Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Be Thankful for Being Able to Read This

If you are reading this right now, be thankful.

No, not to God, okay if you are a Believer (NOT BelieBer) then yes, be thankful to God and also your parents/yourself (whichever one it is) because this is proof that you are currently sitting in a sheltered place, have a laptop/computer with internet connection to go online to, or some of you who are reading this via your mobile phone, be thankful once more because you own a smart phone!

Be thankful, because you own all this gadgets.  Be thankful that you have a fully functional computer/laptop instead of worrying when the next meal is.

Be thankful that you have an education or job waiting ahead of you tomorrow instead of worrying where that bullet is hitting who next.

Be thankful that you are doing your own laundry instead of not having proper clothing during a cold winter or a pair of sandals to walk on that scorching hot ground.

Many a time ALL of us open our ungrateful mouth to swear or complain about something such as the hot weather or traffic jam and we forgot that we are simply trap in the comfort of our car with air cond and radio to accompany us.

We forgot that while we go on and on about how God is unfair for not giving us a better body or a better face, our boss is unfair for not giving me the bonus that I think I deserve, money is simply not enough, not enough to go shopping, not enough to own another smartphone or SSD card, not enough camera lenses, not enough this that left right up down, we just simply forget that at certain part of the world, poverty is at large.

People are dying of hunger by the hour.  People are getting hit, shot, abused and murdered as the clock ticks away.  Kids are being enslaved to work inhuman hours at factory fixing up all those smart, sleek gadget that we hold comfortably in our pockets protected by a screen protector and a phone bumper.  Kids being used as sex slaves.  Drug traffickers.  Beggars, where they amputate kids limbs just so they can beg on the street.

I am sorry, this post isn't suppose to be depressing or anything of that sort.  I am just saying, we should be VERY thankful, that we are born normal.  With a normal functioning brain, limbs, organs, speech and eye sight.  We do not have to have a spectacular brain like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron.  We do not have to have a one-of-a-kind voice like Celine Dion or limbs like Michael Phelps.

I am thankful every single day that I have a family that loves me, an extra God-Family that loves me.  My friends that loves me.  My bosses.  My colleagues.  Even strangers on the road who sometimes smile back at me when I smile at them.  I love every single one of them. And I am thankful for having them in my life.

Of course at times they annoy the crap out of me, including my dearest ones but apart from that and bills that are going to be due, I realized that my life is already quite complete in some ways.  I've finished my education.  I've found a job.  I have a circle of close people whom I know I can always turn to for help.

I don't have to constantly worry about how many hours would I have to go without food till the next meal comes.  I don't have to constantly worry about getting woken up in the middle of the night due to some bombing or gun-shooting sound going right outside that thin wall that is sheltering me.   I don't have to constantly worry about not having a bed to sleep for the night.

I have transport.  I have shelter.  I have food.  I have love.  This are all the necessities that I need.  Things that I need, and I have it all already.  Things that I want, that's a very long list to go, but those are not things that I need and I can live just right without them.  Having them is like getting an extra bonus.  Not having them, it doesn't affect me much.

Imagine not having enough layers of clothing to go through that horrible winter that is coming.  Or not having enough water to drink during the drought.  I don't even want to imagine that because it's just too horrible.

We even have the luxury to go travelling at some point of our time.  We did not end up being maids to others (because if you are, you won't be reading this).  We did not end up being handicapped and is challenged by everyday life.

We are born just normal.  And I am thankful of it.  So should you.  Take a small little peace time and be just thankful for existing on this Earth and being surrounded by all that you beautiful things and people that you have now instead of being somewhere else at this very moment and constantly living in fear.

Be thankful, for being able to read this.  (Amen)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Blissful Saturday

Just weeks ago I was complaining to everyone who would listen that half of the people in my Facebook friend list is married or getting married.  Married to some random dude or lady that I have not met.  Married to their own classmates.  Married left.  Married right.  What about me?  This are the times I feel like Carrie from Sex and the City.  Am I going to be like the "Last Single Lady in New York" at the age of forty and still not married, and not even in New York .

