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Friday, 8 March 2013

Dramas Indefinitely Happens

-Dramas:  Feeding the World negativities since xx B.C.-

Drama Indefinitely Happens

When more than one person co-exist.

Unless if you count having a mental drama with yourself but it is the inexplicable truth that drama definitely and WILL happen when there's more than one person in a certain given radius irregardless of their gender.

The type of drama that I meant is the emotional dramas that happens between you and someone else.  It's not those type of talent where you win an Oscar prize for it.  It's where and when you make your enemies, harness hate and gossips, shedding tears, breaking friendship or relationship, shoutings, backstabbing, spreading rumours and every other unpleasant things that you can think of.

It could happen online, at home, forum, work place, school, entertainment parks, photoshoot session, this, that, up, down, left, right, everywhere.  It's like this undying viral disease that has existed since Adam & Eve's time and the snake is the one that caused all the drama.

A wise man once told me:  If dramas could severe your own blood-family ties, drama will indefinitely happen between two strangers who are put together by circumstances and not by choice:  e.g. a project where you have to recruit people other than your usual own gang, joining a new work place, collaborating with new people that you have no experience working with etc etc.

It seems to me that most of the time, drama happens because of territorial insecurities.  Cliques or gangs tries to exert their rights or control over the minorities so the minorities either gets absorbed into the clique or they are singled out as easy target and that's when the beauty of drama begins.

Drama knows no sex, gender, sexual orientation nor the time and place.  It could happen anytime, anywhere and it could happen to anyone.  This three reminds me of omnipresent, omniscience and omnipotent lol!  No, drama does not equal God but there could always be God-level dramas.  >D  We have the drama queens, drama kings, drama secretary, the drama starter, drama encourager, drama sacrifice and every other positions that you can be part of.  Drama in soccer, drama within a drama, drama in the bedroom, drama everywhere.

Heck, so many tv shows made tons of money out of all this drama!  Celebrity reality shows, America's Next Top Model (ooh lala), The Apprentice, Cake Boss, CSI (drama within drama lol) and these are the famous ones among others.

Even Youtube celebrities gets drama.  Michelle Phan, the famous Youtube Make-up Artist has an entire forum dedicated to her just to hating her and I hate to say this, but her ONE THREAD in that forum has got more members, views and comments that I get in a month all put together lol!  And what's worst, I believe 98% of her hates have never met her before!  They just hate her, *snaps finger* like that!

Hating someone seems to be one of the easiest thing to do because it costs you nothing of value and you can just conjure hate out of thin air.  "I hate her guts" "I hate her attitude" "I hate his face" Bla bla bla.  Yada yada yada.  Babbles.

This entire post deserves an award.  An award for negativity x 100% lol.  And it is saddening to see that a lot of people at a lot of times and a lot of occasion does not see all this negativity happening around them.  They are involved in one drama or more and yet they either does not seem to realize they are in one or they are just truly enjoying of being in one.

Being in a drama, hating someone else, gossiping.  I find all this pretty tiring and never forget one thing:  Karma.  You could be having a drama with person A this time around and you have your gang backing you up this time but the next victim might just be you.  What goes round WILL come around and it's coming back at you pretty fast.  So I will say watch out.

It's always better to be sincere around others.  Say things straight forwardly even if it might sounds a bit offending at first because in the long run, it will serve you far better for being honest than being a hypocrite.  E.g. If you find me adjusting your laptop's brightness every time I use your laptop annoying, you gotta tell me if I did not stop doing that.  Tell me once and I will remember to adjust the laptop brightness back to it's original state, the way you like it rather than telling 10 or 15 person more about how I have this bad habit of adjusting your laptop brightness and not adjusting it back because telling one person is less tiring than telling 15 others and telling me once would rectify the problem.  Telling 15 times to 15 others and I will still be repeating the same thing because I simply don't know that whatever I am doing is annoying you!

And saying something behind a person's back does not make you the good guy or the polite guy.  It simply makes you a coward and a person who wants to create drama out of nothingness but what the heck, I do know a few people who cannot live without dramas.  It's as though they will die without one.

