Monday, 31 December 2012

Intertwined and Separated Paths

A friend recently pointed out to me on numerous occasion that he feels awkward and sad that his childhood friend is no longer a close friend of his and all that they do nowadays is to play a game or two of League of Legend or Diablo 3.  He asked me if there's something wrong with him which is why his friend is 'abandoning' him.  What do you think?

Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with him OR his friend because as he had mentioned, that friend of his is a CHILDHOOD friend, like 20 years back?  As we all grow up, our habits, preferences and likes changes and differs and that is how we get to know new friends, one that fits into our new common interest.  When each of you have your own particular interests, it is only natural that the gap between your childhood friend and you drifts further apart.

I am pretty sure this happened to almost everyone and you can think of at least one close childhood friend whom you are no longer in contact now except having that friend on your Facebook list (or not).

Lets look at this in the perspective of a tree.  Yes, I mean a real tree, lol.  Or a MS Paint version >.>

Our paths might be intertwined 20 years back and this is the part where the tree trunk forms.  It goes on for few years until perhaps, one of us changes school.  Changes State.  Studying different courses.  Our paths starts to branch out from that small limited tree branch and our paths becomes separated but at the same time, our paths crosses and becomes intertwined with another person's path instead through a mutual friend or new classes and all.

Say of all the new 100 intertwined paths that you met during University, 2 stays while the other 98 eventually leaves you after everyone graduates  and each pursue their own ambition.  Some even got married.  A few actually passed away and that line of connection just cuts off permanently right there with no hope of reconnecting, except many years later when it is your own time to go.

And that my readers, sums up what life is all about.  Every single person that you meet in your life comes and go.  Some stays for a longer period of time, some for a shorter period.

What I do suggest is, treasure each moment and after the person is gone from your life, do not fret.  Be happy that you are given the opportunity to meet that person and have some precious memories with them.  Always look back and think of the good times that you guys had together, like late night football match or playing Ragnarok Online in a group until the wee hours of the morning.

If not, don't look back at all.  Look forward and think of the wonderful people that might come by that you might never know exist.  Every new day is an array of opportunity of surprises to do something new and meet someone new.

Have a good New Year ahead of you.  Meet lots of good people and if one of them so happen to be for keeps, don't miss out on that opportunity.


Dedicated to:  Beardless Chin

Saturday, 29 December 2012

That Time of the Year Again

When I say 'that time', I meant it's time where we stuff the Christmas tree and its decoration back into its box with a heavy heart and then we sit down with a cup of coffee or tea beside our table and starts to make this long list of New Year resolutions.

I've never really believed in New Year resolutions to be honest.  I've always seen years after years where magazines keeps offering New Year resolutions advice, samples, to - do(s) etc but all this years, I've been telling myself that as long as I strive hard in whatever I do or whatever I want, I would be able to do it.  There's no need to prepare for this silly list.

However, at the age of nearly a quarter of a Century, I've decided to make a small change.  This year, I've decided to make TWO lists, instead of one.  I mean if I am already joining the 'Silly' Team, might as well be the silliest >D   Just kidding =P

One list would be my 2013 Resolution List, the other one would be my Wishlist.  In few of my previous posts I've mentioned that I am already able to cross out some of my Wishlist but I've never really have a proper one so this or next year, lets make everything proper and official which involves me writing it down here.

I try to sum it all out without too much words and more pictures because what they say, a picture is worth a thousand word.  Well okay, mine isn't exactly very picture-ish based but it's a combination of both words and pictures.

First out would be my New Year Resolution!

Click on it to view the full size :D  Cute isn't it?  I like all things cute <3  I mean, who doesn't! Lol.  Well cute or not it doesn't really matter.  What really matters are the words on top.  This aren't my only list of resolutions for the year of 2013 but a gist of it.  There are a lot more of things that I want and things that I should do.

Below, is my Wishlist.  As always, the list is not exhaustive and there are still room for a lot more to come.

This list is slightly different from the previous one.  You can note that some of the thumbnails are the icon of a cherry whereas some are apples.  The cherry icons represents those that I have not done and Apples signifies those that I've already achieved.

So what I want to do is to try to get all of the icons to be change to Apples!