I wasn't bitter about it.  More of a peer pressure thing till my mom snap me out of it.  She tell me it's a good time for me to focus in my just-budding career and keep a strong look out till I find the right person.  She "claims" that I am still young.

That aside, I am back!  <3  From the short weekend escape back to my hometown!  The journey ain't sweet at all, that I can tell it to you.

It might sound adventurous to you but to actually go through it, it is a test of my ability to stay awake.  One talent that I have acquired from University life. First of all, I've got to catch a midnight, as in twelve a.m. bus to the Airport.  It is a 2 hour journey, during midnight.  Where you are crammed with 30 other passengers that you don't know of and you can't see 85% of their face.  Not funny.  Even less amusing when you find out there's only 2 other female on the bus.  This is the time where your imagination decides to take on a creative toll and tells you 101 ways of how you could die during this 2 hours.  I can't even fall asleep during this trip and this is the first time that I am not sleeping in a two hours bus trip.

P/s:  Special thanks to my Godparents for sending me to the bus station nearing midnight on a Friday night T_T

Luckily, reality is better than my imagination.  I got to the Airport safely (thank goodness) but then, I am merely at my second stage of the ordeal!  Now, I have to wait for SIX hours before my flight (after a 2 hour bus trip + 7 hours of work)!!!

THIS is how I survived.

A hot cup of cocoa with a tinge of red velvet flavour (not bad imho <3), phone + charger so that I could chat online and finally, a trusted book.  I've finished the book by now because it is that addictive b-but, that book is depressing <.>

Looking stoned.  I think I look more stoned than the Christmas trees dangling with shinning stones behind.  Can you tell that I am really putting up a fight to keep my lids open?

Andddddddd, after I saw all the foam on the hot cocoa, I couldn't resist but do this T^T  Must be all the sleep deprived hours killing my brain cells at that time!

Annd after that, I checked in, boarded my flight and I am off to my hometown!  *Glee*  I was falling asleep so badly in the plane and I must have looked horrendous because I could feel all my hair flipping left and right and 80% of it covered my face.  This is the time when I am happy that I ain't that famous.  I mean, how would you feel if you seen Angelina Jolie sleeping like that in a plane? Lolol.  Horrendous.  >.>  It's not even profoundly funny.

NEXT.  Well I missed the very first session of the wedding day, which is the actual wedding itself lol but fret not!  I have photoes from my trusted cousin!  She showed me the moment I walked out of the Arrival Hall lol.  Everyone's so hyped and excited!

My cousin and her entire family.  2 sister and 1 brother <3  Look how blessed they are.

Their wedding ride <3

After that, mommie brought me to my favourite food from hometown.  It's call the Sibu Laksa!  <3   Ahh, my mouth is watering right now just by looking at the picture.  *wipes saliva off

After breakfast, home sweet home!!  Look at the Eden that my mom has grew in our lawn o.o  I am superbly impressed and so proud of her! <3

Andddddd, as the clock ticks by mercilessly, we are all dressed and seated at the restaurant and all this delicious food is being served!! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!  I still love Chinese wedding the most cause of all the food >D

I love this dress because first, it is handpicked by my mom and she bought it for me.  Second, I could actually FIT into it!  LOL  (it's a miracle!)  Three, I don't look that horrible in it even though its pink.  I am known to own only black coloured clothing though I love colours hahaha.

Picture with all my female cousins and then suddenly being photobombed by the dude behind >D

Unimpressed face.  Because we waited for soooooooooooo long before we manage to grab a picture with the bride :<

Everyone dressed up <3

Picture with bride and the bridegroom!!! <3  Bridegroom commented that I am too tall ._.

