Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nutella & I

Who would ever have thought one could find a piece of Heaven on Earth so easily, packaged and bottled up, selling in departmental stores called Nutella.  Comes in three heavenly sizes as well.

During those time of the month, all I want to do is just digest chocolate all day long.  I am not sure if it really helps but it is the perfect excuse for one to eat chocolates and what is better than eating off an entire bottle of Nutella?

Convenient size and tasty as mad.  All I have to bear in mind is not to choke on it like how I almost glue my mouth together with peanut butter.  I am contemplating chomping down an entire bottle of Nutella and the ONLY reason stopping me is because I've got to fetch my mom next week.  I don't want to risk being reported for trying to kidnap my mom for looking like this:


I don't want to play chase with her around the airport with her screaming "HELP! HELP!  SOME FAT ASIAN KID IS TRYING TO EAT ME!" because she couldn't recognize me!!

All in all, Nutella is one evil piece of Heaven on Earth.  Personal advice, when you see Nutella, run the opposite way as fast as your chubby radish leg can bring you!

Lolol <3  I love smart phone apps.  They are awesome hahaha!  They really enable you to express yourself in almost anyway you want <3

Original picture

P/s:  Whoever knows, I might just look like that after Chinese New Year >D

Whatever it is guys, no matter how sad you are from break ups, how stressed you are from work or exams or how bad your stomach cramp is, try not to comfort yourself too much with comfort food.  Seek for a friend's help or turn to your parents, NOT comfort food alright!

You might just fall into a worst depression AFTER you get over your first depression when you look at yourself in the mirror because comfort food are comforting for your emotions but it shows on your physique.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


At times, people do really stupid things without meaning to.  I like to eat my bread with a thick layer of peanut butter , which my Godbrother had dubbed my bread as the 'Peanut Butter Glue Bread" because once, he took a bite out of my bread and he went quiet and chewed and chewed... and chewed.  When he finally finished that bite, he told me he thought his mouth was glued together, by the sheer power of peanut better.

As usual, I will take a huge chunk of peanut butter first only then take the bread out and spread it on but today, after taking the bread and before spreading the peanut butter on, I realized that there were spots of mold growing on the bread so I stood there thinking what should I do.  I threw the bread away AND THEN I stared at that huge spoonful of peanut butter, thinking hard of what I should do.  There are no other bread in the house, nothing else that I can spread it on but I thought it would be so wasteful if I am to throw it so ......... I swallowed that lump of saliva and then I braved myself for that mouthful of peanut butter.

MS Paint Genius Rage Face ftw <3

I thought my mouth was glued on for eternally as I started chewing (or at least TRYING to move my mouth) but after 10 seconds or more, I had to spit it out.  It felt like eating a huge gum ball but with a chunky and sandy texture where it is very clay-ish yet slightly chewy yet chunky yet sandy.  I reckon you should try it once to get what I mean.

Wasting or not, out it goes from my mouth.  WEIURGH!

P/s:  Internet is still down but worry not, look forward to my Valentines Post real soon! <3<3

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Misunderstood Single / Only Child

 Yesterday, out of curiousity I googled "Single Child" and the top 5 results that came out are this:

Tell me what do YOU think about it?  I think it's fairly insulting truth be told.  First of all, the repetition of the word 'syndrome'.  Wikipedia, our forever faithful friend, defined Syndrome as:

Clinically recognize features.  Now that is not very nice isn't it.  Other than being branded as a person having clinically recognize features, a single child person cannot run off from being branded as the following in the most commonly used terms in numerical order:

ONE.  SPOILED BRAT.  This is the number 1 name calling that single child gets (not deserve) when asked if they have siblings and they say no.
Two.  Selfish
Three. Bossy
Four.   Lonely
Five.    Maladjusted
Six.      Troubles with social skills
Seven.  Craves attention
Eight.    Nasty and stubborn

The list goes on and on and never ending and most of it are pointing towards the negative side of a human being.  According to Wikipedia, one is even dubbed as the "Little Emperor", which is saying someone who gets whatever they want anytime they want, subtlety or crudely saying that a single child is spoiled or overly pampered by their parents that their every whim is attended to.   Trust me, we get scoldings and spankings more than you ever did because well, my parents can't just shout at some non-existing sibling that I don't have so when they have to yell at someone, that would be me, and only me.  There is no CARTER, GET DOWN HERE!  Or VERONICA WHY DID YOU PROVOKE YOUR SISTER!  It's MICHELLE YOU COME HERE THIS INSTANCE! or MICHELLE WHY DID YOU EAT GRANDMA'S CAKE? or MICHELLE I KNOW IT'S YOU WHO DREW ON THE WALL, NOT YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND JENNIFER! You get the picture.