2012 in a 'short' summary is nothing less than great.  I've been to Japan twice in a year (what more can I ask FOR!).  The links can be found here for you lazy beoble <3

January (Snow!) and Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Sky Tree 東京スカイツリー
Ghibli Studio 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館
Tokyo Disneysea

I've got my braces!  Like finally!

Duck Brace <3

I've gotten a new ride <3

Welcome Paddington the Second <3

I've graduated and am officially a working person <3  Now I just got to grind my way to try and support my family (still not able to :<)

I've wrote two humanity post and views on Rape and Abortion each, something which I feel very strongly about.

I've written one Shark Awareness post, something which I feel very deeply too.

I've gotten my iPhone omgee!!!

I've gotten myself a decent Hybrid DSLR <3  Look at all the amazing photos!  (self praise >D)

I have a new laptop <3 (and I am asking myself why am I broke >.>)

I've got really bad one month sorethroat that involves two migraines and a nose bleed.

I got myself a red and yellow pants <.>

I bought a jumble of dresses!  (currently in dress-craze)

I've been to Universal Studio Singapore and Gardens by the Bay thanks to the courtesy of my Godparents!

Universal Studio Singapore
Gardens by the Bay

An amazing Christmas!

Change my hairstyle 4 times in a year o.o  Achievement much? LOL

Baked TWO cakes!  First two cakes that I've baked in my life!

Sat on a pony lol

Received most flowers this year that I've ever in my life <3

Watched Rise of the Guardians six (6) times!

Had a crazy book shopping spree with two other crazier people.

One of my close friends moved back nearer to us, from Hong Kong to Singapore <3  And we are emailing (three of us in fact) like crazy to keep in touch!

Another super crazy workaholic motivated talented friend who is going to have her own fashion show next year!  I mean though it's NOT my achievement at all, since she is so low key and humble, I decide to publicize her awesomeness for her <3  I mean, I am so proud of her!

Godbrother winning MULTIPLE art contests!  Again, not my achievement but it's people close to me and their winnings or achievements makes me feel like I am on cloud 9 as well <3  Below is one of the art that he has done for one of his contest <3  Awesome isn't it?  This piece is call "Take a Breath and Release" so if you need any special commissions (paid of course >D), you know who to look out for!

I could go on and on but that would be unnecessary so lets cut down to the last one <3

The biggest achievement that I've done this year is probably creating this blog and writing down all my wonderful memories in the manner and freedom that I want, sharing it with myself, my love ones and of course, all of you.

I appreciate every single word that I've written to myself and also to all of you out there who takes your precious time to read it and share my happiness or sorrows with me.

This might be the last post of this year, but you have definitely not seen the last of me <3

So, for all of you out there who has been supporting me throughout all this time + this coming New Year celebration,  it is not much but I am giving away another two (2) free GSC movie tickets, movie, date and outlet unspecified because it is the GSC Gift tickets that I would purchase specifically from the counter.  So, everyone from West Malaysia can participate and I would send the tickets to you, free postage wherever you are in West Malaysia (and that your State has GSC lol).

To participate, all you have to do is this two steps!

1.  Share my blog on your Facebook/Twitter with your friends (and let me know lol, via Facebook, Twitter or email);
2.  Tell me on my blog comment section below of one (1) Wish list and one (1) New Year resolution!

Like before, I will randomly choose a winner and film it so that no cheating or favourism is involved!  This contest will end on 3rd January 2013 and by 4th January 2013, I will announce the winner in my blog and also on my Facebook! <3

May the odds be in your favour and Happy New Year!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Aftermath of Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, I signed off by saying I am off to feast like a King with my Godparents and family.  

I must say.

I am IMPRESSED and I stuck TRUE TO MY WORDS!!  We DID feast like Kings and Queens! \o/  

Before we talk about food, we must first and foremost talk about presents!  What is Christmas without presents and food?!

I get to strike off another 'to-do' from my wishlist, that is to be SURROUNDED by PRESENTS!!

Look at the amount of presents!! HEAHEHAEUEAHUAE  Well of course not ALL of them are mine, but but but it still gives me a valid reason to stack them all around me to have a picture! =P  I actually did this secretly without anyone knowing and then asked my partner in crime to help me take this picture >_<  So Godmommie, when you see this, please do not smack me :D  Real mommie, don't smack me too please lol, it's too tempting and I am sorry to say but I gave in to temptation.

When night falls and the presents are against the Christmas lights, it really does look magical.

