Thursday, 27 September 2012

One Can Never Be Their Own Judge

Stop being the judge and start acting like the contestant!

A lot of times, when competing for something be it dance competition, drawing competition or even your CV for a job interview!  Stop looking at others work or performance and then compare them to yours because what's the point in that?

You will then start thinking that the person is much better than you, have a thicker CV than you but you are totally missing out the point!  The REAL person that you've got to impressed at the end of the day is the Judge of the Competition or your future boss, NOT the person competing with you!

You can't say 'Oh that person got awesome line art!', or 'That person's dancing style is so awesome!' because at the end of the day, YOU are NOT the one hiring so don't judge things too quick and kill your own chances because you never know what the real judges are looking for!  You could be just the right person for the part but you could also kill it by either taking yourself out of the competition or changing your original style.

BE CONFIDENT.  BELIEVE IN YOUR WORK, just like how I believe in my blog.  I could post my ugliest picture online but I don't give a damn because I am born like that, happy like that.  If your talent or style is in a certain way, appreciate it.  Love it.  Because it's yours and no one elses' but yours.  One person didn't like it so what?  9 others might love it <3

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  1. Some people are just not that confident with themselves. You can tell them a hundred times and they still won't understand; trust me, I know :O

    If you give them more time they will most likely realize it on their own, though.