Then let me ask you, what did single child ever do to deserve all this name branding?  Just because a person does not have siblings does not mean they are naturally the nastiest or most selfish person on Earth, nor are they socially awkward around people.  Just because someone HAS siblings does not mean the person has leadership quality, kind and caring and shares everything they has.

On the VERY CONTRARY, I would've thought that a single child is MORE willing to SHARE their things because they never have the need of being protective or territorial over their space or toys that most people with siblings would feel, unless if of course their age gap is huge.

I would also believe that single child are people who matures faster than children with siblings simply because, you can't expect their parents to talk gugu gaga to them all the time.  They are more attentive and sensitive to adult's conversation rather than their peers because ever since young, they have been exposed to adult (parents) talking and even though a child might not be able to respond or communicate fluently, their still comprehend.  They get the gist of what the adults are talking about and because of constant exposure and 'hanging out' with adults, they actually get a sense of the real world faster than children with siblings who are constantly dolled up with fairy tales of Santa or Tooth Fairy or fighting to see who gets the last limb of that poor toy.

I've even read a report about one problem that single child has - talking to themselves and having imaginary friend.  The last time I checked, almost EVERY child, regardless or not whether they are the only child or not TALKS to THEMSELVES and HAVE imaginary friend!  So JUST because they are the only child, this automatically becomes a PROBLEM for them and it's deemed completely NORMAL for kids with siblings?  What nonsense is this?!  It's like telling a single child that its a crime to have a toy but it would be alright if that same toy was given and shared between two kids.

Do you guys see just how conceited and judgmental you guys are?

Generally, only child do not have much problem in their social environments because if they could understand adults and converse with them in adult topic, it is very likely that they are able to converse with their peers.  It's like knowing how to do algebra first and then only starting to get to know how to do adding and subtraction.  Easy peasy.  Perhaps the ONLY reason they are not very keen to be socially friendly with their peers is because they think that whatever they are talking about is too kiddish or immature for them, heh.  That is also a reason why only child likes to talk to people beyond their age, because they feel like the topic is more synced to their thinking.

Only child also feels a heavier sense of responsibility, contrary to others beliefs who thinks only child are spoiled, insensitive brat who has no sense of whatever is going around the world and is only stuck in their own world and that the world revolves around them.  If you are thinking of that, you have got it wrong.  That applies to those tycoon's kids who were taught that money can buy the world.  If you are rich but your parents taught you that money isn't everything, parents, good job, you have done parenting right.

Why would I say only child has a heavier sense of responsibility?  I can explain it in a mathematical term:  Probability.  When you have multiple siblings, say 4 siblings, the probability of having 1 successful kid and 3 useless kids is split into the ratio of 1:3  The probability of having 2 successful kids and 2 useless kids is a 50% chance thing.  You get the picture.  When you have siblings, chances for them to succeed is higher, thus when their parents reaches the age of say 65, they would have at least 1 kid who will have the means to take care of them.  If they are lucky, they might have 2 or 3 or even all 4 kids who had succeeded in life and then take care of them.

A single child, if you are useless, your parents are screwed.  If you are successful, the burden is still all on you to take care of everything:  Your life and both your parents life.  That's 3 lives that you have to take care of single handedly.  Siblings can still divide costs, monthly allowance and everything among themselves.  Even just having one other sibling, you are able to lighten up your burden by half but for single child, you do not have that choice.  As you grow up in life, you would know that you have to shoulder the entire burden and thus, setting the single child's character to be a person with a sense of responsibility.

If you think all that I've said above is not true, fine, that is up to you but the upcoming one that I am going to say is undeniable, as much as you want to.  Single child BONDS with their parents in a manner unlike to others that you have ever known.  This does not have to be explained.  I dare say any single child who reads this will definitely agree with me.  You have no idea how magical that bond is between a single child and their parents so parent's don't worry.  You will never even hear of one old folks home name.

