Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Britney and Ellen Doing Gangnam Style

This intermission is brought to you by mishberries on a slow-moving Tuesday.

Yes, as per the title says.  WHAAAAAAAT?!!!

Sorry for the double post on Gangnam Style but clearly this viral has gone all the way to America and even made it to such famous celebrities!  In the following video you will see Britney Spears and Ellen doing Gangnam Style while SIMON compliments!  Now I really wonder who else has been doing this dance - both secretly and openly. Major facepalm yo.

I kid you not.  Check this out.

Britney looks funny though lol, or maybe this dance is supposed to make you look funny.  I mean comparing this to her old style, hm.  One does wonder where did all her dancing genes went but Ellen does a perfect job lol!  She also seems to be thoroughly enjoying herself while Simon just sits at the side and laugh >D

Have fun!