Tuesday, 18 December 2012

True Story: A Boy's Pride and His Teacher

Today, mommie shared with me a true story and she simply asked my favour to share it with all of you.

#1  My illustration dedicated to the boy and teacher

'I taught the afternoon session class in an elementary school in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.  I've noticed that one of my student comes late every single day without fail and he comes to school wearing stained and dirty school uniform and shoes.  Every time I asked him about his shoes and uniform, he merely keeps quiet to himself so I did not pursue further regarding his attire that day.

However, there's a limit to my patience.  I could not pave way to tolerate the dirty state of his school uniform and shoes.  I started first by giving him advice that students ought to come to school looking neat and clean and he just nodded silently.  

I gave him a warning the next day and the day after that but it seems that he is not paying heed to what I said.  After the third warning I have no choice but to eat my own words.  I had to cane him and he just silently and willingly let me caned him and still no words came from him except the tears that was flowing silently down his cheeks.

The next day, he was still late and looking all dirty and messy so  I caned him again that day.  It went on and on and each time he is late, I cane him and he just answer my cane stroke by strokel with his silent tears.  One day, I decided that this could not go on and I wanted to know why did he come to school late every single day and looking all dirty.  After finding out his house address from the school, I located his house and hid at a corner facing his house.  Surprisingly, his house is actually not too far away from school.  His house is in a very shady state.

I saw my student standing right in front of his house looking very restless and standing beside him was a lady that could only be his mother looking just as restless.  At around 1.30 p.m., a boy was running as fast as his legs could take him heading towards the house and whilst running, he was taking off his school uniform at the same time.  

When he reached the house, he took of his shoe and passed it to my student who slipped his feet in and started running towards the direction of the school before he could properly finish wearing his school uniform.

I went back to school filled with sorrow and regrets.  I called the boy to see me and apologized to him with tears brimming in my eyes.  I told him that I saw what just happened from afar and asked him who was the one who was running towards him and gave him the uniform.  

He was astounded and looked at me with a indescribable expression of both pained and surprised.  He opened his mouth for the first time and told me that the other boy was his older brother.  They had to share one school uniform and shoe because they could not afford to buy another pair.  

I asked him why didn't he tell me the truth from the start and instead let me caned him for the past few times.  He told me that their mother taught them to never beg or ask sympathy from others.  If their teacher decides to cane them, so be it.  

At that time, I didn't realized that I was already on my knees and hugging my student tightly in my arms and apologizing profusely while breaking down in his arms.

That incident has woken me up and taught me a lesson.  From that day onward, I try to help him as much as I could.'

#2  A close up version

I think this is one touching story and it shows how some of the people or kids has guts and pride that even a grown up man can't have.

I honestly salute the kid, his brother and their mother from the bottom of my heart for their courage and pride and I think this is one of those stories that can be shared around.

Above translation is done by me.
Original story is found here.


  1. This is a very touching story. It shows that no matter who we are, poor or rich, we got to live with dignity. Thanks for sharing this true story with us. :)

  2. I have to thank YOU for reading. Please share it with your love ones, friends and family that dignity does not lie with money but true pride <3

    Thank you for reading!

  3. Ahh... such a sad story.. I agree with the Anon above!! You should always walk with heads up and live with dignity.