Single child also suffers lesser inferiority complex because they are not constantly compared to their siblings who perhaps outshines them.  Though parents always says they love all their child equally, at times it is harder to maintain that equal love especially if you have two very different child and the odd one out will feel even more neglected that they already are in the first place.

I mean, even you also can't help liking person A more than person B right? >D

Another interesting fact is, if a single child runs into problem, the first person that they would call up is their parents no matter how bad the problem is.  The worst the problem the faster they dial their parent's phone number.  They do not confide that much with their peers unlike people with siblings, they confide in their peers or their own siblings but never their parents.

Just a small tip:  Do you know that being friends with a single child actually benefits you as well?  Because single child parents are terrified that their kid would be lonely, thus always being extra nice and extra friendly to their kid's friends.  Free car rides, free food, free movies and almost anything that they could give to their child, they might give it to you too because single child parents do feel guilty for not giving the single child a sibling, thus if they see that their child have a nice companion, they would automatically be nice and loving towards their child's companion as well.

I am not saying it's better to be a single child or it's bad to have siblings.  All I am saying is its very unfair to have all this branding and judging going on around for single child.  Single child too, have feelings.  We do not like those looks that you guys have on your face when we say that we are single child.  It is the look of "ooooooooooooooh, that explains why you are so spoiled'.  That is pure nonsense.  Anyone can be stubborn.  Anyone can be a social outcast and anyone can be nasty and no just single child person.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Given the Chance / Forced to Say Whatever's on Your Mind for 2 Hours in Your Entire Life

Would be the most disastrous 2 hours of the existence of your life.

Everyone would start stabbing each other with a knife.  I foresee that this will be worst than a zombie apocalypse because everyone's limb is 100% functioning.  No slow walking or dragging limbs zombie after you.  Some of them could just Bolt (Usain) their way towards you and give you a karate chop straight at your face.

What are you going to do?

Needless to say we are living in a society full of hypocrites or just some that don't dare to say whats on their mind, those who are beating around the bush but it due to this  "courtesy" that we are able to live in peace with each other to a certain extent.

Rachel  :  I've lost weight till 48 kg!!
mish     :  Awesome!! That's so light!
               (inner voice:  but your hips still looks like a hippo)

Courtesy of 9Gag <3

We are always throwing compliments around and says the best that we could see in people but that's because really, how are we going to go about telling people the worst that we have seen in them even if we wish to?  It's like telling a woman her facial feature is superbly pretty but her nose is off centre.  That's like courting death itself.

No matter what we say to others, there will always be a line or a filter where there are some other things that we have thought of but we are not able to say it, provided if we aim to hurt or to savage a relationship then of course you can say it.  Most of the time we just keep it to ourselves because these are thoughts that do not have to be made known to others.

Everyone is always hiding something and it is this little voice that keeps the peace at bay.  Imagine telling everyone everything without a filter or a full stop.

Phil    :  Thanks for your present!  But I don't really like it.  I mean, this book that you have given me isn't even the genre that I always read and why the hell did you get me a soft cover book?  Looks cheap, feels cheap and even makes me look cheap when I am holding it!

You get the picture.  This World would be in chaos if such an invention were ever to be invented.  Perhaps it is not about being a hypocrite but rather to know when you should hold your tongue and be courteous.  There is no such thing as being 100% truthful or honest with whatever you say unless if you are prepared to abandon ship and live alone for the rest of your life, severing ties from your kins and friends.

The only person who is probably nearest to the point of being 'truthful' is Taylor Swift with all her break up songs >D

And for the record, I will hide myself in a cupboard, shutting myself from the outside world for that 2 hours.  No human interaction please!!


P/s:  My internet is still down and I have to steal wifi everywhere I go.  Mcdonalds, Godbrother's place, anywhere with that darn wifi signal.  I feel so crippled without Internet QQ

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Not Sure If Mind Reader or Just Netizens

Hey guys, before I go on, I just want to let you all know that I've created a Facebook page for my blog and it would be really awesome if you guys could follow my page simply by clicking the Like Button because I will be posting updates on any new Posts in the future through my Facebook page!  That way, we can be in touch and it would be easier to let all of you know when am I having a new post!  So don't be shy, do click the Like button and support me!  It's free =P  (such an irony that I am saying this in comparison to the what I am about to say in this post but life is full of irony! =P)  Thank you!


