Sunday, 2 September 2012


Unlike my previous post which talks about opportunities and temptation, this post is to talk about the journey of your life where you actually meet one or two person that changes your whole life forever.  I call this group of special people my benefactors.

This benefactors are the people that helps lay down the pavement of your life and they sort of help you pick the type of tiles that you are laying down: pavement full of spiky nails or they could turn it into a pavement of roses.

I have to say I am one lucky person.  I can't say whether I found them or they found me but I would say most likely its the other way round.  I found my earliest benefactor at the age of 19.  They opened my eye to the world.  Taught me different culture.  Taught me how to interact with people from all walks of life.  Taught me what society is.  Taught me to come out from my protective bubble and how to survive in this world.  Taught me how to adapt to this corrupted society.  Taught me confidence and helped mold me to who I am today.  Taught me reading is important and knowledge is the key.  Not only that, they helped me find who I am on the inside.  Taught me not to undermine myself and believed in me.  Harness my talent or strong points.  Sometimes I think they actually gives me too much credit for I am not worth that much. An eye opening tri-ple, really (not couple because there's 3 of them lol).

As though I am not lucky enough, I met my second benefactor a year later.  They taught me a whole new set of principles in a whole new area.  They taught me to have strong beliefs and strong moral values.  They taught me to be fair and not to be overcome by greedy  They also taught me on peoples' skill, public relations and the most important thing of all:  They trusted me and gave me exposure.  Gave me chances and opportunities and continuously teach me new things and have trust in me.

A year later, I met yet another benefactor.  This benefactor is different form the rest in the sense that she is around the same age as me and yet she is on an entire different level from me.  Her motivation level to get things to work, her concern level towards the society, her planning level on all her works and projects.  She is one of my drive to strive hard to where I want to be.

Years passed but I am glad I still have all this few benefactors around me.  Here and there I meet people whom I hope to be great companions for life and that we can journey together instead of being just simple hi and bye friends.

I hope I can someday become someone elses' benefactor and be there to help them, guide them or simply give them the moral support that they need because I believe what goes round should come around.  If I am given this set of opportunities, I would hope to be able to share them out and extend such blessings to others as well. 

I hope you've found your benefactor and if not, may one come along your way soon and when they do, appreciate them.