Monday, 31 December 2012

Intertwined and Separated Paths

A friend recently pointed out to me on numerous occasion that he feels awkward and sad that his childhood friend is no longer a close friend of his and all that they do nowadays is to play a game or two of League of Legend or Diablo 3.  He asked me if there's something wrong with him which is why his friend is 'abandoning' him.  What do you think?

Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with him OR his friend because as he had mentioned, that friend of his is a CHILDHOOD friend, like 20 years back?  As we all grow up, our habits, preferences and likes changes and differs and that is how we get to know new friends, one that fits into our new common interest.  When each of you have your own particular interests, it is only natural that the gap between your childhood friend and you drifts further apart.

I am pretty sure this happened to almost everyone and you can think of at least one close childhood friend whom you are no longer in contact now except having that friend on your Facebook list (or not).

Lets look at this in the perspective of a tree.  Yes, I mean a real tree, lol.  Or a MS Paint version >.>

Our paths might be intertwined 20 years back and this is the part where the tree trunk forms.  It goes on for few years until perhaps, one of us changes school.  Changes State.  Studying different courses.  Our paths starts to branch out from that small limited tree branch and our paths becomes separated but at the same time, our paths crosses and becomes intertwined with another person's path instead through a mutual friend or new classes and all.

Say of all the new 100 intertwined paths that you met during University, 2 stays while the other 98 eventually leaves you after everyone graduates  and each pursue their own ambition.  Some even got married.  A few actually passed away and that line of connection just cuts off permanently right there with no hope of reconnecting, except many years later when it is your own time to go.

And that my readers, sums up what life is all about.  Every single person that you meet in your life comes and go.  Some stays for a longer period of time, some for a shorter period.

What I do suggest is, treasure each moment and after the person is gone from your life, do not fret.  Be happy that you are given the opportunity to meet that person and have some precious memories with them.  Always look back and think of the good times that you guys had together, like late night football match or playing Ragnarok Online in a group until the wee hours of the morning.

If not, don't look back at all.  Look forward and think of the wonderful people that might come by that you might never know exist.  Every new day is an array of opportunity of surprises to do something new and meet someone new.

Have a good New Year ahead of you.  Meet lots of good people and if one of them so happen to be for keeps, don't miss out on that opportunity.


Dedicated to:  Beardless Chin

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