My message for today:

Strip yourself OFF this drama!

Strip yourself OFF this negativity!

Don't strip MORE than necessary!  That will invite more drama!  Especially when your company is your friend's lover!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Thanks and Rants

NSFW: Contains slight swearing

So which should I go first?  The Thanks or the Rant?

People tend to be a little bit sadistic and sinister so I will save the best for the last so lets start with Thanks >D

First of all, THANK YOU for letting me have my precious Internet back!  It's been approximately ONE month (as of today) since I last have any Internet connection and gone are the days where I have to camp in McDonald or Godbrother's house or sitting in my car parked outside my friend's place stealing their wifi (just kidding, my friend did offer but I don't want to be caught and hauled to the police station for doing this) just so that I can get a few orgasmic moment of having Internet, so to my Internet Service Provider (ISP), here, have my thanks +1.

Second, THANK YOU mommie for being here with me during Chinese New Year.  Next year it will be a family reunion with daddie and everything would be perfect <3  Three round family members together is one of the best thing that could ever happen!

It secretly reminds me of dango (some Japanese dumpling)

 Daddie, Mommie & Me

We spent this year's CNY in Kuala Lumpur, walking around window shopping for items and hardcore shopping for food >D

So Kuala Lumpur, here, have my thanks +1.

My CNY Red Packet from my parents <3

ANDDDDD, this is exactly why in MOST of my pictures, I do not smile wide because then you would notice me with my non-existing eyes but who could resist not smiling when one is holding two red packets!  I was tempted to use photoshop to make my eyes bigger but those who has seen me try to smile with my eyes open tells me to never to do that again so yes, I am destined to be a one-liner eye when I am to smile.  MISH, LIVE WITH IT! <3

First day of CNY Outfit!  BE COLOURFUL! <3

Me and mommie in Pavilion  <3  My towering height over mommie and she is not even short QQ Saying goodbye to all my beloved high heel shoes!

I did manage to grab one dress which my mom termed it as the 'pyjamas effect' dress lol.  I think it's pretty cute and summer-ish!  The mirror is those type that makes you look slimmer.  I wish I look like that in real life QQ

Third, THANK YOU Godparents + Godbrother and Seaweed + Mommie for spending this year's Valentine's with me just so that I am not forever alone >.>

To Godparents + Godbrother, thank you for the lovely dinner.  The crab was awesome though it did made me camp at the toilet for quite some time in the middle of the night >D

To Seaweed, thanks for the beautiful flowers and that box of chocolate which I am not sharing with anyone but my mom despite your LARGE NOTE on it >D

Twelve beautiful Roses <3  I love Roses even if they are the most common flower on Earth.  There is no such need to always be different and loving Roses is one of them <3

Me & my beautiful Valentine's Date <3

Valentine's Outfit!  Was wearing red pants but not like you can see it from here lol <3

Those are the thanks that I would like to share with you all so now comes the juicy part.  Who loves to hear some rage stories?  I know I do!

First, THANK YOU TELESHIT + STREAMSHIT = SHITSHIT ISP.  When I was down without internet for 3 weeks. all you did was shove me left, right, up and above whenever I call your helpline for help regarding my line (this sentence should not even go together).

I've subscribed to shitshit in December last year and up to January 14th, my speed was less than 10% of the promised speed / the speed that I paid for using AND also shitshit's official speed test website.

On January 15th, I made my first report to shitshit helpline to ask them to give me the speed that I am supposed to have for the amount of money that I am paying and what do you know, January 15th onwards, my line seems to be non-existing and I have no freaking internet to use except stalking wifi at various places!

Called, called and called some more to shitshit helpline and all they gave me was more and more report numbers instead of my internet back to me.  They keep telling me that it's my internal wiring problem and that I should refer to my management (because I am staying in an apartment) and it is not shitshit's fault where I CONSTANTLY tell them that I've referred to my management, not once, not twice but THRICE until the management's engineer came to my room to check on the so call problematic internal wiring and there's no freaking problem with the internal wiring okay.  It's your shitshit's fault and you are not doing anything at all to help me get my internet back.  All you did was refer me to someone else, made me waste my money on calling you and being put on hold, given the same memorized script over and over again and at the end of the day, gave me a new report number.

