Saturday, 22 September 2012

Driving with Parental Guidance Is an Absolute Horror for Me

They shriek, they scream and they put their hands on your hand brake.

How do they expect me to drive safely when THEY are acting like that o.o

There's such a big difference when you are driving with your instructor and when you are driving with your parents in a car.

Have this ever happened to you before? (let me know in the comment box below!)  It's not that my driving skill is (thaaaaaaaaaaaaat) bad but it just feels like they have absolutely no trust in you at all, especially right after you got your license!

They warn you of every existing car on the road and at times they crank their head left and right so much that they complain of a neck ache at night.  Or when you are trying to come out from a road, they block your entire left mirror view because the only thing you can see is your parents' hair (afro?  bald?  lots of white hair?) because they have decided to look for you instead of letting you do it.

They shriek and point at every road bump which is like 50 metres ahead of you.  Remind them, you are the one with the better vision, not them.  You can SEE what's in front of you especially when it looks like a giant flat bee.

It's also good to always remind them gently that you are the one behind the wheels therefore you should have full control of the entire car.  You can't just share that responsibility with them >:O  Too many cooks spoils the soup.  2 drivers in a car is simply asking for trouble.

Assure them.  Re-assure them.  Assure them again.  You will drive safely on the road.  You won't drive past the speed limit and you will absolutely not show off when you are on the road.  Both hands on the wheel if possible.

Put on some light music to clear the mood up.  Allow them to give you tips on driving and overtaking cars and etc but when they are crossing the line, let them know that they are not helping but making things worst because they make you feel nervous.

Bear all of this in mind and you should be good to go! Vroom -vroommmm!


    Dammit they're endangering you by doing all that. Can't they tell? And to think they have more experience having been a few decades on the road. They complain it's dangerous when someone else sitting next to them on the passenger seat so much as gives them a direction on where to go; and yet they put their hands on the hand brake while you're driving >___>

  2. Lol, I believe many parents (or drivers in general) do that just because they need something to keep themselves busy while they're not driving... idk lol.