Thursday, 6 September 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date

I don't know if you guys are excited or not but I SURELY AM!!

I've been dying to lay my hand on an iPhone since like forever and I thought I would've gotten one by last year but noooooooooo, iPhone being the ass has to release iPhone 4S.  I don't mean it as an insult to all of you who are using iPhone 4S.  I mean it's a great phone, you have Siri to chat with you when you are lonely but  you know, its still quite a let down.  

This feels like a scene from Harry Potter the first book (yaya, I'm a huge Potter fan :D) where Dudley got 32 presents for his birthday whereas he've gotten 33 for the previous year.  His parents justification was that some of the presents this year are way bigger than the previous year but I guess that's the same let down feeling that I had when I saw iPhone 4S.

Well, WAIT NO MORE!  For iPhone 5 is coming to town in (tentatively speaking) 7 days :D  Cause September 12, 2012 for them would be September 13, 2012 for us.  Apple has made it official yesterday that they will be announcing the iPhone 5 at the San Francisco event at 10 a.m. and it is believed that iPhone 5 will be a complete overhaul of the iPhone 4 series from 2010.

Hopefully, this piece of overhaul rumour is true.  If not it will be major double let down.

Wait no more!  Wait no more!  iPhone 5 is here! <3  Here is the official picture of the iPhone 5 Announcement Date by Apple :D

See the shadow of '5'?  So it is also most likely believed that unlike the New iPad, the latest iPhone will not have a new name but it will be continued from its predecessor: iPhone 5.

P/s:  Excitement Overload.

On another note, this is a picture drawn of me by a friend, Vio.

Don't comprehend?  You will after you read the conversation that took place:

Vio says: going to draw you
michifat in a pink dress
mishberries says
imma not square yo
Vio says
you arent
mishberries says
and i'm wearing blue
Vio says
you just don't fit in the picture
that's all that fits

P/s:  Meanie overload.