The entire set of cousins from my Dad's side <3

There are more of them but some went back already.  It's a pity that we couldn't get a proper group reunion picture :<

All added up together, it's a super blissful Saturday.  She is the first cousin to get married from my dad's side and we all wish her the best of happiness and smooth journey to their now joined journey!

Bless 24th November 2012 because it is not only such an important date to her but to all of us who was there to see her off as well!  I mean, getting married is not JUST getting married.  From now on, we can't just call each other out to go and fool around.  She will have to fulfill her obligation as a wife.  Obligation as a daughter in law.  Perhaps in few years time, obligation as a mother.

She is no longer like the rest of us, single and free of any obligation.  We could still wake up late on a weekend.  Have a quick weekend escape with friends somewhere.  Have random late night movie sessions.

Haha, how life has changed 360 degrees from the moment she said "I do".  Those two small but powerful three lettered word.

All sum up, it was indeed a wonderful Saturday.  Manage to have a small catch up time with mommie slotted somewhere in between.  Great food.  Family reunion.  Awesome night sleep with aircond and a good old (actually new) King size bed compared to my 3 wing-ed fan and Single bed.

Life's good.  I love a good life.  Who doesn't?  <3

See you all soon <3  I shall spare you the rant of the trip back except one small detail.  30 hours, 9 hours on plane rides and bus.  By the time I am on my bus back to Melaka and sleeping away, those moments when I was forcefully jerked by the bus sudden brakes or acceleration and woke up for those split seconds, I couldn't tell if I was on the plane or on the bus because I have been sleeping while sitting upright for too many hours within a day and a half.

It's incredible lol.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Quickly Updates!

Today will be a very, very long day.


Because I have to catch a midnight train to the airport after work and sit there till my flight which is in the wee hours in the  morning >.>

Things that I wish I can do:

1.  Bring my laptop, so that I can go online and browse stuff or chat.
2.  Bring my iPod, so that I can do the same thing as 1. without the dead weight.
3.  Take a later bus which is nearer to my flight time.
4.  Change my flight to leave a day earlier.

What I finally decide:

1.  Bring a book.

AHH, so different from my initial plan but I am really not willing to carry my laptop just for a 2 days trip!  It's so heavy and this time I didn't add on luggage check in because I thought it would be a 2 days one night trip so I will have to hand carry everything.  Besides, I totally killed my iPod.

Oh, why and where am I going for this trip?  It's actually for my cousin's wedding <3 The first in the family from my dad's side!  OF COURSE have to make a trip back to my hometown SPECIALLY for this wedding <3

I will upload pictures and details of the weddings after I am back but before that, a short preview of my 'wedding nails'!  <3  I am not the one getting married so I shall not be hammered for choosing such odd coloured nails <.> It looks like a fun colour at first but now, I think it looks fugly.  Urgh, the downside of not having a nail polish remover >.>

Judge for yourself.

#1  I was trying it out on a piece of paper of all the nail polishes that I have and colour combination lol <.>  Such a nerd.

#2  My SOOTD <3

What's SOOTD?  Well you know OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day right?  SOOTD is something I came up which means SEMI Outfit of the Day >.> This is only happening because I don't have a full body mirror, something which I have been wanting for a VERY LONG TIME.  Which is why I adore any full body mirrors that I see anywhere.  Malls.  Hotels.  My Godbrother's toilet.  Lawl.

See you guys after the wedding and I am looking forward to share it with you!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mind Blowing Videos

Like what my title suggested, all the videos below are super mind blowing lol.  Some in a good way, some in a not so good way.  All this videos are introduced to me by my Godbrother or our mutual friends which leads me to think:  WHAT AM I DOING WITH ALL THIS PEOPLE?!  They are NOT normal at all!  I mean, which normal people would watch this videos?!  (millions <.> cause each of this videos has more than a million views lol)

Lets (always) start off with the good mind blowing one!  Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while and this guy are just doing it for you to laugh!  Warning:  You are gonna laugh no matter how hard you try not to because they are THAT entertaining <3

Here we go!