I thought of giving them more chances until February 8th, that was the last straw.  As I've mentioned, I did my first report to shitshit on 19th and on guess what I found in my letter box on January 28th, A FREAKING BILL dated January 28th!! WHAT / WHY DID YOU WANT ME TO PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT I CAN'T FREAKING USE, not to mention all those time that I used to call you (which wasn't free by the way)!

I put my foot down that very instant and went to terminate shitshit internet the following day and telling them that I am NOT paying for something that I can't use!

I've gotten my internet back because I've subscribed to a certain broadband which gave me instantaneous activation and I could surf straight away!  Only downside with broadband is, it's not unlimited :<  So I've got a pretty tight bandwidth and limited use for now but it's better than paying for a non-existing Internet service.

Yep, that's it for my Thanks and Rants post <3

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's and Chinese New Year!  Though there aren't much celebration season after Valentine's, we should still make the best out of each day and make each day counts!


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Misunderstood Single / Only Child

 Yesterday, out of curiousity I googled "Single Child" and the top 5 results that came out are this:

Tell me what do YOU think about it?  I think it's fairly insulting truth be told.  First of all, the repetition of the word 'syndrome'.  Wikipedia, our forever faithful friend, defined Syndrome as:

Clinically recognize features.  Now that is not very nice isn't it.  Other than being branded as a person having clinically recognize features, a single child person cannot run off from being branded as the following in the most commonly used terms in numerical order:

ONE.  SPOILED BRAT.  This is the number 1 name calling that single child gets (not deserve) when asked if they have siblings and they say no.
Two.  Selfish
Three. Bossy
Four.   Lonely
Five.    Maladjusted
Six.      Troubles with social skills
Seven.  Craves attention
Eight.    Nasty and stubborn

The list goes on and on and never ending and most of it are pointing towards the negative side of a human being.  According to Wikipedia, one is even dubbed as the "Little Emperor", which is saying someone who gets whatever they want anytime they want, subtlety or crudely saying that a single child is spoiled or overly pampered by their parents that their every whim is attended to.   Trust me, we get scoldings and spankings more than you ever did because well, my parents can't just shout at some non-existing sibling that I don't have so when they have to yell at someone, that would be me, and only me.  There is no CARTER, GET DOWN HERE!  Or VERONICA WHY DID YOU PROVOKE YOUR SISTER!  It's MICHELLE YOU COME HERE THIS INSTANCE! or MICHELLE WHY DID YOU EAT GRANDMA'S CAKE? or MICHELLE I KNOW IT'S YOU WHO DREW ON THE WALL, NOT YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND JENNIFER! You get the picture.

Then let me ask you, what did single child ever do to deserve all this name branding?  Just because a person does not have siblings does not mean they are naturally the nastiest or most selfish person on Earth, nor are they socially awkward around people.  Just because someone HAS siblings does not mean the person has leadership quality, kind and caring and shares everything they has.

On the VERY CONTRARY, I would've thought that a single child is MORE willing to SHARE their things because they never have the need of being protective or territorial over their space or toys that most people with siblings would feel, unless if of course their age gap is huge.

I would also believe that single child are people who matures faster than children with siblings simply because, you can't expect their parents to talk gugu gaga to them all the time.  They are more attentive and sensitive to adult's conversation rather than their peers because ever since young, they have been exposed to adult (parents) talking and even though a child might not be able to respond or communicate fluently, their still comprehend.  They get the gist of what the adults are talking about and because of constant exposure and 'hanging out' with adults, they actually get a sense of the real world faster than children with siblings who are constantly dolled up with fairy tales of Santa or Tooth Fairy or fighting to see who gets the last limb of that poor toy.