It has this magical feeling during the Christmas season but other than these presents calling out to us, there was an even bigger temptation calling out to ALL of us at the night before Christmas.  Yes, it is the FEAST!

Please be warned.  The following paragraphs contain obscene pictures of overly delicious food so be prepared!!

Taking out all the wine glasses and arranging them <3

Look at what I am holding!! THE WHOLE TURKEY!!! (Picture credit to my Godbrother <3)

Turkey + Wine & Cranberry Sauce, does it get better than this? (Picture credit to my Godbrother <3)

YES IT DOES!  Turkey + Wine Loaf + Mash potatoes + Salad + Sausages + Meat loaf + Pumpkin Soup + Baked Beans + Corn!! (Picture credit to my Godbrother <3)

Another picture just to make myself salivate. (Picture credit to my iPhone! HAHAHA)


Mishberries hereby wishes everyone a very Stuffing Christmas & New Year <3 (Picture credit to my Godbrother <3)

The lights from the background of this image actually comes from the Christmas Tree <3

The meal was so fulfilling and I think most of us have a slight hangover (we finished 3 bottles of wine and one bottle of Sparkling Rose) so I was super moody when I got back to work yesterday :<  No more food, no more Christmas, no more holidays ;_;  So depressing BUT, life's got to go on!  Right now, let us all look forward towards New Year okay? <3

So, I hope to see you soon in my next post! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Lots of love this season  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve Updates

As Christmas day draws nearer, the tension among shoppers grows too.

Stepping into a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur is like walking into a war zone be it for food or for presents.  Some are there to take pictures of the nice decorations put up in most of the major shopping malls.

From what I see, 10% of the people are there for last minute Christmas shopping.  The other 90% of the people are there because of Christmas Sales (talk about being Asian and cheapskate >D).  I wanted to be one, I truly do but after picking up a few dresses that I would want love to try them on, I gave up once I saw the queue for the fitting room.  It's impossible.  By the time I finish trying on few dresses from ONE shop, sunset would have came and it would be time to leave.

So, what's a girl to do when you can't shop for clothes?

SHOP FOR BAGS!  Because they do NOT require trying on! <3  All you need is a faithful mirror or a faithful friend.  Worst comes to the worst, your phone's front camera is your best friend.  And this is what I got <3 

#1  My fluffy bunny (faux fur) bag to go with my fluffy bunny scarf!

So fluffy and cute!!  I think it's pretty befitting this wonderful season.  The only thing that is lacking is snow <3

Other than bag(s), the only other thing is taking pictures (for those of you who loves taking pictures) of weird decoration or shop updo that you can see!


# 3  Godbrother was telling me that I've found my one true love <3

Other than shopping for bags and taking pictures of weird things, a girl's got to eat no matter how long the queue is, so, FOOOOOOD!  

#4  Cajun Chicken Drummet!


#6  Having Breakfast set at 8.00 P.M. just because we can >D

#7  The Sukiyaki is soooooo good!  

How you eat 'real' sukiyaki is by boiling all the above food in the soup and then when it's cooked, pick up your favourite piece and before you eat it, dip it in a bowl of raw egg and THEN eat it.  It. Tastes.  So.  BBQ-ly.  GOOD!!

#8  "Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip"

Well, it taste better than it look anyways <.>

At the end of the day, image all aside, my Godbrother and I just collapsed on the floor of one of the bookstores because we can walk not a step more and the cafes around were full.


Sitting at the corner of a bookstore and chatting feels so good because you are surrounded by NEW BOOKS!!  It's such an awesome feeling but it also gives such a sad feeling because, LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKS, I CAN'T BUY!

That's how I spent my Sunday, 2 days before Christmas <3  How did you spent yours?  Having last minute baking?  Shopping?  Stuffing yourself up?

I must insert this epic quote from a Facebook friend:

Dear Santa,

For 2012, I'd like a fat bank account and a slim body.  And please don't mix up the two like you did last year.

LOL EPIC RIGHT?  I know >.>  Some people are just awesome like that ;_;

Merry Christmas Eve people!  Few more days to end this year, so end it with a bang and embrace the coming one with an open arm!

If you had a bad year, it's time to put a stop to it and have a new beginning!

If you had an awesome year, it's still time to put a stop to it because next year, you will reach a greater height that you've never done before and totally beat this year's record!