Did you ever wonder how come so many people around the world are scammed whether in real life or via online daily?  In Malaysia, things actually get worst because we have so call "Shamans" here who is believed by the local to be able to cure sickness or ward off evil spirits.  Many a times this fake Shamans claim that they possess the power to cleanse away any sickness or evil spirits by sleeping with them and the girls normally consent due to belief.

At times, the Shamans proves themselves to be really capable of communicating with dead spirit or being able to read your fortune like a book.  The question is, do they really?

The following Youtube video is an eye opener on how one should never be too gullible or easily accepting of what some others might tell you.  It could be a complete stranger who can tell you stuff about yourself but there might be a perfectly explainable reason for that.

Do watch it <3 It's only a 2-min video :D

Posted by Duval Guillaume

At times, life ain't all that miraculous.  If a group of people or a certain person really puts their mind into wanting to scam you, they can do that, pretty easily because nowadays, there are no such things as privacy or keeping this low key because EVERYONE is posting EVERYTHING about themselves EVERYWHERE:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Foursquare etc etc

I of course am a fan of Facebook and Blog but most of the time, I do stop myself from posting my exact location and checking in at certain places because why would I want to show the world where I am at that very moment.  It's different if I post on Facebook 4 hours later where I WAS after I got home.  It's not about being paranoid.  It's about better being safe than sorry.

If possible, do not post too much things connected to your private life on public websites such as your cell phone number, car number, where you live, where you are at the moment, where is your work place, how many pieces of jewelleries that you own and things like that.  If you do post stuff like that (for whatsoever unknown reasons), you are only asking for it because it makes you a relatively easier target than others who kept a low profile.

3 or 4 people at the same time? >D

Selling house??

Or this? >D

Original image from 9gag <3

Well seriously guys, only two types of people could do this to you and one of them will never do it.  The one being your friend will never have ill intention towards you unless if it's a prank but those who are lurking at the dark shadows might have a different intention towards this kind of information that they could use towards you.

Know how to get yourself out of trouble, protect yourself

This applies also to criticizing people on your social network.  Always the best example:  Your boss or colleagues.  I've seen those real life posts where some silly employee swears at their employers on their Facebook, forgetting of the fact that they have added their employers as friends and the end result ain't pretty of course.

My advice is:  Post wisely.

If you don't have anything good or smart to say, then keep it to yourself or confide in a friend whom you know you can trust not to babble it on THEIR social network after you told them if not that would be defeating the purpose.

Me to Friend A:  I hid a pot of gold at my backyard.  

You get the point.

See you next post!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

An Eye Opening Post!

Today, I took the time to browse other people's blog.  People from all over the world who blogs about every different things.  Travelling, life, motivational, fashion, scenery, photography, love and many others and I find that those that connects to me the most are the travelling, photography and slice of life kind of post.

They always say one is enlightened and having their eyes or mind opened when they travel outside of their country to learn other people's culture.  I am thankful for having to be able to travel virtually because I am not financially able to travel so far off to so many different places and I am still enriched with knowledge and filled with the magic and wonders of the world just the same, as though as I've been there.

This is truly one of the very first time where I really appreciate the existence of blogs because it teaches me and lets me learn and see so many new things, shared out by other passionate bloggers out there but the one that really moved me was this one post called "Healing:  Blogging & Depression" by Megan Butcher.  

To some of you you might think this is just another post but her post really speaks to me because rather than those "Top 10 Sites to Get Traffic to your Blog" or "How to Make Your Blog Known", instead of those, she spoke truly from the bottom of her heart and it really moved me.

Blogging is not just about getting readers and flaunting or showing off your fabulous life but it is about sharing with others, motivating one another and be each other's teacher.

Perhaps one day in an unknown time and an unknown stranger visits your blog and your post manage to inspire that person, that would be one of the greatest moment and success in your blogging career because a person's life is slightly changed because of the post that you have shared with them.

It is also about self expression and keeping a track of your life.  Not much people keeps blog or diary about their every day life but say 10 years later, I look back at this post and think of the amount of memories and joys in this life that I have lived.  It's one heck of a life.

See you next post <3

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Listen V 2.0 - Mdm Sharifah's Version

Wow, I don't know where to start.  There are so many things to say but everything is so jumbled up.  I want to attack her on her points but to be honest, her points are not valid and systematic.  She talks like a 3 year old without the proper sense of constructing her thoughts and ideas.

Yes, of course I am referring to the infamous 'Listen & Let Me Speak' video.  I mean those of you who has watched it, what's your thought on this?

