Sunday, 9 September 2012

Colourful Saturday

Usually on a Saturday we are all dressed in our best and in super hyper mood cause well, it IS a Saturday and what comes after Saturday?  SUNDAY!  Double 'S', double the Spirit!  It's the perfect day for you to sleep in, get settled from last nights' hangover or even 'Cheat Day' to some of you who are on strict diets!

However, this Saturday the hype is kinda down and the vibe is kinda slow.  Maybe it's because of the weather.  Maybe it's because it's early September and you have nothing in mind.  You've just settled your bills from last month, you are not broke yet, you've watched every new movie in the Cinema so you are out of ideas of what to do.

Fret not!  mishberries to the rescue.  What do you do on a dull day?  Well, you literally paint a colourful colour to it!  Literally!  I finally decided that todays' the day I shall try 'Hair - Chalking'.  It is of course not a new term invented by me but for those of you who has never heard of hair chalking, it is basically adding temporary colour pigment to your hair, with soft pastels and you will look like this!

#1  Hair chalking - Success!

Well I perceive it as a success anyways :D  I didn't do the entire head cause well, It's time consuming and I have lots of hair.  Okay I am just lazy.  So as you can see, I did two chunk on the left side of my hair and one chunk for the right.

Straight to the point!  What you need is:

1 box of soft pastel
2 pair of gloves
3 handful of water

Instructions are really simple and can be fully explained (photo wise) in 3 photos!  Extra instructions or tips will come after the photos :D

#2  A Before Picture

# 3 A Box of Daiso Soft Pastel = RM 5

#4  2 Gloves

#5  Dying your hair!

Ta-da!  Hair Chalking Picture Tutorial done!  lol

Well the real 'wording' tutorial shall begin now.

First is regarding the soft pastel.  It is important that you did not grab the wrong box of art material.  They might all look similar with vibrant colours but no, make sure that the one you've gotten IS Soft Pastel.  Not oil pastel, not oil crayon no.  Soft pastel.  You can get it at your local bookstore like MPH or Popular which cause less than 20 bucks for a 12 colours or 24 colours set (can't really recall) but since I am gonna do a one-time thing, I went for the cheapest that I lay my hands on.  I must say that the pigment aren't that vibrant but for 5 bucks and 24 colours, I am not complaining.

Second, it would be good to have 2 gloves or if you don't have disposable gloves, you could settle for 2 small plastic bag.  This is to make sure that  you don't get your fingers stained.  Another tip to go with this is to wear dark coloured attire on the day you want to wear this hair fashion out because I would be damned if I were to stain my white shirts so don't say I didn't warn ya!

Third, before applying the soft pastels to your hair, be sure to dampen that particular chunk of your hair where you want the colour to be.  Don't be a cheapskate, you can afford to slather a bit more water to your hair.  It doesn't have to be dripping wet but you would agree with me that wetter hair is easier to deal with than semi dry hair.

Fourth, apply the pastels in down-stroke motion.  Do not repeat  by slathering the pastel against your hair in upwards and downwards motion continuously because this would break your hair.

Fifth, another small tip is to twist and twirl that chunk of hair that you are about to dye because this allows easier application of the pastel.  More friction means lesser time to transfer those pigments onto your hair!

Sixth,  before you wash your hair, just simply air your hair (run your fingers over, shake your hair, do a head swirl if you want to) to get all the remaining chalks off your hair and then proceed to wash as usual but do remember, hair chalking is not your normal hair dye and it isn't really meant for hair so it could dry out your hair.  Remember to do a hair spa or deep conditioning after shampoo to ensure any lost moisture is replenish!

Seventh, if your hair is not dyed and its naturally black, do not give up if some colours do not show on your hair immediately because we Asians have strong black pigmented hair.  All you need is slightly damper hair and a more vibrant colour like bright yellow or bright green.  For those of you who have bleached hair or born with naturally lighter hair colour, you can skip off the dampening of your hair altogether.

That is basically it :D  It seems long but all it takes is like one minute per chunk of hair and you could be creative and do all sorts of patern or colour that you like!

Don't be afraid to experiment and on some day when you feel particularly dull, don't be afraid to reach out to that box of soft pastel and have some fun hair-day.  I actually wore this hair out to the malls for the entire evening and I was feeling happy every time I manage to catch a glimpse of my reflection because it simply spells fun <3

It's not permanent and it comes out very easily (as long as you used the correct art material :D) without too much hassle so what are you waiting for?  Go and try it <3

 #6  Good luck and happy trying!

I would be most certainly honoured if any of you who has tried would post me a link to see it!

Sweet dreams <3