Have a very Merry Christmas and we shall all feast like Kings and Queens tonight! <3

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Misunderstood Mayans or Trolling Mayans

Dear Diary,

Today is the 22nd of December 2012.  Once again, I've been lied to.  The lesson here is:  never to trust what people say.  Especially what is said 2,000 years ago.

MAYANS!  PFT!  YOU LIED!!!!!!!!! TO the WHOLE WORLD!  How could you do this?!

Lol, just kidding.

It's a relief knowing that yesterday wasn't the end of the World though a small part of me was a bit let down.  I woke up and the first thing I did was to run to the balcony and looked down on the roads and cars. 

No car alarms ringing.  Good sign.  Clear weather.  Another good sign.  Finally, people walking around normally and not limping or looking green and dead.  Awesome, time to hit the bath and start my day.

Of course before the 21st, even when I said I do not believe that the World will end, there's no harm in doing a few things which I would be sorry if I did not do and the World DID come to an end by any chance:

1.  Telling both my parents that I love them so much.
2.  Telling them tips on survival so that we could meet again one day.
3.  Stashing up some food and water.
4.  Coming up with survival plans and what to wear if I am to go on the run.
5.  Lay my freaking hands on that iPhone 5.
6.  Getting laid.   (Un)Fortunately, there was no random guy around to carry on this wish.  

Lol, just kidding.  (The pink font was just some fantasy of mine that if I ever write a diary, it will be a girly diary full of flowers, ponies and everything pink)

Joke aside, I went home early and stayed in my room the whole night both on Friday and Saturday just so that I would not be caught in any crazy commotions (if any).  Feasted like a King on Friday lunch (when it was announced that end of the World is postponed to 2 p.m.) in case if that is our last meal (courtesy thanks to my Godparents <3).

When evening came and still no sign of apocalypse, we feast once more to celebrate Winter Solstice <3  Went home, played a bit of Pottermore, chat or Skype with my love ones and then go to bed and I greeted Saturday by snoozing on my alarm clock 3 freaking times.

So, what about the overly acclaimed accurate Prophecy?  What has gone wrong?

Have we




Yes, that's my MS Paint skill once more!  \o/  Okay, that is really because I absolutely have no idea how to work other drawing programs and MS Paint is the easiest of them all.  ;_;

According to reports, link here, there was a serious flaw when the Mayans calculate and the REAL (yet again) end of the World is supposed to be on 2015 and not 2012.

My mom spoke the true words of wisdom:  "I've heard all this apocalypse thing ever since I was young but each time, it appears only to be a false alarm".  Why words of wisdom?  She is over half a century old, faced xx times apocalypse rumour and still she gave birth to a big fat baby (i.e. me) and I am nearly a quarter of Century.  Oh goat, so old (meeehh).

Still, we are all going to leave this Earth one day, whether ceremoniously or unceremoniously so why the big fuss over this one date?  I keep thinking of it as a marketing scheme and some overly populated rumour made by businessman or we just need something more interesting in our lives every decade or so.  The Y2K, the End of the World.  Good franchise ideas for movie producers.  

Now we will spend the next 3 years watching End of the World 2, The 3 years after Tomorrow (doesn't make sense but /shrug) and endless titles, until the next apocalypse.

Good news is guys, we all get to go on with our boring lives.  Bad news?  Not sure if there are any.   We will simply have to wait until the next hurdle come so in the mean while, take it as a motivation to push you towards your goal and keep thinking that you only have the next 3 years to do it.  Be it your career, relationship, building a small empire in your bank, travelling, health, physical appearance, strive to reach a new height.

Good luck guys.

Thank you, the people of Mayan .  We owe you one.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Free Movie Ticket Giveaway!

Hey guys <3

This is the first time I am doing a gift away so there was too short of notice on the time and all but I promise there will be more coming if you continue supporting me! <3  I am sorry that this time it's merely opened to those in Malacca.  I will think of something better in due time!