Picture taken from here :D

To be honest, I would say the way Ms Bavani presents her talk is very aggressive BUT, she is talking about pure facts.  I would bet you 10 bucks that Mdm Sharifah did not finish listening to Ms Bavani before she form her own line of thoughts of how to rebutt Ms Bavani's points and yet she is yelling for everyone's attention to listen to her when she can't be bothered to do the same.

There are so many contradicting points that Mdm Sharifah made and a lot of stupid replies, empty promises and ridiculous metaphors.  She is trying too hard to sound big and knowledgeable but all she has manage to prove to us is that she merely a person with thoughts-disorder since she cannot construct her flow of speech properly.  She says a point, jumps out of topic, jumps out of topic more and finally, I have no idea where she is at.  She gave me the impression of someone who got her head knocked pretty hard when she was younger, thus causing this permanent brain injury.

Why I said empty promises?  At the very first sentence after her maniacal faze of the words 'Listen' and 'Let me speak'  she announces to the crowd that she is giving Ms Bavani respect AND that she WILL answer Ms Bavani's question after shutting Ms Bavani up and stopping Ms Bavani's access to the microphone..

Next minute, she tells Ms Bavani to leave Malaysia to get her education elsewhere and if ANYONE in the hall is NOT HAPPY with the education system in the University, they can go and tell her.  Er lady, I believe what Ms Bavani is trying to do here is TO TELL YOU that she is NOT HAPPY but you told her off after she did what you asked.  Like seriously, woman.  IF we HAVE the chance or monetary means to leave Malaysia for further education, WE WOULD.  We don't need YOU to tell us the obvious.  Look at the amount of times the system of education in Malaysia changed for the past few years.  Students have to study certain subjects in English reason being that their English could be strengthen.  No, students should study certain subjects in Bahasa Malaysia.  English!  Bahasa Malaysia!  English!  Bahasa Malaysia  What is this, Mdm Sharifah?  Merry-go-round?

Then, Mdm Sharifah said this out of the blue 'You are a student, much more intelligent.  The difference between you and me is a degree and an O'Level.  That's it.'

Pig to Piglet:  You are a piglet, much more tender.  The difference between you and me is bacon and pork chop.  That's it.

Wow, I can't tell a difference between those two sentences because I can't comprehend both.  It carries no meaning, not answering or connecting to previous question nor answering any further question.  Mdm Sharifah must have thought this would be an impressive sentence so she pluck it out from one of the strand of her thoughts and throw it upon 2,300 over people.  Genious.

And the next part is golden.  After she says she respects Ms Bavani, Mdm Sharifah goes on to tell the crowd (note: not in private) that Ms Bavani proves that she has the very least of education.  Woman, what is that suppose to mean?!  I CAN'T COMPREHEND YOU! D:  If I am to try and comprehend it, it sounds like a direct public humiliation and insult made towards Ms Bavani and you call that respect?  So insulting another person in public is the new respect.  I get it, like I totally do.  Remind me to pay you some respect if I ever see you in person, Mdm Sharifah.

Right.  After insulting respecting Ms Bavani, she THEN tells Ms Bavani that she needs to learn how to respect adult.  SO, might I ask, which RESPECT are you talking about?  The one according to the normal English definition or YOUR definition or respect?  Truth be told, I am very much happy if I could respect you just the way you want it..

Then, this woman goes on and on with her ridiculous metaphors about animal problems where she blatantly tells everyone that she kicks the cats who comes to her asking for chicken bones or how cows and sheeps are skinned and chopped down to their very last bone to be sold and how we enjoy shark fin soup in Malaysia after telling the entire hall that sharks are killed in a very cruel way to obtain their fins.

She don't make any sense.  Now I don't make sense because I am trying to tell you what she is trying to say so if you don't understand this post, no worries.  I don't even know what I am writing because I am merely reporting what she said in the exact order of her speech.

Of course, this woman favours movie with epic finale I assure you.  After all the respect and so call 'I will answer your question' (which she obviously did not), she tells Ms Bavani that she can leave her current University if she is not happy with it and when another student wishes to ask a question, she says everyone is already tired and they should just go ahead with giving a Samsung Galaxy cellphone. Well well well, what about the student's right to speak?

I mean, what just happened?  o.O  This entire conversation between her and Ms Bavani did not just happened right?  Because it feels like a dream.  Where everything is messed and jumbled up and not in order.