The first video would be by Maskettafall <3

FUNNY RIGHT?!  LOL!  Especially for those of you who knows the song.  That part when he strained his HAAA to reach that pitch is so funny lolol <3

The SECOND video, is SUPERBLY mind blowing.  Out of the World.  Mind you, it's somewhat 18sx, though nothing is revealed (I believe.) but watch it with care!  Don't get eye cancer over this! <3

This second video is by Duck Sauce/ We are big beat  lol

SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?!  Are you mind blown?  I was.  I mean I still am.  Lol I wonder what are the things that went through all this people's mind when creating videos like this lol.   Awesomeness level x 9000!


Hope you guys have as much laugh as I did.  See you soon <3

P/s:  There is absolutely nothing wrong with me.  There's merely something wrong with my friends.  Nuffsaid.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Festive Season is Here!

Halloween just past and Christmas is coming up.  Then Boxing day. Then New Year. Chinese New Year.  Valentines Day.  White valentines.  I find that we are living in a world where there are lots of happy celebrations going about, especially during the end of the year.  It feels like things just couldn't get any better.  There's vacation.  There's nice weather.  There's nice decoration everywhere.  I generally think people are nicer during end of the year too =P

All the preparation, all the anticipation and all the shopping (key word? >D)!!!!  Partially kidding.  I find end of the year, especially November coming to December my favourite months out of the entire year, other than my birth month of course.

Maybe which is why this is known as the 'festive season' because it certainly is once festive ending and another starting for few months non stop!

As you can see from above, I am those who will be extra happy during this season because I simply find it so happy, warm from the heart, fun, charming - basically all the nicest word that I can think of to describe my mood and how I view my surrounding.

If you are living in a country where it's cold or snowy during this months, for me, I find that as an additional awesome factor because you get to set up Christmas trees, dress the part, have huge roasted turkeys not to mention all the gathering with friends and family and last but not least, the presents!  Unless of course if you are a Jew or an unbeliever.

I am not a believer but I am a 'celebrator'.  I celebrate anything nice and fun :D  And colourful.

But that's me.  I've got someone telling me they actually dislike festive season IF they are single and they would actually feel a certain kind of hollow or emptiness when such season arrives and when they see couples on the street or in the mall having a good time, they actually feel bitter about it.

For me, it doesn't affect me whether I am single or in a relationship during this seasons.  I have to admit of course it's more fun having a partner to do it with but perhaps it's because I grew up in the 'only child' situation, I think I might have adapted to the solitude or solitary life.  It's okay if I am alone, I am still happy.  Happier if there is someone to roam around or shop during this festive season together.  Would be super happy if I could do this with my family.

But, there are always two sides to a story.  While I might adapt to solitary life, others might thirst for a companion during this season.

So how about you?  Do you envy those couples that you see down that street when you yourself is walking alone?  Or do you wish them a happy ending from the bottom of your heart?

Happy holidays guys <3

#1 Me in my super colourful Mickey Mouse t-shirt and red pants to go with it.  Walking Christmas tree yo lolol <3

Season greetings from,

P/s:  Yeah, I draw horribly.  But I tried >D  <3

Monday, 19 November 2012



Yes all in Caps Lock.  Check out the excitement >.>

Well can't be help cause cause CAUSE, I GOT MY NEW CAR!  OH THE THRILL!!

I am so tempted to say (scumbag) Mommie didn't pick up the phone when I called her so I called my friend to tell him (I mean, I've got to channel all that excitement out before I explode right?!) and he says I sounded so happy because I GUESS I AM!! I believe I was even giggling at some point >.> Mad hysteric woman. 