I've even read a report about one problem that single child has - talking to themselves and having imaginary friend.  The last time I checked, almost EVERY child, regardless or not whether they are the only child or not TALKS to THEMSELVES and HAVE imaginary friend!  So JUST because they are the only child, this automatically becomes a PROBLEM for them and it's deemed completely NORMAL for kids with siblings?  What nonsense is this?!  It's like telling a single child that its a crime to have a toy but it would be alright if that same toy was given and shared between two kids.

Do you guys see just how conceited and judgmental you guys are?

Generally, only child do not have much problem in their social environments because if they could understand adults and converse with them in adult topic, it is very likely that they are able to converse with their peers.  It's like knowing how to do algebra first and then only starting to get to know how to do adding and subtraction.  Easy peasy.  Perhaps the ONLY reason they are not very keen to be socially friendly with their peers is because they think that whatever they are talking about is too kiddish or immature for them, heh.  That is also a reason why only child likes to talk to people beyond their age, because they feel like the topic is more synced to their thinking.

Only child also feels a heavier sense of responsibility, contrary to others beliefs who thinks only child are spoiled, insensitive brat who has no sense of whatever is going around the world and is only stuck in their own world and that the world revolves around them.  If you are thinking of that, you have got it wrong.  That applies to those tycoon's kids who were taught that money can buy the world.  If you are rich but your parents taught you that money isn't everything, parents, good job, you have done parenting right.

Why would I say only child has a heavier sense of responsibility?  I can explain it in a mathematical term:  Probability.  When you have multiple siblings, say 4 siblings, the probability of having 1 successful kid and 3 useless kids is split into the ratio of 1:3  The probability of having 2 successful kids and 2 useless kids is a 50% chance thing.  You get the picture.  When you have siblings, chances for them to succeed is higher, thus when their parents reaches the age of say 65, they would have at least 1 kid who will have the means to take care of them.  If they are lucky, they might have 2 or 3 or even all 4 kids who had succeeded in life and then take care of them.

A single child, if you are useless, your parents are screwed.  If you are successful, the burden is still all on you to take care of everything:  Your life and both your parents life.  That's 3 lives that you have to take care of single handedly.  Siblings can still divide costs, monthly allowance and everything among themselves.  Even just having one other sibling, you are able to lighten up your burden by half but for single child, you do not have that choice.  As you grow up in life, you would know that you have to shoulder the entire burden and thus, setting the single child's character to be a person with a sense of responsibility.

If you think all that I've said above is not true, fine, that is up to you but the upcoming one that I am going to say is undeniable, as much as you want to.  Single child BONDS with their parents in a manner unlike to others that you have ever known.  This does not have to be explained.  I dare say any single child who reads this will definitely agree with me.  You have no idea how magical that bond is between a single child and their parents so parent's don't worry.  You will never even hear of one old folks home name.

Single child also suffers lesser inferiority complex because they are not constantly compared to their siblings who perhaps outshines them.  Though parents always says they love all their child equally, at times it is harder to maintain that equal love especially if you have two very different child and the odd one out will feel even more neglected that they already are in the first place.

I mean, even you also can't help liking person A more than person B right? >D

Another interesting fact is, if a single child runs into problem, the first person that they would call up is their parents no matter how bad the problem is.  The worst the problem the faster they dial their parent's phone number.  They do not confide that much with their peers unlike people with siblings, they confide in their peers or their own siblings but never their parents.

Just a small tip:  Do you know that being friends with a single child actually benefits you as well?  Because single child parents are terrified that their kid would be lonely, thus always being extra nice and extra friendly to their kid's friends.  Free car rides, free food, free movies and almost anything that they could give to their child, they might give it to you too because single child parents do feel guilty for not giving the single child a sibling, thus if they see that their child have a nice companion, they would automatically be nice and loving towards their child's companion as well.

I am not saying it's better to be a single child or it's bad to have siblings.  All I am saying is its very unfair to have all this branding and judging going on around for single child.  Single child too, have feelings.  We do not like those looks that you guys have on your face when we say that we are single child.  It is the look of "ooooooooooooooh, that explains why you are so spoiled'.  That is pure nonsense.  Anyone can be stubborn.  Anyone can be a social outcast and anyone can be nasty and no just single child person.


