Saturday, 22 December 2012

Misunderstood Mayans or Trolling Mayans

Dear Diary,

Today is the 22nd of December 2012.  Once again, I've been lied to.  The lesson here is:  never to trust what people say.  Especially what is said 2,000 years ago.

MAYANS!  PFT!  YOU LIED!!!!!!!!! TO the WHOLE WORLD!  How could you do this?!

Lol, just kidding.

It's a relief knowing that yesterday wasn't the end of the World though a small part of me was a bit let down.  I woke up and the first thing I did was to run to the balcony and looked down on the roads and cars. 

No car alarms ringing.  Good sign.  Clear weather.  Another good sign.  Finally, people walking around normally and not limping or looking green and dead.  Awesome, time to hit the bath and start my day.

Of course before the 21st, even when I said I do not believe that the World will end, there's no harm in doing a few things which I would be sorry if I did not do and the World DID come to an end by any chance:

1.  Telling both my parents that I love them so much.
2.  Telling them tips on survival so that we could meet again one day.
3.  Stashing up some food and water.
4.  Coming up with survival plans and what to wear if I am to go on the run.
5.  Lay my freaking hands on that iPhone 5.
6.  Getting laid.   (Un)Fortunately, there was no random guy around to carry on this wish.  

Lol, just kidding.  (The pink font was just some fantasy of mine that if I ever write a diary, it will be a girly diary full of flowers, ponies and everything pink)

Joke aside, I went home early and stayed in my room the whole night both on Friday and Saturday just so that I would not be caught in any crazy commotions (if any).  Feasted like a King on Friday lunch (when it was announced that end of the World is postponed to 2 p.m.) in case if that is our last meal (courtesy thanks to my Godparents <3).

When evening came and still no sign of apocalypse, we feast once more to celebrate Winter Solstice <3  Went home, played a bit of Pottermore, chat or Skype with my love ones and then go to bed and I greeted Saturday by snoozing on my alarm clock 3 freaking times.

So, what about the overly acclaimed accurate Prophecy?  What has gone wrong?

Have we




Yes, that's my MS Paint skill once more!  \o/  Okay, that is really because I absolutely have no idea how to work other drawing programs and MS Paint is the easiest of them all.  ;_;

According to reports, link here, there was a serious flaw when the Mayans calculate and the REAL (yet again) end of the World is supposed to be on 2015 and not 2012.

My mom spoke the true words of wisdom:  "I've heard all this apocalypse thing ever since I was young but each time, it appears only to be a false alarm".  Why words of wisdom?  She is over half a century old, faced xx times apocalypse rumour and still she gave birth to a big fat baby (i.e. me) and I am nearly a quarter of Century.  Oh goat, so old (meeehh).

Still, we are all going to leave this Earth one day, whether ceremoniously or unceremoniously so why the big fuss over this one date?  I keep thinking of it as a marketing scheme and some overly populated rumour made by businessman or we just need something more interesting in our lives every decade or so.  The Y2K, the End of the World.  Good franchise ideas for movie producers.  

Now we will spend the next 3 years watching End of the World 2, The 3 years after Tomorrow (doesn't make sense but /shrug) and endless titles, until the next apocalypse.

Good news is guys, we all get to go on with our boring lives.  Bad news?  Not sure if there are any.   We will simply have to wait until the next hurdle come so in the mean while, take it as a motivation to push you towards your goal and keep thinking that you only have the next 3 years to do it.  Be it your career, relationship, building a small empire in your bank, travelling, health, physical appearance, strive to reach a new height.

Good luck guys.

Thank you, the people of Mayan .  We owe you one.


  1. To be honest all this Mayan drama was rather annoying than scary or funny.
    I'm glad it's finally over.

    Can't wait for the new end-of-the-world or apocalypse movies :D

    See you again in 2015 I guess? lol