I was almost going to jump and all when the Uncle who does my car transaction calls me in the evening to tell me my car 'is ready' and I have to drive to xx location to pick my car up.  I was praying so hard on the way and telling myself not to 'step on it' but I honestly can't wait to reach the destination!  I even honked at a car in front of me because he was taking ages to move >.>  Sorry car, I normally aren't that impatient.  You just chose the wrong day to be slow ;_;

Well my new car is such a BEAUTY (no pun intended.  Listening to "Beauty and the Beast" RIGHT now) and his name is :  PADDINGTON JR. II  lawl!!  I have been thinking of the name for my new car and this is it!  This is also an honour to my old car, Paddington <3

It was so exciting driving in my new car because not only everything is brand new, it just felt so awesome that the aircond is finally cold and there is a freaking RADIO.  Well the radio in Paddington was stolen before I had possession of him and I absolutely love music so you can imagine the excitement when I on the radio and it's playing one of my recently crazed song:  Katy Perry's Wide Awake.

The title of the blog is call Surprise to Myself because it wasn't confirmed if I will get my car this week or next week since the past two alternate days was a Public Holiday and there's the loan and insurance issue but fast forward everything, Uncle managed to help me get my car today!  With a good tint >D

In other words, everything is perfect.  Today is really a perfect day.  And I get to eat homecook dinner with my Godfamily and hijacking my Godbrother's iPad to blog about this right now >D

In my excitement to go meet my newborn (car), I just put on the first thing that I could lay my hands on and drove all the way to meet Uncle and it is only later then I realize what I was wearing <3

Hahaha befitting day to wear a Nyan Cat T-shirt huh?  I guess I do feel like I am pooping rainbows right now <3  PERHAPS!  My dream is trying to hint me that I will get my car today cause I dreamt of a near-to-rainbow Meadow lol >.>  Okay I am reading too much here.  Just too happy.  Pretty hard to contain it all in.  Must let it seep out a bit here and there =P

I can't believe I will ever use this sentence but.. WHY ARE ALL THE OTHER CARS DRIVING SO SLOW!  LOL, I promise I wasn't speeding, just that the car accelerate much faster than old Paddington <3

Okay, see you peeps soon! <3  /cuddles carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrararararara

Friday, 16 November 2012

My Colourful Dream

Last night I had a funny and unexpected dream.  I dreamt that I met the celebrated Michelle Phan (Youtube Make Up Artist and Entrepreneur)  and her boyfriend, Dominique Capraro in flesh lol.  We were just chilling and laughing away but in my dream, Dominique doesn't look as good as his pictures lol >.>  Well it's a dream after all.

After that, the scene shifted to Japan where I was there with my parents and Godbrother.  It was Autumn.  I guess it's because I am still wishing that I visited Japan during Autumn and I've missed Autumn by just a month!  It would be awesome if I am in Tokyo right now ;_; So phail!  BUT, I am not complaining <3

BUT, it would have been awesome.  BUT, argh.  I should stop.

Anyways!  Lol, we were walking around and saw all this awesome Autumn leaves in every colour!  Yes, I mean every colour >.>  We were at this meadow and the meadow was lathered with the brightest red, yellow, green, BLUE and purple leaves and it was just so beautiful.  I remember I was so being myself in my dream because I was jumping and running around and pointing at all the colours to my family to the extend it annoys them cause they were like "YEAH, I see them TOO!".  It even occurred to me as to why are there even blue leaves when I was in my dream.  Throw logic out of the window Mish.  It's a dream.

And I was trying so hard to get a good picture but I didn't have my camera with me (impossibru!) and I am only left with my faithful Blackberry.  Unfortunately, faithful Blackberry is being a traitor because it refuse to take the pictures in its original colour!!

All those green, red, blue and purple leaves just appear as brown in my phone screen and I was cursing under my breath and wishing that I have my camera there instead but there's nothing I couild do so I dully and disappointingly took like 3 pictures of the 'brown' meadow and telling myself it's just the sunlight.  The sunlight is messing up with my screen colour and after I reach home, the pictures will just turn out alright.