Monday, 14 January 2013

Is This Considered an Act of Selfishness?

So, yesterday I was at the mall and was queuing up for the toilet.  The queue was horrendous as the amount of crowd in the toilet is sufficient to be that of a mini concert and those who are in the cubicle was taking their own sweet time.  I seriously have no idea what they were doing inside.  I kept hearing flushes after flushes but they all took so long to exit the cubicle.

Going out of topic is very easy, don't you think?  This post isn't about the toilet users but rather, how do we react under certain circumstances.  For example, yesterday due to the amount of people in the toilet and people were queuing up for really long before it's their turn, every now and then there are nasty and dirty looks darting around, daring those who came in later to cut queue because whoever who dare to cut queue will be in for a good time.

Then, there's this cute lady in her early twenties in a very sweet dress queuing up in the next line to mine but we could all sense her growing impatience as she keeps clicking her tongue and throwing dirty looks around.  She went into the toilet first and after she came out, she did not wash her hand (not like it's my business since I am not going to shake hands with her anyways) and darted out of the toilet because of the amount of people inside.

It was after she walked out of the toilet and I was just looking absent-mindedly at her exiting the toilet that I realized, that the back part of her skirt is stuck to her, well, underwear.



I really wanted to call or go after her but since she was walking away so fast, I wasn't able to call out to her in my squeaky voice amidst all that 'concert sound' going around and she probably won't know that I am calling her because she isn't Malaysian.  I overheard her conversation with her friend, they should be Vietnamese or Thai I believe.

I considered going after her as well but at the end I didn't because I didn't want to lose my queuing pot as I have been waiting there for quite some time too.  Is this considered an act of selfishness?  Should I have went after her?  My justification was her friend would surely tell her that her backside is giving an exhibition to the world as soon as they see each other BUT it only occurs to me NOW as I am blogging that what if they have gone separate ways and done individual shopping?? Does that mean she will be walking around with her underwear showing because of my selfish act of not wanting to leave the queue when I could have told her? 

I honestly don't know.  What do YOU think?

Would you have went after her in that circumstances?  

Okay, enough of depressing thought, lets go through some happy channel for now!  What always makes a girl feel happy other than food??

CUTE FAT BABIES!  And baby items!  See for yourself!

SEE THE CUTENESS!! It's a baby IN a basket ON a table omgee!! \o/  

Was eating dinner and when we walked pass the table, I saw the baby and jumped because it's so freaking adorable!  Round cheeks and he is sleeping (which means no screaming and crying)!  I was so excited that I asked the couple if I could take a picture with their baby and they gladly say yes!!! FU FU FU FU FU!!  I really wanted to hold the baby but I didn't want to wake that cutie pie up so this is more than enough!  BABYYYYYY!!

And this is one DARN cute teddy bear hat for kids!  Like duh, my head's so big <.>  If only my head is smaller or the hat is bigger I would definitely buy it because it's SOOOOO adorable as well!!  Now I am jealous of people with smaller head that can fit cute hats or bands and all ;_;

That sums up my weekend so see you soon!

P/s:  Yes I would ask for a picture from a random stranger if their baby is cute enough to attract me ._.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Called a Radio Station This Morning

And my call actually got through.



That was my face this morning when the DJ picked up  my phone LOL.  I need to express myself in MS Paint because words could not describe how I felt.

I mean, most of the time, I don't have the guts to call the MIX FM (Radio station) and when I do call for some CD prizes and stuff like that, my calls never get through so when I DID get through today, LOL I was flabbergasted.  I think I might even panicked a little because it was so UNPLANNED!

This particular Radio channel always have this few minutes of "XX is looking for an advise on his/her situation" and callers usually call in to give their opinion or advise and I usually don't listen to it because it's not really my cup of tea, solving other people's problem or offering them advice because I don't think I am good at that BUT, this morning the situation was particularly interesting. At least for me that is and below is the excerpt taken from MIX FM's Facebook page regarding the 'situation' and you can even go onto their Facebook page to leave them a comment as to what YOU think!

