Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Oh Crab!

Hey guys, I am so sorry that I haven't blogged for 2 days ;_; Internet connection has been down and I couldn't blog at all.  A lot of things happened and it sparked few inspirations for future blog post so I hope you will continue to revisit my blog every now and then but lets leave that for the future posts.

For those 28 of you who still continues to view my blog today despite me not posting any new posts, thank you so much for revisiting my page.  And of course, I am truly grateful to any of you who've read my posts and to those that left comments on my posts as well.  That is a truly sweet gesture and I really appreciate each and every comments that were left by you guys.  I can't even describe my thanks to every viewers on my post because you guys simply give me the reason to continue blogging and it does not matter if I get 1 view or a 100 views a day.  As long as 1 person is interested to see what I have to share, I will very happily share my thoughts and experiences through this blog.

Other than those 'Grammy Awards Talk', today's post is very light and simple:  It's basically what I've been doing this few days (mainly lazying around and eating) :D so here are the pictures to describe my days <3

#1  Fishtail half braid

#2  Absolute Chocolate cake!

#3  Lamb Burger (yes, L-A-M-B) and the patty is just so juicy!

#4  Sirloin Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce!

#5  Greek Dressing Salad with cheese and chicken cubes!

#6  Infamous DURIAN Cendol (darn good!)

#7  Butter-Sauced Crab (goes perfectly well when you dip it with bread)

#8  Hugeeeeeeeeeee Prawns!

#9  Stir Fried Crab with Special Sauce


#11 Steamed Crab!  Looks so pretty right?

All this gourmet food are thanks to godparents' friends who came from overseas and godparents were treating them to all this fantastic meals and fatty mish got the chance to enjoy all this food as well! (here goes the diet plan).

Other than that, I've been re-reading Harry Potter for the 11th time (from book 1 to 7) and if any of you are interested in testing my knowledge of Harry Potter, fire away! (You can simply leave me a comment or email me via mishberries@gmail.com).  Tonight I didn't do anything productive again except hanging out with Godbrother and his partner while catching a quick dinner and we were going through few very interesting topics such as Zombies, Werewolfs, Aliens so who knows?  I might have a post about them one of this days because I've always find this areas highly fascinating.  How bout you?  Are you fascinated by all this fantasy based beliefs?  Or are you more into real life mysteries like Bermuda Triangle or Jack the Ripper thing?

Before I sleep tonight, I guess I will be burying my nose into more Harry Potter books AND also, this other book titled 'The Zombie Survival Guide' by Max Brooks.  Don't know if any of you have read it but I will let you know soon if the book is indeed a good survival guide or just a nonsensical book which claims to give you the 'complete protection from the living dead'.  That's it guys, tatata :D


  1. That cake looks so delicious.. I could eat a piece or two now!
    The crabs look nasty though, I hate seafood. Even worse the durian one, got to smell like eww :D

    Anyways, how'd the hair look from the other side?

    1. Crab is simply awesome >D haters always gonna be haters. Well, I look retarded from the front I think hahahahhaa