Truth is, it did happened and it appalled me to think that we have such lecturers walking among us, teaching our sibling and dealing with our kids with this kind of behaviour.  Mdm Sharifah claims she has a right to speak as it is one of her basic right as a human.  However, she clearly and conveniently forego the fact that she is not to insult another person publicly, especially a student who is under their University's duty to guide and to educate and not to be insulted and asked to leave the University.

I mean, how could any institution treat their students in such manner?  Asking them to leave the country if they are not happy with it or asking them to leave the institution if they are not happy with it?  Whatever happened to thinking outside of the box or solving problems together?  Whatever happened to unity and playing as a team?  Why is it that we are not allowed to think but we should only follow whatever instructions that were given to us?

I don't understand.  Is this the standard that this particular institution is thinking of producing?  Graduates who would follow blindly whatever their employers says and they are free to leave if they think differently?

What are you trying to play at?

Well anyways, thank goodness not all institutions are like that.  Those who are making noises, you are awesome.  Those who agreed in unity with Mdm Sharifah in the hall, I wish you the best of luck in your life.  Mdm Sharifah's employers:  Think hard and think fast of how you are going to get out of this quicksand.  Mdm Sharifah, lol.  Stay just the way you are.  You are amazing.

For those of you who are here and clueless as to what I am saying, this is basically a post about how a Panel from a forum held in a University in Malaysia bashes a student for expressing her thoughts about recent Malaysia political happenings.  It is the outrageous behaviour of the Panel that sparked this outbreak and the video of the actual Forum can be seen below.

For the full report in English, you can read it from Yahoo's Report <3

Monday, 14 January 2013

Is This Considered an Act of Selfishness?

So, yesterday I was at the mall and was queuing up for the toilet.  The queue was horrendous as the amount of crowd in the toilet is sufficient to be that of a mini concert and those who are in the cubicle was taking their own sweet time.  I seriously have no idea what they were doing inside.  I kept hearing flushes after flushes but they all took so long to exit the cubicle.

Going out of topic is very easy, don't you think?  This post isn't about the toilet users but rather, how do we react under certain circumstances.  For example, yesterday due to the amount of people in the toilet and people were queuing up for really long before it's their turn, every now and then there are nasty and dirty looks darting around, daring those who came in later to cut queue because whoever who dare to cut queue will be in for a good time.

Then, there's this cute lady in her early twenties in a very sweet dress queuing up in the next line to mine but we could all sense her growing impatience as she keeps clicking her tongue and throwing dirty looks around.  She went into the toilet first and after she came out, she did not wash her hand (not like it's my business since I am not going to shake hands with her anyways) and darted out of the toilet because of the amount of people inside.

It was after she walked out of the toilet and I was just looking absent-mindedly at her exiting the toilet that I realized, that the back part of her skirt is stuck to her, well, underwear.



I really wanted to call or go after her but since she was walking away so fast, I wasn't able to call out to her in my squeaky voice amidst all that 'concert sound' going around and she probably won't know that I am calling her because she isn't Malaysian.  I overheard her conversation with her friend, they should be Vietnamese or Thai I believe.

I considered going after her as well but at the end I didn't because I didn't want to lose my queuing pot as I have been waiting there for quite some time too.  Is this considered an act of selfishness?  Should I have went after her?  My justification was her friend would surely tell her that her backside is giving an exhibition to the world as soon as they see each other BUT it only occurs to me NOW as I am blogging that what if they have gone separate ways and done individual shopping?? Does that mean she will be walking around with her underwear showing because of my selfish act of not wanting to leave the queue when I could have told her? 

I honestly don't know.  What do YOU think?

Would you have went after her in that circumstances?  

Okay, enough of depressing thought, lets go through some happy channel for now!  What always makes a girl feel happy other than food??

CUTE FAT BABIES!  And baby items!  See for yourself!

SEE THE CUTENESS!! It's a baby IN a basket ON a table omgee!! \o/  

Was eating dinner and when we walked pass the table, I saw the baby and jumped because it's so freaking adorable!  Round cheeks and he is sleeping (which means no screaming and crying)!  I was so excited that I asked the couple if I could take a picture with their baby and they gladly say yes!!! FU FU FU FU FU!!  I really wanted to hold the baby but I didn't want to wake that cutie pie up so this is more than enough!  BABYYYYYY!!