You can share my blog on your Facebook or Twitter or anywhere at all and each read or view that I get from you guys, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

At days, I get as low as 20+ views but I really don't mind.  I will keep writing even if there's 1 reader per day because I know there's someone out there who is silently supporting me <3

So, to show my appreciation, I've decided to give away none other than

Free Movie Tickets!!  Two of them in fact!  It's not much but the lucky winner will get to watch Jackie Chan's latest movie, CZ 12 with their friends or love ones on this supposedly 'end of the world' day <3  If end of the world did not happen, then you have watched a great movie and also spend this special (disastrous) day with someone (special) and not alone! <3

Below are the process of the lucky pick =P  I actually filmed the drawing of the lot to show that I did not cheat and am fair in every way! <3

#1  Scribble scribble

#2 Chop chop

#3  Fold fold

#4  Drop drop

#5  Shake shake

Congratulations to David!! He is one lucky person (not from my giveaway but Lady Luck seems to be on his side recently =p)

Come back and support me often and once in a while I will throw a surprise like this for you <3

Thank you! :DDD

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

True Story: A Boy's Pride and His Teacher

Today, mommie shared with me a true story and she simply asked my favour to share it with all of you.

#1  My illustration dedicated to the boy and teacher

'I taught the afternoon session class in an elementary school in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.  I've noticed that one of my student comes late every single day without fail and he comes to school wearing stained and dirty school uniform and shoes.  Every time I asked him about his shoes and uniform, he merely keeps quiet to himself so I did not pursue further regarding his attire that day.

However, there's a limit to my patience.  I could not pave way to tolerate the dirty state of his school uniform and shoes.  I started first by giving him advice that students ought to come to school looking neat and clean and he just nodded silently.  

I gave him a warning the next day and the day after that but it seems that he is not paying heed to what I said.  After the third warning I have no choice but to eat my own words.  I had to cane him and he just silently and willingly let me caned him and still no words came from him except the tears that was flowing silently down his cheeks.

The next day, he was still late and looking all dirty and messy so  I caned him again that day.  It went on and on and each time he is late, I cane him and he just answer my cane stroke by strokel with his silent tears.  One day, I decided that this could not go on and I wanted to know why did he come to school late every single day and looking all dirty.  After finding out his house address from the school, I located his house and hid at a corner facing his house.  Surprisingly, his house is actually not too far away from school.  His house is in a very shady state.

I saw my student standing right in front of his house looking very restless and standing beside him was a lady that could only be his mother looking just as restless.  At around 1.30 p.m., a boy was running as fast as his legs could take him heading towards the house and whilst running, he was taking off his school uniform at the same time.  

When he reached the house, he took of his shoe and passed it to my student who slipped his feet in and started running towards the direction of the school before he could properly finish wearing his school uniform.

I went back to school filled with sorrow and regrets.  I called the boy to see me and apologized to him with tears brimming in my eyes.  I told him that I saw what just happened from afar and asked him who was the one who was running towards him and gave him the uniform.  

He was astounded and looked at me with a indescribable expression of both pained and surprised.  He opened his mouth for the first time and told me that the other boy was his older brother.  They had to share one school uniform and shoe because they could not afford to buy another pair.  

I asked him why didn't he tell me the truth from the start and instead let me caned him for the past few times.  He told me that their mother taught them to never beg or ask sympathy from others.  If their teacher decides to cane them, so be it.  

At that time, I didn't realized that I was already on my knees and hugging my student tightly in my arms and apologizing profusely while breaking down in his arms.

That incident has woken me up and taught me a lesson.  From that day onward, I try to help him as much as I could.'

#2  A close up version

I think this is one touching story and it shows how some of the people or kids has guts and pride that even a grown up man can't have.

I honestly salute the kid, his brother and their mother from the bottom of my heart for their courage and pride and I think this is one of those stories that can be shared around.

Above translation is done by me.
Original story is found here.

Quickly Update!

Last week was an eventful week :D

I called a radio station, as you all know <3

Then there are three major changes that happened in my life last week.

First is, yours truly got another hair cut.  Well I chopped off my hair more like, er I meant my hair stylist chopped off my hair.  I mean I requested that he do that <.>

Now, meet me with SHORT HAIR!

LOL, I hope I don't look horrible to you <.>  My mom says I look like when I was 15, when I had shorter hair.  I haven't seen myself with short hair for YEARS lol, pure black some more.  I've always dyed my hair and at many times have it at waist length, as you can see from my Disney post previously.

Oh well, I guess it's time to embrace the 'natural look' <3.  Right now I am aiming to grow it back to a bit longer but allow it to be in its natural state, unaltered or touched by chemicals and we shall see how it goes <3

THEN, there's also the baking class!!