Lolol <3  Well, that's the best that I could do with an MS Paint and a mouse.  Believe me, it's soooooooo much more prettier in my head but uh, not everyone is that gifted with drawing anyways.  So, here it is <3

And I vaguely remember there was the subway, the food and all of us chilling together in the room.   It was a nice dream.  Thanks brain.  But brain, I wish you would have equipped me with my camera or at least not let my Blackberry screw up.  =P

If only one could select their dreams like selecting their set menu in Mcdonalds <3  I want this, this and this.  I want to be this, this and this and the setting should be like this, this and this.  Asking for too much? =P  Perhaps I should try to get into lucid dreaming because then you can control your dreams :D

Interesting right?  Brain, should we try?

Brain:  I have no idea what you are talking about.  *Gives nightmare*

Me:  OKAY OKAY, I AM SORRY!  Anything but nightmare!

-  The End  -

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Walking With Midgets

Today when I was in McDonalds ordering their deliciously delicious Ayam Goreng Mcd, I felt like I wore the wrong thing out today.  I must have put on my dinosaur skin instead of my human skin because everyone is staring at me.   Or should I say 'looking up' to me?

Seriously, what is happening around Melaka?  Has everyone else been shrinking or have I been growing?  I am pretty sure it's the first one because scientifically speaking, I should have stop growing few year back.  95% of them are shorter than me.  Be them male or female.  Male one not thaaaaaaaaaaat bad, I mean they are just slightly shorter.  I swear the females, most of them didn't even reach my shoulder because I deliberately stared and compared.  The remaining 5% are not much taller, maybe around the same height.

I especially like their reaction.  Most of the time, be them guys or girls, what they would do instinctively was to look at my feet after noticing me.  What I believe they were trying to do was to check if I am wearing a 4 inch heels or anything taller.  Do not worry, I always, always and whenever possible will wear flats.  I only own a pair of sandals which is slightly taller, like say 2 inch.  It's nowhere near the description of being a high heel

And I thought East Malaysians are supposed to be the malnutrition ones since most of our earnings comes over to this side of Malaysia anyway.  I look out and all I saw was midget, midget and more midget.

Midget with geeky specs.  Midget with heels (the irony).  Midgets holding their grandson.  They are midgets of all age and both genders.


Short, short and shorter.  I think it's only Melaka.  I hope.  Well, maybe I am a dinosaur descendant breed.  Or I am simply just mish.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Qweekly Updates!

This weeks things has been going up and down, at least my health that is.

*Had a bad sore throat and cough.

*Suffered from major migraine, twice in a week.

*Had nose bleed for the first time in my life.

*iPhone 5 nowhere in sight.

*Watched Skyfall.

*Broke (or so I thought) my glasses.

* iPod is still under repair.

Wooh, talk about having a roller coaster ride in life for a week.

Whatever it is, all bad things will come to an end and the good things will take it's role from there.  Let's hope whatever bad things it is, it ends with this week alone and let me enjoy the festive season coming next week and month!

Yesterday, I accidentally dropped my glasses and when it hit the floor, I saw something white-ish flew.  When I stoop over to pick my glasses up, I realized one lens is missing from it's frame.  So the thing that flashes by was actually my lens lol.   Well thank goodness I manage to attach it back to it's frame if not I would've cried my eyeballs out cause the specs ain't cheap and now is not the time spend any extra cash!

Major sales is at every corner starting from yesterday.  Hands itching to just go out there and splurge but thank goodness my brains' not being a scumbag and encouraging me to go shopping.  (To be honest, it's simply because I am too lazy to drive downtown to squeeze with half of Malaccans at the mall.  BUT, if anyone is willing to drive me downtown, I would happily go shopping with you! <3.  Shame on me.)

I just came back from vacation, links here, here and here =P  But I am still craving for more vacations to come!  I know what I should do.  Instead of making a bucket list or 2013 resolutions, I should make a list of places that I would love to visit soon >D  Anyone wants to join me for such trip? <3

Anyways, have you guys thought of what you want to do for the next one month of your life?  For all you know, end of the world is coming and 20th December 2012 is the last day for Earth.