And this is one DARN cute teddy bear hat for kids!  Like duh, my head's so big <.>  If only my head is smaller or the hat is bigger I would definitely buy it because it's SOOOOO adorable as well!!  Now I am jealous of people with smaller head that can fit cute hats or bands and all ;_;

That sums up my weekend so see you soon!

P/s:  Yes I would ask for a picture from a random stranger if their baby is cute enough to attract me ._.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Double Standards for Third Parties When Pursuing a Relationship

Would you agree with me?

A few days ago, my two other friends and I were talking about what would happen if a third party is trying to go after another male or female who is already in a relationship and then we realized that there is this imbalance, or at least we feel there's an imbalance to this scale.

If a third party male goes after a girl who is already in a relationship, few things might happened.

i.The girl falls in love with the new guy and leaves her current partner.
ii.  Girl does not fall in love with guy but think he is sweet and continues to friendzone him.
iii. Girl's friends thinks third party guy is super romantic and sweet and perhaps encourage her to be with him if the current one isn't as good.
iii. Girl thinks he is creepy and totally cut him off the picture.

Success rate = 2/4
Friendzoned rate = 1/4
Gets ignored rate = 1/4

From how you look at it, the third party guy keeps a positive image to himself and only a quarter of a chance to get himself into muddy waters.

However, if today a third party female goes after a guy who is already in a relationship, the following will happen:

i.  She will be forever known as the bitch who stole / tries to steal someone else's man.
ii.  Whore.
iii.  Slut.
iv.  Vixen.
v.   Cheap.
vi.  No dignity.
vii.  Easy.

And every other nasty words that you can think of.

Do you agree or disagree with me?  I believe that the balance of the scale is pretty off in this picture (like duh) but when it comes to this aspect of life, there really is a double standard no matter how we look at this.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alien Lobster that is Better Than Sex!

Is merely an expression of what I think.

Last weekend Godparents and I went for a seafood feast.  Not your average buffet seafood feast but a superbly awesome one.

Ta-dah!  Looks so cute that I got to take it lol <.>

You know why?  Because when we were devouring it, all the most seductive and orgasmic words filled our conversations and expressions such as the following:

"oh-my-gord it's so juicyyyyyy"

"it's so heavenly sweet"

"look at the amount of juice it's oozing out"

"oh gord"

"one of a kind"

"thickest consistency and taste in the world"

"oh lord ohhhh"

and so on and so forth.  I kid you not.

I mean, having a meal with a table full of Taiwanese is one of the most enjoyable meal that you can ever have because they are so full of witty and dirty comments that a heavenly meal nearly turned into an episode of porn because it's just so finger-lickin-delicious and so obscenely good.

Everyone's like licking and sucking their fingers dry  lobster down to the last drop of juice while cracking dirty jokes here and there, headed by of course non other than the Godfather >D

Okay, enough of vulgarity and lets get down to obscenity   pictures.

As starters, we had Escargot cooked in thick cream and a slice of mushroom, sweetest and freshest Oyster that you can ever find and also, thick-creamy-bitter Lobster Bisque!

Heavenly Escargot

Best Oyster I have ever tasted!


According to Godparents, Lobster Bisque is very hard to find and most of the time, they use canned Lobster Bisque so it's not the fresh one.  THIS, is made out of fresh lobster head and its so thick and creamy that it is bitter.  Can you imagine how thick and creamy it is?  Orz.  It's superbly good and yummy and Godparents says even the best of 5 Star Hotel in US couldn't serve one with such quality so he says I am one darn lucky person because I manage to taste this at the mere age of 20+ >D  

Dr Loosen's White Wine goes BEST with a meal like this.  OH, a glass of chilled wine after a bite of lobster meat is just ____________ . (fill in the blanks here with words that you can think of.  Let me give you a few choice that can go with it:  orgasmic, heavenly, insane, intense etc etc)

Dr Loosen's 2010 White Wine!

NOW, for the MAIN dish.  Have you ever heard of anyone saying that they get full JUST from eating prawn (lobster)?  I have not, until I experienced it myself.  You should all know by now I am not your average petite size person so my appetite is pretty big and guess what, I really WAS FULL from JUST lobster.  At the end of the meal, there's still EXTRA lobster meat left and we can't even stuff it in even if we want to!  If not everything will end up coming out rather than going in >D

The lobster that we had aren't just any normal lobster but THE Boston Lobster.  One of the sweetest of its kind and the bigger they are, the firmer the eat is and the juicier it get.  Imagine biting into a piece of the meat with a dab of melted butter.