It has been in my wishlist like forever!  I've always wanted to bake something, preferably a cake!! I have always been fascinated by the creamy, creamy batter and the mixer because everything looks so creamy and frothy that I simply can't resist!  So, when I heard that a bakery nearby is offering a baking class, I enrolled immediately without second thoughts and that day, we learnt how to bake fruit cake for this Christmas season! <3<3

The batter, before and after <3

The baker was showing us tips on how we could actually decorate our fruit cake :D  For more information, you could always drop me a mail <3

Last but not least, I've placed an order for iPhone 5!!  That's like my 2 years long dream and it's finally going to get fulfilled!  <3  THIS definitely requires an announcement <3  Not flaunting, simply sharing my happiness with all of you EVEN IF you are an Android supporter <3

This is the season of happiness and forgiveness so forgive and forget (if you are able to).


1. The Gingerbread taste GOOD!  It's crunchy and sweet with a light hint of ginger but it's yummy!

2.  I've watched The Hobbit on it's premiering day.  SO MUCH FEEL!!!! For all of you LOTR lovers, this is NOT disappointing at all, oh gosh the feels and emotions that was felt throughout the movie, it's like falling in love all over again <3

See you guys soon!! <3

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Called a Radio Station This Morning

And my call actually got through.



That was my face this morning when the DJ picked up  my phone LOL.  I need to express myself in MS Paint because words could not describe how I felt.

I mean, most of the time, I don't have the guts to call the MIX FM (Radio station) and when I do call for some CD prizes and stuff like that, my calls never get through so when I DID get through today, LOL I was flabbergasted.  I think I might even panicked a little because it was so UNPLANNED!

This particular Radio channel always have this few minutes of "XX is looking for an advise on his/her situation" and callers usually call in to give their opinion or advise and I usually don't listen to it because it's not really my cup of tea, solving other people's problem or offering them advice because I don't think I am good at that BUT, this morning the situation was particularly interesting. At least for me that is and below is the excerpt taken from MIX FM's Facebook page regarding the 'situation' and you can even go onto their Facebook page to leave them a comment as to what YOU think!

Daniel’s been with his girl friend for about 1.5 years and things are going great and they are both doing well financially. They both had a chat one weekend and he said that if things get better and if all goes well they could eventually take things to another level. Weeks later they both attended dinner with both his and her parents. He excused himself during dinner to the loo and that’s when her parents asked his girlfriend about their relationship and she said they were getting married soon. When he got back to the table, he was shocked when they all congratulated him so he just played along because he didn’t want to ruin dinner. So how does he get out of this awkward situation?

Lol, I mean that's a pretty funny situation for me to listen to first thing in the morning.  My first thought was, if he is serious about that lady and they are at the right age with all the right circumstances, then why not.  I mean who wouldn't want to marry your Miss Right BUT (so many butts today)  if Daniel is shocked and 'wants to get out of this awkward situation' he obviously should set things right, which is to man up and speak his mind.

I mean even though divorce rate is high, one still should not take marriage lightly, at least for me that is.  You can only marry that one person when you are really sure he/she is the right one.  Right one here does not mean the 'perfect being' but is simply someone whom you can live your life with for many years to come.

If you are having second doubt and even thirds when you look at your current partner and think whether or not you guys can live together for a very long time in the future, it is best said that it's high time you start looking for someone else or you could stay single but again, this are just my personal thoughts.

Be a man, do the right thing is what I would love to say to men who dare not own up or spit it out when wanting a break up.  Ladies, be true to yourself and don't play the damsel in distress card too often because it's plain sickening.  I believe every couple should be honest with each other.  Be true to your heart (music plays  )! 

These are strictly not a piece of advise but rather some random personal thoughts :D  Don't hold it against me!   (music plays  )  Anyways, this morning was funny.  After the DJ got my name, he actually asked me twice:  So how YOUNG are you?  Like twice.  I was like I AM XX OKAY, I MAY SOUND YOUNG BUT I AM OLD (there are just times when you HAVE to admit that you are oldER >.>).  He went silent for like half a second on the other end and laughed.  DAMN, YES I HAVE SQUEAKY VOICE, DON'T JUDGE ME QQ

I think he didn't really believed me so he asked what's my current job status and whether or not I am married bla bla bla.  I think it's because of the 'topic' that they were discussing and they don't want to broadcast what a silly teenage girl might say to this so they want to make sure I am a qualified 'adult' to comment on this.   PFT.  ANYWAYS, THAT aside, I CALLED A RADIO STATION AND THE CALL GOT THROUGH, YIPEE!

