#1  Coffee Bean Singapore with a Nice/Expensive View

#2  Lamb with double Sunny Egg and Bread spells Y-U-M

#3  Cranberry Oat with a cup of tea is just perfect

#4 Crispy and Fragrant Bread to go with the Jam and Butter

#5  Yummy Egg and Bacon Set

We had a hushed breakfast because after that, person A, B, C and D got their own agenda!  Person B and C who are my respectable Godparents wants to go shopping, person D who is Aunt number 1 wants to go strolling as well and person A who is Aunt number 2 wants to go back to the room to sleep whereas me and Godbrother are going to ... *cha cha chang* HARRY.POTTER.EXHIBITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /dies  

For those of you who are die hard Harry Potter fans like the two of us, you still stand a chance to go because the exhibition is until end of September and trust me, this is as close as you could get to Harry Potter anywhere within South East Asia, unless if you are willing to fly to Universal Studio Orlando where they have a Harry Potter Village but if you are not able to, just visit this one and its just mind blowing!  I will not spoil it for you by telling you what's inside in case you are going but I might just add on after the end of September once the exhibition is over so that you will know what you had missed.  Will include pictures of Wands (yes, Wands - you read this correctly) after Godbrother takes photos of them <3

#6  Took this shot of TWG where the location is on water on the way to the Harry Potter Exhibition

#7  Harry Potter Exhibition is at the Art Science Museum *squeaks*  It was raining that morning but who cares *runs under the rain to the entrance*

After the Harry Potter Exhibition its time for lunch.  Godparents met up with their friends from Singapore and we ate at this Korean Restaurant: Hangoga

#8  Just as how it's pronounced and spell: Hangoga lol

#9  Kimchi Fried Rice and Korean Rice Cake.  They have one of the nicest Kimchi Fried Rice that I've had up to date

#10  Crispy Fried Chicken (so -so )

#11  Pork Rib and Mushroom Platter

#12 Close up Shot

#13  Enogi Mushroom Kimchi Set

#14  Ginseng Chicken Set (Good stuff)

After lunch, we went once last round of shopping before its time to go back to Malaysia and here are some artistic creations from Louis Vuitton that I find very interesting :D

#15   Various types of Vests

#16 Toddler Clothing

#17 Cheong Sam

All the 'attire' that you seen above are of course not for wear as they are mold and made from stainless steel.  You can zoom in on the photos and you can see the description of the maker, the material, where the inspiration comes from on the Information Plate.

#18  This particular dress is weaved from cut out magazine strips!  How awesome is that?!

#19  God dad explains that LV started out as a luggage bag brand like suit case, make up bag, travel bag and etc which eventually branched out and rose to it's fame as it is today and covers from jewelleries to watches, suit case and other luxurious attire, chairs and etc

#20  They need to clean their mirrors yo, fingerprints everywhere and it does not belong to me!

Well, after all that walking we obviously need to replenish some energy (stacking more fat).  I shall let the picture do the talking.

#21  All of us seated and looking pretty with our food :D

 #22  Fragolamico - Strawberry and Balsamico Tart

#23  Entrance to heaven much?

#24 Cupcakes of all flavours!

#25 Ispahan - Raspberry Rose & Lychee

#26 More Macarons!

#27 Cupcakes with Gold Foil :O

 #28 Artistic shot taken by Aunt B on the reservation plate :D

 That's the end of our Singapore trip cause after that, we all snored back to Malaysia.   All that I can sum up is it was a really lovely and fattening trip.

 Below are some shots that was taken by Aunt A where we only realized later on and since it they are such nice shots, I decide not to let it go to waste but to post them here for your amusement :D

 #29  The Lost World Picture

#30  Me and the Lion Head - How it's actually taken <3

Phew, I am thankful that all of this Singapore Trip post is over cause it's actually very time consuming to think which picture goes to which post and uploading is another matter altogether!  

Thanks to all of you who has been following me since Singapore Trip #1 till now but no worries, the end of the Singapore trip means the start of some other random trip which I will continue to blog about them so stay tune for more!

Of course, other than food or travelling there will be some funny post or even occasional serious post in between and if you would like to communicate with me or want to see more discussion or post on certain categories, you could always drop me a berry at: <3


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