Daniel’s been with his girl friend for about 1.5 years and things are going great and they are both doing well financially. They both had a chat one weekend and he said that if things get better and if all goes well they could eventually take things to another level. Weeks later they both attended dinner with both his and her parents. He excused himself during dinner to the loo and that’s when her parents asked his girlfriend about their relationship and she said they were getting married soon. When he got back to the table, he was shocked when they all congratulated him so he just played along because he didn’t want to ruin dinner. So how does he get out of this awkward situation?

Lol, I mean that's a pretty funny situation for me to listen to first thing in the morning.  My first thought was, if he is serious about that lady and they are at the right age with all the right circumstances, then why not.  I mean who wouldn't want to marry your Miss Right BUT (so many butts today)  if Daniel is shocked and 'wants to get out of this awkward situation' he obviously should set things right, which is to man up and speak his mind.

I mean even though divorce rate is high, one still should not take marriage lightly, at least for me that is.  You can only marry that one person when you are really sure he/she is the right one.  Right one here does not mean the 'perfect being' but is simply someone whom you can live your life with for many years to come.

If you are having second doubt and even thirds when you look at your current partner and think whether or not you guys can live together for a very long time in the future, it is best said that it's high time you start looking for someone else or you could stay single but again, this are just my personal thoughts.

Be a man, do the right thing is what I would love to say to men who dare not own up or spit it out when wanting a break up.  Ladies, be true to yourself and don't play the damsel in distress card too often because it's plain sickening.  I believe every couple should be honest with each other.  Be true to your heart (music plays  )! 

These are strictly not a piece of advise but rather some random personal thoughts :D  Don't hold it against me!   (music plays  )  Anyways, this morning was funny.  After the DJ got my name, he actually asked me twice:  So how YOUNG are you?  Like twice.  I was like I AM XX OKAY, I MAY SOUND YOUNG BUT I AM OLD (there are just times when you HAVE to admit that you are oldER >.>).  He went silent for like half a second on the other end and laughed.  DAMN, YES I HAVE SQUEAKY VOICE, DON'T JUDGE ME QQ

I think he didn't really believed me so he asked what's my current job status and whether or not I am married bla bla bla.  I think it's because of the 'topic' that they were discussing and they don't want to broadcast what a silly teenage girl might say to this so they want to make sure I am a qualified 'adult' to comment on this.   PFT.  ANYWAYS, THAT aside, I CALLED A RADIO STATION AND THE CALL GOT THROUGH, YIPEE!

It's nothing big or anything of that sort but it's just the small things in life that makes me happy <3  Try it out for yourself one fine day and hopefully when you do, I happen to be listening to the radio <3

Have a good day folks <3

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Comics / Mangas are Pornography Material

According to a reporter anyways.  He claims Comics or in the commonly known Japanese term as "Manga", are filled with pornography materials.

Okay this reporter right here by the name of Mohd Ridzuan Abu Hassan claims in the title of his article that the obsession of reading comic creates an opportunity or cause the tendency to read porn mangas.

This reporter also claim that the absolutely famous manga titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, 3x3 Eyes and GTO are 'famous porn mangas'.

Dude, pea size brain much?


DRAGON BALL?  GORILLA WITH TAILS ARE PORN.  I don't geddit.  Like I really DON'T get it at all.

IF what this reporter claim is the truth, the truth would also be I have been reading porn since the age of 5.  Because I started reading dragon ball then.  But that would be impossible isn't it?  You know why?

Because, Mr Mohd Ridzuan Abu Hassan, there is such thing call the MALAYSIAN CENSORSHIP BOARD.  They freaking censor everything in Mangas that we get in Malaysia, including children manga like Doraemon (Shizuka's bathing scene), Shin Chan (when he takes off his pants) and countless manga titles.  They go to the extend of re-drawing that particular scene.  Porn, you say?

