Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quick Updates!

Quick updates for today :D

 First of all, the one that you all have been waiting for.  iPhone 5 release in another 14 hours 39 minutes (WHY SO LONG!) for those of you who are living in the GMT +8 time zone so no, technically it's not being released 'today' though it's September 12 for us.  The event at San Francisco will be launched at 0000 our time on the dot.  For those of you who are super excited and you think you can't go to bed without knowing what iPhone 5 will be like, fret not.  Follow this blog who will be covering live at the event for those of you die hard fans (me included)!

Second, I've seen this picture circulating around and I begin to wonder, are imported products always better than local products?  I mean, I saw this picture and I can't help but think - do different countries really produce such different quality of product?  Look at the above picture.

The rumour that has been circling is that the above car is an Audi (because the official Audi USA has released a statement with the above picture saying that this is a hoax).  If the above car is indeed an Audi, then you should know that some of the parts of Audi A6 (C4), (C5), (C6) and (C7) are assembled in Changchun, China.  The second thing you have to know is, the above bike is not made in Germany at all.  Gamma X is a purely China made bike.  So one myth busted today.  DO NOT believe what you see in the internet!

Third.  Planking level:  Caucasian.  It's just pure wthbbq + awesome in some sense.  I do wonder if this is photoshopped or not because logically thinking, if the escalator is going downwards, she should have rolled over and fall + getting some serious injuries.  If the escalator is going upwards, hmm.  What do you think?  She reminded me of "Look Ma, no hands!"

Fourth, whoever thought you can find such talented dancers from a rehabilitation centre.  This flashmob is done by 1,500 over inmates at the Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre situated in the Philippines and by far remains the most notable Michael Jackson inspired flashmob.  The song that they were dancing to is Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us".  I believe there is a double meaning to this which makes it altogether more meaningful.

Fifth, it's raining again.  Perfect day for steamboat or anything hot and steamy.  Noms.

See you guys soon!


  1. Planking lvl Caucacian? Hah, doesn't beat our planking lvl Asian: we plank on fire! XDD
    P.S. Will you be up all night waiting for iPhone 5's release? >D

  2. Lol, if that picture with the car and bike had true captions, I'd tease you with it for eternity... too bad it's wrong :<

    Also, iPhone 5 sounds hawt - just followed the end Engadget liveticker :D