NAHHHHH, that's a hell lot of tosh.

I do NOT believe that 2012 is the end of the World because it just can't happen.  I am just starting to enjoy life as an adult.  At least let me shoulder some responsibility as an adult before end of the World comes  (Truth is I just want to go travel and if the Earth is destroyed, how am I suppose to travel!)

There are simply TOO MANY things that I have not done in life.  You know what?  I WILL make a bucket list over the course of next few days just to remind myself how much I should enjoy life before this life ends!  I mean, everyone have an average of 85 years to live and I've already used up a quarter of my 'battery!'.  Better not waste time so gentleman, start your engine.

Speaking of this, the other day, I saw something funny (and scary) on 9gag >D

This is just simply mind blowing.  And scary!  Imagine having to study all over again.  Like, ALL.OVER.AGAIN.

Noooooes, worst dream ever! Lol.

See you guys soon <3  Hope I get better :D

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tokyo DisneySea!

Blogging right next to a huge glass of milk and cookies is the life.  Well, a fattening one.  So don't do this at home unless you are trying to gain weight *pops cookie in mouth*

Disclaimer:  i.  Lots and LOTS of pictures because Disney is just THAT awesome.
                  ii.  Non of the pictures below are edited or photoshopped because Disney is just                                                        
                    THAT awesome.


Okay, let's start!  

Not much surprise here :D  Since I've already hinted that the next post will be Tokyo DisneySea in my Ghibli Museum post =P

The day that we went to Disney Sea couldn't be better because can you believe it?  It's actually shinning really brightly on the day we went! In fact, a bit too warm.  I swear I've gotten a tan after that day but it's all worth it <3

Something funny happened that morning though.  My parents told me and Godbrother to get ready by 7 sharp so that we can beat the working class people at the railway station, if not we are bound to be squeezed and juiced until absolute flatness in the train.

We woke up at 6 a.m. (sun rise is at 5.30 a.m.) and by 7 we are dressed and eaten our breakfast.  We sat there trying to wake up and by 7.30 a.m., my parents haven't call for us so we decided to go over to their room.  We knocked and when my mom opened the door, we saw that she is still dressed in P-Y-J-A-M-A-S!  We were like MOMMIEEEEEEEEEEE!! DADDIEE!! I THOUGHT YOU SAID S-E-V-E-N!!

They've done it.  They've woke up late ONCE in their life time and I am going to make them remember it for LIFE.  Most awesome threat ever!  It's like whenever they say something I will be like "Remember that timeeeeee!!!" LOL. 

Well anyways, after all the hustle and all, we are finally THERE.  At the station at least >.>  Since mommie and daddie got ready in a rush, they didn't really had breakfast so we ate at one of the two available shops in the station and ta-da!  Breakfast is served <3

#1  Yummy and Healthy Breakfast, no?


#3  Being an idiot outside the Entrance =P

#4 AND, We are IN!!

#5  So Halloween-ish!  The amount of effort they put to decorate the place is just so touching T^T

#6  Hehehe

#7  Well, bunch of guys in semi-meido (maid) costume, how can I resist to not take a picture? >D

#8  When in Disney, blend in!  I know I am a bit too old for all this cuteness but I just couldn't say no when daddie offered to buy me one.  So yes, in all the pictures below, it will be me wearing something funny on top of my head.  In my defense, it's totally cute and a normal thing to do when you are inside Disneyland/DisneySea.

#9  Ended up with this one.  Something simple yet cute.  Something that I like :D

Well, before you continue from this point on, let it be known that Disney Sea is very different from Disney Land.  Disney Land has more fun rides, more classic Disney cartoons that we grew up to but Disney Sea is more of a sight seeing,, have fun with your family or especially for couples to go because it's more of a feast your eyes thing rather than joy rides.  