So finding porn in manga?  Fat chance bro, fat chance.  It's like finding gold by the roadside and I am telling you, chances are close to nil.

Then, he mentioned about getting porn mangas from online since it's an easy source.  Bro, there is also such a thing call the 'category search'.  If you just log into any of the main free online reading manga website, the ones on the front page are always titles like Naruto or Bleach or One Piece and is most of the time devoid of any pornography material at all.  You want anime porn, you gotta search it in the category call hentai.

Some of the websites don't even contain hentai.

So if you do come across this titles, you have obviously used the search button to actively look for it.  So who are you blaming now?  Dude, we are all netizens.  We know how to use the internetz, prolly much more than you do anyways.  So don't you go around and kid about something like this because sadly bro, you are doing it wrong.

Above I have also translated some of the comments by other people for the pure fun of it, so that those of you who doesn't understand Malay can have fun knowing what this guy did and what others  think of him.

Like seriously dude.  Come up with better things to write man.  Even my post of me getting a new hair colour is probably much more interesting than yours.  Pft.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Definition of Troll from Google:


  1. A mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.
  2. The action of trolling for fish.
Fish by trailing a baited line along behind a boat: "we trolled formackerel".

Definition of Troll (internet) from Wikipedia:

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[3]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[4] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

So, which troll are you?

The ugly green one?  Or the one with the pea size brain?  Or maybe, you are both.  Ugly green pea size brain person.

They are one of the most hated person on the Internet because they are the perfect being.  They see fault in everyone else but theirs.

Every other person on the Earth (which is roughly 7 billion people) are wrong.  They are dumb.  No one else can think the way they do and say the things they say.   Well that's because you are the only one with the pea size brain apparently.

I absolute hate hate hate and hate them.  They make my blood boils.  They think they are all so smart and witty.  It's not because I am afraid of 'butt hurt much' situation but they just get on my nerves.  Especially in games.  With lots of other people.  Why can't they just cooperate when it's their turn?  Instead, they 'troll'.  They are just wasting every one elses' time except theirs.

I would love to say I don't care about them but that's merely most of the times.  There are of course times where I really wish I knew which idiot is behind the other side of the screen so that I can strangle that person.

So, are you a troll?  Do you like being a troll?  Why?  Let me know.

Come on baby.  I'm waiting.

Is it Asian Eyes or Just Mine?

It's always, always, ALWAYS the case whenever someone is trying to take a picture of me.  They will take my picture (group photo, passport photo and even during my IC picture), after they take they will say 'Hey mish didn't open her eyes!' or they would ask me to open my eyes BEFORE taking the pictures.

                                                            __  __

BUT WHAT THEY SEE IS THIS -> = u =  (extra stroke for the eye brows)

HAROO, IS IT BECAUSE I AM A ASIAN? (being Chinese in particular) or... IS IT JUST ...... me?

I refuse to believe it's the second reason.  Absolutely refusing to believe that.  NOT BUYING THAT!

It happened to me many, many times like since forever.  And it just happened again few hours ago  Lol I have no hard feelings for those who says that to me but I should really consider getting a double eye lid surgery huh?

Then I could finally look like this >D

#1  Picture(s) credits to my Godbrother who magically painted this picture for me when I requested him to do so, even when he is overseas >D  Under 10 minutes!  Wow what, he named those pictures Michuhasnoaiiz.  THANK YOU BROTHER.  YES, I get the point!

You know, I've tried opening my eyes real big and my friends who saw that told me to never do it again.  I think.. I am just not suited with big eyes ;_;

I had a nick name last time.  Remember when Naruto was the in thing at one moment and there's this skill call 'Byakugan' ?  'Gan' basically mean eyes in Japanese.  My friends called me 'Chisaigan' for many months.  'Chisai' stands for exceptionally small.  I've translated the last word for you so that you can put 1 and 1 together pft.

Some of them even went to the extent and asked me:  Are you able to see when you are laughing?   I don't know, judge for yourself.