I can't even describe it.  *spasm*

Yeah okay, enough of words and lets go with my favourite line:  FEAST YOUR EYES!

I am like HUGE but the lobster ain't looking small when I am holding it next to me!  And yes, the caption in the picture DOES say "white hair" because.. THERE IS ONE FREAKING WHITE HAIR IN THE PICTURE OKAY!  If you view it in full size then you can see it T_T I AM OLD!  

Look at the size of this monster!

Lobster the size of an iPhone 15!

That's my iPhone FIVE next to the lobster.  Can you imagine how HUGE it is?  I think this is the time when we finally need an iPhone 10 just so that we can compare the size of this lobster.  I think we can easily fit 3 iPhone 5 in this picture so does that mean we need an iPhone 15? >D  5 + 5 + 5!!

Look at the beauty and the sexiness that is lying right in front of you D:

The two pictures below are GIF pictures so just wait for a little longer to let it load and you will witness the almighty goodness of Boston Lobster <3

Godfather peeling off the lobster head.  Look at the size of that thing!  It's bigger than Goddad's hand omgee.

The amount of JUICE it's DRIPPING drip drip drip drip drip

The phrase "Tonight we dine in heaven" is not misleading at all because a small piece of heaven DO exist on Earth and I've just ate one of the pieces of heaven on Earth.

Just thinking of it while blogging is itself a torturing experience so it's best that I sign off quick and see you in my next post before I salivate and flood my keyboard!

Ciao! <3

Monday, 7 January 2013

Gift Away V 2.0!

To my readers,

My deepest apologies for my irresponsible behavior for not updating for the past few days, including the announcement for the gift away that ends on 3rd January 2013.

Wow, 201-THREE.  It feels so weird even just typing it out.  Time flies.  Getting older.  More responsibilities.  More wrinkles.  Urgh.

ANYWAYS, just like last time, I picked the lucky person via lucky draw and whoever who misses out, fret not for there will always be a next time!

To those of you who participated, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and I can't express the amount of thanks for reading my blog and also sharing it <3

Okay, without further ado, *drum rolls* here goes!

Making sure all 9 names are in!

Sliced them to pieces!


Well here's an entire video if you want to check whether it's foul or not <3






CONGRATULATIONS TO TERRYAKI FOR BEING THE LUCKY WINNER THIS TIME!  Looks like Lady Luck decided to side with Terryaki rather than David Metal this time >D  Well but what goes round comes around and the luck will be back with you after a circle, David :D

See you all soon next time, with very *hint* interesting food posts coming up >D

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Don't Rush Lady Love

As much as half of my friends have gotten married, be reminded that there's still the other half of us out there who isn't.  This particular friend of mine confided in me, asking if he is not good enough because why aren't there anyone whom would accept his love towards them.

For me, I think he is a pretty brilliant guy.  He is determined, keen in learning and somewhat humouring.  Excels in foreign languages and he is your non-smoking and non-drinking guy.  Bright future.  Loves his family.  So he is asking, why aren't there any lady out there who would accept his love?

My friend,  I am no love expert but finding love is like fixing a six billion pieces of WHITE jigsaw puzzle.  There's a piece out there for everyone, most of the time more than a piece because some jigsaws are connected in 3 different ends, most of the time 4 different edges.

World Map White Jigsaw Puzzle by me <3

Looking at this gives me THE migraine already.  It takes real much time to find the piece that fits you and when you do, it's worth all the time, searching, money even fits, and you will be rewarded with love.

If Lady Love is nearby, it might take you a shorter time to find your happily ever after partner but if Lady Love is working in another region currently, you just got to wait for your time.  Do remember that each piece of that jigsaw is special because no two jigsaws are connected the same way (if not they will be few pieces stacking and several empty slot among your jigsaw piece) and there is always a connecting end opened to you right down to the last piece.

Don't fret and don't give up.  Keep your head held up high, be patient and you will get there.  Rush, connect two wrong pieces and you are going to have a rough time.

Good luck and may Lady Love be with you!

My quote of today:

Love does not come running your way but it does not run away from you either!  Finding love is like trying to find a connecting piece out of six billion pieces of white jigsaw!