Friday, 31 August 2012

Singapore #3 Part II

Part 2 of the Food Posts is here!  I am actually posting the food according to day #1, #2 and #3 of my Singapore trip.  Sorry that I had to split the posts but I don't want you guys to miss any pictures so hence the multiple post.  If you have read my previous post here, you would've known we spent our second day in Universal Studio so here it is, all the food pictures that we've taken from Universal Studio Singapore <3

Early in the morning, we woke up to the smell and the sight of the wonderful bakery at the hotel lobby really does challenge ones' will to control their appetite especially for a bread person like me. 

#1  Bread, Bread and More Bread

#2  Me and the Beautiful Beautiful Banana Crossaint with my awesome He No He No Mo He Ji Ms Paint drawing <3

#3 What we had, noms!

#4 See who I actually found! Don't he reminds you of "Mini-Me" from Austin Powers? Hahahahahahahahaa, sorry but I had to take a sneaky shot of this man and share it with you!

#5  Lunch in Universal Studio Singapore <3

#6  Mini Salami Pizza!!

#7  Pastries and Cakes will be my downfall T_T


#9  Sesame Street Cupcakes: How can they make such wonderful creations??  /dies

#10 I want to bring everything back home!  Dies from diabetes or obese hahaahahha

#11 Godma saw me and godbrother staring at all the cupcakes and finally she bought this Cookie Ice cream for us to share!  Check out the expression:  "I am going to bite into you as soon as this photo is taken! Bite! Bite! Bite!"

#12  After Universal Studio Singapore that day, we went back and swam at the rooftop pool of our hotel and the view is just *whistles*~  It's honestly a dream came true, no exaggeration. 

#13  After dinner, we went for a stroll in the mall and I was ogling over this pair of Adidas shoe and Godbro suggested that I do a silly post like this but I have to say, it turned out pretty convincing!  Didn't buy of course, where could I wear it to (lies)? Pft!

Well, that's it for post #2!  Not too long and not too many pictures to kill your bandwidth <3

So long! (no pun intended lol)

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  1. Be honest, you did buy some of those shoes... did you? :D