Another very interesting thing about Disney Sea is the impressive architecture along the way when you explore deeper and deeper because they've divided the place into several themes such as 20,000 Leagues under the Sea where you can see a Golden Submarine, or Volcano to replica the Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Olden English Houses and many more!  

So, less words, more pictures starting NOW!

#10  Look at the BACKGROUNDD!! Even the camera choose to not focus on me but the background instead >.>

#11 See!! A photo that I took!  Pro right!! Just kidding.  Must be like one of those 1 in a million shot that turns out alright >.>

#12  I don't know what I was doing so I decided to gif it =P

#13 You are NEVER too old when in Disney!  Look at both of my parents! Hahahahaha <3

#14  One of the rides that we went on!  Actually, we went on almost all the rides but if I am to put in all the pictures from Disney Sea, it would be over 300.  So let's keep it to the bare minimum alright?

#15  Okay, I can't stop staring at her because she is just so perfect.  Perfect hair.  Perfect body. Perfect height.  Perfect dressing.  I WANT TO BRING ALL JAPANESE GIRLS HOME T^T



#18  Well, when daddie saw this ice cream truck, he couldn't resist and got one =P "Like father like daughter" To have a closer look of the ice cream, look at the picture below >D

#19  CUTE RIGHT!  



#22  And here we are!  At the Pirate of the Caribbean section! This is one of the ship and there's actually a live action Captain Jack Sparrow walking around but too many girls are flooding him so I decided to not join in but now that I think back, WHAT WAS I THINKING!  I should have took a picture with him!! Good job brain, good job.

#23  This place is quite beautiful as it really has those ancient pirate-ish architecture to this section.

#24 Never too old.  

#25  Tee-hee-hee.  Awesome family photo <3

#26  Ohiohio, light house!  And here we are!  At the Olden English houses <3  I love the architecture here but mommie finds it too old and not to her taste.  Talk about being young at heart >D


#28  Bro hated me for this picture.  He says "WHY YOU SO ASIAN! WHY PEACE SIGN!  WHY!"

#29  Beautiful beautiful house <3

#30  A quick snapshot of the special performance by the lake <3  It's pretty epic :o  Ended with fireworks and all.  They really put their heart into performing to make us visitors feel so welcomed  and warm!

#31  HAHAHA, AGRABAH!  Aladdin <3  Sorry but I had to be Indian here.

#32 OKAY stop right here!  Check out this cute cup that I am holding onto.  Do you know what it is?  SALT ICE CREAM.  I am NOT kidding you!!  This ice cream is super creamy and the after taste is a little bit salty but it's super good!  A MUST TRY when you are in Disney Sea!!  I kid you not!

#33 Closer view!

#34  The two best thing in life:  Food and Vacation.  Lolol


#36  Little Aladdin!  Japanese parents super love to dress their children up!  You see little Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, and Captain Jack Sparrow everywhere!  I do wonder where they got this costumes though :O  Maybe it's sold in Disney itself or it's custom made.  I have no idea. Wait.  DID you see what is the kid holding in his hand?!  A freaking smart phone.  Kid, I am still using button phone.  What's happening to the world? T_T

#37  Little Princess Jasmine asking for directions <3


#39  The view is breath taking right?  Remember, ALL this pictures are NOT photoshopped or filtered in anyway at all.  It's the original pictures straight from my brother or my camera <3

#40  Beloved Mommie <3



#43  Well, Day have to give way to Night and here Night is but fret not.  Even at night, they still have awesome decorations and super halloween themed!  Here I manage to take a picture of a cute Japanese guy =P

#44  Lol I saw one of the worker sweeping the floor and after he left, a few kids gathered around the leaves so I went over to have a peep and this is what I found!  This Japanese people are so damn adorable and creative lol.

All good things have to come to an end so on our way out, we stopped by few of the shops to look at more Disney merchandise =P




See you soon people! <3