Thursday, 23 August 2012

Singapore Trip #1

Warning:  The following post contains major photos of cam-whore, botanical flowers and landscape. 


This post is to tour with you guys my Singapore trip together with my godparents and godbrother and this is only the first of the many posts to follow cause we took so much nice pictures and I can't wait to share all of them with you!

The first stop that we went to on the first day in the afternoon is the famous Gardens by the Bay and the photos for this post consist of the 'Lost World' and also 'Flower Dome'.  We merely toured roughly 20% of the entire place cause the place is so big and our legs were aching by evening time.

If you are too lazy to read the Wikipedia page of Gardens by the Bay that I've linked above, here's a brief summary for you :D

Oh, no wonder it's so tiring to walk and we never get to finish the whole place >.> This entire 'Garden' is 101 hectares, or equivalent to 10871549 square metre ORZ  This Garden contains of three main Parks which are the Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central Garden.  For more info, read the link hahaha :D

First picture would be of us walking towards Gardens by the Bay from the hotel and even the stroll was fun cause the scenery was just plain beautiful.  Check it out for yourself.

#1 Me, Aunt Louise and Ferris Wheel 

Second picture would be me cam-whoring while walking towards our destination =P

#2 Windy Day is Windy :D  And Godbro photobombed me <.>

This photo is taken just outside the entrance to the Lost World Dome.  It's actually a huge tree trunk and you are not supposed to go inside it but we did anyway >_< And replica a scene out of 'The Ring' but this is more like 'The Tree' lol.  Jk, underneath all that hair is a really cute person (at least that's what I think, JK again! lol)

#3 The Tree

#4 How the Tree Actually Looks Like from Another Angle

Like I said earlier, our first stop was the 'Lost World' and you enter the Dome through the normal security iron bar counter and when that door opened, I honestly felt I was totally disconnected from the outside world.  The first thing that caught my senses was actually the immediate cool and fresh air.  The second thing was the sound of water.  This was what greeted us.

#5 The Falls

Well, it's clearly displayed there, this is call 'The Falls' lol.  It may not seem special from this picture but it's actually really large and really high, nearly reaching the top of the Dome.  The entire Dome's temperature is maintained at 16 degrees and above and the temperature vary from point to point to allow different botanical plants to grow to their fullest in their 'natural' climate.

The air inside is really fresh and very cooling.  The waterfall actually provides this sweeping cool air towards you when the door opens, you know the feeling when you are actually standing near a real waterfall.  This man-made one has not lose out to the real one.  My godbrother actually walked towards the waterfall to see where it falls to and he says it's superbly cooling as it feels like the wind is blowing up towards your face.

#6  'Checking the Parameter' lol

The 'tour' actually made us walk through the 'Lost World' with mist and insects sound (or there could be real insects there but I don't really want to know =p) and it looks like this.

#7  Lost World

You shall not have any more of alphabetic tour but more of a pictorial tour from this point onwards :D  Just feast your eyes for now ^^

#8 Awesome Architecture

#9 100% Unedited Photo Except for the Frame Added.  My Favourite Photo of the Entire Trip

#10 Some Weird Looking Plant :D

#11 Wall of Plants and Flowers

#12  Me and Godbrother at the Crystal Stone Chamber v Mirror Reflection

#13  Nearing the Exit of the Lost World Dome

#14  Tea - Break Time!!  All this are Natural Ice Cream made from Flowers!

End of the Lost World tour and all of us took around half an hour break to sooth our sore legs and have some natural flower flavoured ice cream!  I love Orchid Vanilla the most and the weirdest one would be Lavender in my opinion.  If you want to know how it taste like, just take up a bottle of the Lavender Aromatic and sniff it.  The smell of how it is would more or less reflects the taste it would be at your tongue bud.  The second best would be the White Rose. Nomssss :D

#15 Flower Petals at Souvenir Shop

#16 Perverted Elephant D:

#17  Entrance of Flower Dome!! (Unedited)

#18  Ahhh, Flower Bed Literally (Unedited)

#19 Boat of Flowers (Unedited)

#20 Really Old Tree Trunk (Unedited)

 #21  Look How Pretty They Are (Unedited)

#22 It Just Makes Me Go 'Poooff Poooff' cause They Look So Soft and Fluffy!

#23 The Prettiness is at a OMG Level (Unedited)

#24 Flowerception - Flower within Flowers!

 #25  Looks Like a Fairytale Right?  This Kid is Soooo Pretty!  Couldn't Emphasize More!

Well, that's the end of the Gardens By the Bay Tour and mind you, we merely finished 20% of the tour :<  I would totally love to go there again and finish the entire walk.

#26 How the Two Domes Look From the Outside (Taken from Hotel Room)

#27  The Icon of Gardens by the Bay (Taken from Hotel Room)

 #28  The Whole Picture

 #29  The Hotel with Really Nice Cloud

P/s:  When I mention 'Unedited' in the photos, it means no filters were used or effects whatsoever.  I've merely added a frame to the photo :D

Well, that's the end of my Singapore Trip #1 Post!  Stay tune for more to come and just a teaser:

Singapore Trip #2  would be in Universal Studio Singapore! <3

Good night everybody.  Sweet dreams.

Edit:  Singapore Trip #2 Is Out!