Monday, 10 December 2012

Crazy Weekend!

I am feeling SOOOO guilty for not blogging for the past few days.  I keep telling myself that I will do it RIGHT NOW but RIGHT NOW apparently equals to 4 days? Lol, I am NOT PROUD of myself for my procrastination!

My week has been crazy in a GOOD way <3 I've watched Rise of the Guardian THREE times (hint:  Might be watching a fourth time), once in 3D >D  I am so glad that I've gotten the opportunity to watch it in 3D!  Now I am wishing to be able to watch it in IMAX 3D instead but I am not complaining since I've watched it in 3D already <3

Why the craze?  Though I am TWEN- though I am a 'young adult' now, I am still and forevermore young at heart!! I love all this fairy tales or fables or whatever you call them and I am simply just absolutely in love with SANDMAN <3  He is my absolutely new lover >D

He is cute.  Adorable.  Witty.  Strong.  Shiny and sparkly.  Lol, short and round >D  All things round are cute undeniably.  Other than Rise of the Guardian, I've watched Life of Pi too, but now we are contemplating to watch it in 3D as well because Ang Lee won an award for creating the best 3D movie effect for bringing it to the next new level!  All good things must be shared so after I watch it in 3D I will let you know whether it's worth it for YOU to go watch it in 3D as well <3

The craziest thing that happened this week (actually last, since today's a Monday :D) happened on Saturday.  I was in our local bookstore and I saw 'Casual Vacancy' by J.K. Rowling going for RM 29.90 from far away so I literally hopped and skipped my way to the aisle selling it and picked it up but boy I was disappointed, it was in Chinese T_T

I am not proud to say that though I am Chinese, I can't read Chinese so I naturally have to put that book down and just as I did so, 3 employees was walking towards my direction so I approached them and asked if they have Casual Vacancy in English.  One of them happily told me YES and ask me to follow her.

Conversations then started to flow.   (Note:  I thought she's a Eurasian because she does look like one with her complexion and accent so I panicked for no reason whatsoever <.>)

Her:  So, you like Harry Potter?
Me:   YES, what about you?
Her:   YES I love Harry Potter too!
Me:    Is Casual Vacancy for the English version going for RM 29.90 too?
Her:   I wish!  I was so excited when I saw the 29 bucks one but the English version is still selling for 69.90!
Me:   (Broken hearted ;_;)
Her:   So, do you know Pottermore?
Me:   (*eyes sparkles*) YES I DO!  Note:  If you are big enough of a Harry Potter fan, you WILL know about Pottermore >D

She immediately gave me her Pottermore account and asked for mine.  Sadly (and disgracing) I can't remember my Pottermore account but nonetheless conversations bloomed into more conversations and Godbrother joined in the fun too!

So, J.K. Rowling leads to Pottermore leads to Hunger Games leads to Facebook leads to LOTR and as though all this isn't crazy enough, WE SHARE THE SAME BIRTH DATE OKAY!

Tell me about coincidences O.O

And I found it all in a local bookstore.

On a random Saturday.

At a random employee walking pass by.

Can you contemplate how crazy is that?

 (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/  Flipping table since 2006, just because I can <3

Gonna update more post (I PROMISE TO DO SO) in one or two days! <3