#2 Photo credits to my talented photographer, JY Photography.  You can contact her via the page <3  And that's Mayyie who's next to me <3

The real answer is:  90% of the time I can see even when I am laughing.  10% of the time when I am laughing really hard, yes I can't see.  Happy?

Come on, it's not because I really have small eyes, I merely have larger cheeks that gives the illusion I have smaller eyes because, because- er, because erm, because... I think I need to get myself an eyeliner.  And some Youtube tutorials on making eyes look bigger.


Maybe I should start taking advice from this guy here.  I mean he looks so much better than me D:  Flawless skin and awesome make up skill.  I should totally go for the Korean look.

# Video 1 Super cute looking guy in the video is Ivan Lam.  Visit his page to look for more of his (future) videos!

Well, I am not sure if it works or not but I am pretty sure this is counted as 'got eyes' alright?

#3 So obviously GOT eyes loh

This was taken this evening at my balcony, so no cheating :D SEE, GOT EYES!

<3  Tonight I will be able to go to bed and sleep soundly because I have convinced the world that I've. Got.  Eyes!

Never be in denial.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Have You Experienced This Before?

I don't understand some people and why they behave the way they do.  Have you ever encounter this type of people?  Most of the time they are not some random 'person' but often it is from someone from your friend list.

Scenario 1

Weirdo 1 has been in the same class as I am for 5 years and we even hang out together at times - go shopping, catch a movie and Weirdo 1 is very friendly and warm.  Then there was this one day when I saw her at a mall and she acted as though she didn't know me or didn't see me when I was walking towards her.  One of her overused tactic was to look into her handbag and rummage through her things as though a blackhole had suddenly appeared inside her handbag and sucked up whatever she was looking for.  At first I thought she was just really searching for something but after numerous accounts and also what other friends told me, I realized she was just 'avoiding' me at that very moment and the following week when I see her again she will be as friendly as ever - coming over to hug you and all.  I don't understand why she does or maybe it's the "It's not you, it's me" thing where I am so embarrassing to be acknowledge in the eyes of public that she has to avoid me.  I don't know.

#1  Do I really embarrass you that much that you gotta run and pretend that you don't know me???!


#2  Hmm.

Well maybe she has a point.  Oh well, moving on :D

Scenario 2

This happened to one of my friend, Roses* who has been working with this assignment mate for few assignments and recently when she saw Weirdo 2 coming out from the mini mart, all Roses* wanted was to wave hi at her but Weirdo 2 avoided her gaze, crosses the road to the other side of the lane and after that person walks pass her, Weirdo 2 crosses the road and comes back into the row of shops again.  I am not joking.  She did it so deliberately that it's quite unbelievable.  Funny even.  Roses* never declare the path that she's walking on was her grandfathers' road and that Weirdo 2 have to give a right of way to Jessica*.  Or Roses'* not telling me something.  She is secretly Moses and she parts people out of the way when she walks.  


Scenario 3

Assignment mate again but this time it happened to me.  We had some beef going on because she wasn't performing well and I was just acting based on the orders given by our leader and that I have to monitor her work.  Its not like I want to give her a hard time or trying to act big on my own.  The fact is if I don't do it, I am gonna get screwed for not performing my 'duties'.  The 2nd day after the 'monitoring' work started, this mate can just walk pass me without so much of a blink or a nod.  She reminds me of Professor Snape but walks around in a dress instead of a robe.

I mean what the fart?  If there was something that I actively did to offend you or get you into trouble and you are angry with me, that I can understand but this is just making sure you perform for your own benefit and also for the benefit of the group as a whole and you are giving me this A-hole attitude.  Thanks but you can keep this attitude very much to yourself because you are going into that hole way faster than me. I hope you fall and you are buried so deep that no efforts can be done to dig you up :D.  Just kidding, not that vicious.  I do think you can change your attitude and treat your assignments more seriously as it affects yourself the most at the end of the day.  We are merely there to help and if you think you do not need our help, you either buck up to the standard that we need or  leave the group.

Have you ever experienced this?


Are you guilty of doing this? >D

And no, I do not walk around with that kind of face around town.


Peace out <3