Friday, 28 September 2012

Most Epic iPhone Tagline!

Today, my friend is convincing me to not get an iPhone because she says it's shit phone and her most convincing AND EPIC line was this:

X says
oh hey
people already complaining about battery life
its even shorter now
sure is a mobile phone when you have to recharge it every couple of hours
iphone 6 will not have a battery, you have to plug it
the price tag of 1999$ might be a bit high
but its worth it!
best thing ever
we are planning to introduce mortgage plans for the iphone 7

OH MMM GEEEEEE.  I can't believe she said this because it's just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too epic!!!!!!!!!!

But sorry X, joo are fighting a loss battle.  I will definitely get an iPhone T^T


  1. Today, my friend is convincing me to not get an iPhone because she says it's shit phone... (x1000000000) like hahahha

  2. Everyone says it's a shit phone but none of them actually have a valid reaons for saying that.
    They just can't come up with anything to say but they don't want to stop riding the hate-train for the iPhone.

    We also had that discussion a lot here, so I straight up asked them
    "Why is it a shit phone exactly?"

    You guess the answer
    "Becuase it sucks."


    1. What I can say is: I have my freedom to buy whichever phone that I want no matter how sucky it is :D

  3. Of course it sucks. We should all get a Samsung Galaxy S III, or any other phones other than an iPhone. Because we love how our phones hang when trying to pick up a call, or crash midway through an application. You know, just so we can spend more quality time with our phones. An iPhone responds too fast and never hangs. You gotta gotta clog it up with over 80 apps open at the same time before it will show any signs of lagging; unlike the rest, which hangs about 3 times a day without us doing much at all. A needy and temperamental phone is what we want really, coz it's got more attitude, unlike an iPhone which gets everything done almost immediately. We end up finishing our tasks too soon, and putting the iPhone away until we need it again. It's like picking a girlfriend. Who wants a hot sexy girl whom you can get along with, who's helpful, quick, smart, and cooperative, when you can have a bitch that embarrasses you in front of your friends, never there when you need her, and throws bitchfits at you over the littlest issue?

    1. Life's like that. >D One can never be satisfied. They have to realize that there will never be a perfect phone or a phone that could accommodate to everyone. If not, there will only be one phone company running all over the world.

  4. Inferior OS, shitty battery and overpriced as fuck, just like all apple products (just add inferior hardware for anything that's not a phone).

    1. Price has nothing to do with the quality of the phone, "shitty battery" has no meaning at all - why is it shitty to you? Inferior OS - why exactly?

    2. Lol @ Hikkikomori. Walking dictionary much? >D