Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Wonders of Driving

Paddington is really cute because he is small and he is white but he often grunts and creaks and make a lot of weird noise, probably because of old age.  One side of his paw is already injured and its not functioning well =/

He looks like this <3

Illustration courtesy of kuroya_ken

If you do see him on the road, please do not come too close to say hi because he is really old and fragile.  And small.  Like comparing a Chihuahua to any other dogs in the Kingdom of Dogs.  Smallest of his kind, slowest of his kind and most fragile of his kind so please do not come and give him a scare.  He might not be able to take it.  Worst, I might not be able to take it as well.

Paddington is my 16 year old white colour Kancil inherited from my cousin.  For those of you who have no idea what a Kancil is, it's basically a smaller size of a VolksWagon Beetle but always remember to divide the price of VW Beetle by 10x with a 660 cc engine and my full tank fuel does not exceed RM 43.

For those of you who has never driven a Kancil or those smaller vehicles, you will never experience this.

The wonders of driving a small (old) car.  You could be the first in line at the traffic light but as soon as the light turns green, cars beside and behind you mysteriously disappear within 5 seconds.  If you are at the back row while waiting for the light and as soon as the light turns green, cars in front of you disappear from your sight and cars appears out of nowhere from behind, zaps past your car and disappear out of sight along with the rest.  This simply has nothing to do with me driving slow.  I do not drive slow.  I just didn't want to give Paddington a hard time.  This is to all of you who says I drive very slow T^T

If you drive at 80 km/h in a Kancil, you will be able to experience first hand of how Michael Schumacher feels every time he is on the racing track..  First is the vibration of the steering wheels.  Then the vibration of your window.  The rattling of your car door.  The rumbling noise from your car engine AND you feel like you are moving at a really fast speed because of all the surreal surrounding 'sound' it gives as though you are driving very fast but in reality, you are barely touching 80km/h and when you look out, cars are still disappearing from every direction but that might further add to the illusion that you are really driving very fast and zooming past other cars for a change!

On the other hand, the wonders of driving a big car (four by four) tends to make you flip your finger at everyone else on the road and you will be thinking that this people has not been eating because they do not even have the energy to step on their pedal at all.  Everyone seems to be crawling and trying their best to block your path.  

The wonders of driving those really big cars - Trucks, Containers, Buses.  This are the elite group of those that runs on 4 wheels because their entire family practically owns all the road in Malaysia.  They have more than 4 wheels kay.  They honk at you to force you to move out of the way.  They can stop whenever they want at wherever they want or they simply tail you so near that like it or not, you better move away if you don't want to get butt-hurt.

However, nothing beats the wonders of the classic 2 wheelers class - the bike.  Most bikers (applicable only to a certain age range) or especially in Melaka - "Mat Rempit" is by far Malaysias' proudest product.  They are all made of Iron Man or Superman quality (or so they think).  They can ride in the middle of the road, planking on their bike and zooming in and out from some random alley or field that you believe its not meant for driving without the single fear of being run over.  They call themselves Mat Rempit, I call them pea-brain.

This are the wonders of driving (applicable only in Malaysia).

Ciao-ciao :D


  1. Seriously, I really thought you were talking about a dog reading the first few paragraphs...

    Nice picture though :D

  2. Where did you got the name of your dog? I read from your other blog that your car name is Paddington and Paddington Jr. Anyway, have you introduced Paddington (dog) to Paddington (car)? I wonder what’s in the name.

    1. Hey Erwin, thanks for dropping by and reading! Each comment that I get from you guys meant the world to me :D

      Hahaha I don't have a dog actually, the above illustration is actually of my car, Paddington in a dog form because my Godbrother who drew the picture is really good at drawing animals but not so much for mechanical things so he illustrated Paddington as an old wobbly dog (which he was because my car was so old!!)!

      When I start my car engine it actually wobbles and wiggles and make weird noises =P

  3. For me, there is nothing wrong with driving slowly. It doesn’t really matter, actually for as long as you try to be safe and responsible on the road, you’re already doing the right thing! ;)

    1. Thank you! So next time if you are behind my car, please don't honk at me! =P Jk! As long as I don't fall asleep when I am driving then everything's cool! <3