It's nothing big or anything of that sort but it's just the small things in life that makes me happy <3  Try it out for yourself one fine day and hopefully when you do, I happen to be listening to the radio <3

Have a good day folks <3

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas, Christmas EVERYWHERE!

Christmas is EVERYWHERE, except Malacca.  I mean it.

SO what do you do when Christmas is not coming to you?  You GO TO Christmas then!  And that's exactly what Godparents and I did!  We had a short escapade to KL just so that we can enjoy the full blast of this seasons greetings and we were NOT disappointed.

Woke up early that morning to get ready <3

#1  Weather was good.  I look good. (Just kidding) So everything's perfect >D

Before we went over to Pavillion where the heart of Christmas is, we went for lunch first and Godparents, like me, love all things Japanese so here's our feast!

#2  Awesome Tamago Sushi with Mentaiko + Mayonaise on top <3

Prawn + Inari Sushi

Avocado + Mayo + Fish Egg Maki NOMSNOMSNOMS

#3  Corn Cream Croquette!

Medium Cooked Beef <3

Kaki (Oyster) Fried with Mustard NOMSNOMSNOMS

#4  Salmon FIsh Head!  1 Head PER person >D


When we went over to Pavillion, this is the view that greeted us <3

#5  Just kidding.  But this is a PREVIEW of the VIEW <3  Just kidding, again.  I just wanted to be in the photo ;_;

Now THIS is the view that greeted us <3

#6 Amazing isn't it?  The amount of decorations that was up and the effort that was put in to pull off this magical view together with Christmas songs and wonderful Christmas Carols <3

#7  View of the centre of Pavillion from the 5th Floor <3

#8  Look how TALL that Christmas Tree is!

#9  And More!!!!  This is actually taken in the Fifth Floor!  Christmas Decorations are EVERYWHERE!

#10  Even drinking a cup of Double Chocolate Mint during Christmas taste extraordinarily good >D  It gives you a different sensation than any other celebrations all year round and I am not the only one celebrating in this crazily happy festive.  There's even a FLYING BABY!  I kid you not!

#11  Well, close enough <.>  The baby's way TOO CUTE that I've GOT to take a picture of it!  With or without it's consent ;_;  Dear cutie baby with Santa hairband, I hope you are in Santa's nice list this year so that you can get really nice presents from Santa <3

#12  ALL cookies and bread, Christmas style!  To be honest, I've never eaten a Gingerbread Cookie before so I have no idea how it tasted ._.  Fret not!  Godparents bought 1 each for me and Godbrother so after eating it, I will let you know whether its a yay or a nay! <3

#13 Fluffiest tiniest eyed bear around!  Don't be deceived by it's look!  This bear cost RM 119.90!!! SO BLOODEH EXPENSIVE!  But it IS cute and fluffy nontheless.  And small eyes.  Actually the reason I picked it up in the first place is because it has small eyes ._.  Like me.

#14  Cutest and weirdest notebooks lying around in Times Bookstore!  The first image are all animals themed notebook whereas the third image is a notebook cover made of Lego and you can even take the blue pieces lego off and make your own name or shape!

After all the walking, we headed to The Loaf for some light dinner <3

#15  Good ol' trusted steak sandwich and pasta <3 NOMSNOMSNOMS!

Well after dinner, you naturally have to has some desert to make the day perfect!

Heard of Long Cat before?  Yes?  Heard of Long MENU before?  NO right! LOL, this shop proves your wrong.


#16  Superbly Epic LONG Menu Lol!

#17  All things mango and papaya NOMSNOMSNOMS

#18  One of my favourite picture of the day.  It looks like it's snowing outside and all I need is a pair of scarfs and jacket to make this picture perfect!  Those aren't snow of course.  There's NEVER snow in Malaysia (how sad).  It's actually rain drops and rain stains on the glass but oh well, that's the closest we could ever get to 'snow'! <3

Last but not least, have a WONDERFUL, FROSTY Christmas this year! <3

#19  *winks* Brought to you, by mishberries.