Monday, 3 December 2012

Book Reading: Drug Addict Level

Past few days (or week) I was going through a 'Blog-Block'.  I took the term from 'Art-Block' which means during these period of time, one couldn't get any inspiration to draw or come up with anything creative (for artists) and for me, I couldn't come up with anything to blog or even if I do come up with anything at all, I did not have the mood to blog.

Blogging or drawing, anything that requires that creative part of your brain is a bish.  They come and go as they like.  You could get brilliant inspiration from when you are showering or about to sleep and they run smoothly like that water tap but at times, it's blocked beyond words and you can just get absolutely NOTHING from it no matter how hard you try.

I am glad that that part of my brain is slightly unblocked today, so here goes!

Do you love to read books?  I do, but I dare not pick up a book unless I am really 'asking for it'.

Why would I say that?  The title of this post is self explanatory of what kind of person I am when I pick up a book to read.  I become SUPERBLY ADDICTED to it.

As long as I pick up a book and read around 5 to 10 pages into it, I CAN-NOT put that damn book down for the next hours or days until I finish reading it.  I am serious o.o

I don't think it's a kind of sickness but I do think it's a kind of addiction.  Book makes me addicted like drugs.  I can't eat, I can't sleep and I can't even talk to other people (like answering a phone call) or even forgetting to go to the toilet when I am in a book frenzy.

People says I read fast but I do not think that's the case.  I simply must finish that book or I become absolutely dysfunctional in my daily life until that damn book is finished so I usually finish a book (normal 300+ pages book) in a day or two.

I remembered when Harry Potter's 4th book came out.  That time it was few days before my Public Examination and I was just burying my nose in some magical broom flying kid with a scar book rather than my exam subjects book.  You have no idea how my mom looked at me that time. It was full with contempt and disappointment but all her yelling and warnings fell to deaf ears because I finished that book in record time:  8 hours.  No toilet breaks, no food absolutely nothing. My eyes felt so violated after that lol and I couldn't read even a single page of the subjects that I am supposed to study for my exam.

That was a long time ago and lets not dig up old stories >D  As you all can remember (or if you don't), I went on a book shopping spree last few months and you can see the amount of books I bought here <3  That is really a book record breaking shopping.

My latest addiction is John Grisham's book.  I've heard great reviews about him but I've never bought or read a single book from him until last week when I had to survive a sleepless night in the airport (which you can read here <3) , I picked this book to accompany me.  It was a good, depressing book and I must say, I like his book.

My all time favourite author is still Sidney Sheldon and second in line would be Pearl S. Buck.  Third place goes to J.K. Rowling and at Fourth currently, John Grisham shall sit there <3



  1. You can't even go to the toilet when you read a book? Does that mean... wait nvm. What about just reading it on the toilet? :D

    Quite frankly, to you it may be compared to a drug addiction, but I really envy you for that ability.
    Whenever I start reading books, I forget what happened what I just read 5 pages ago.
    Really wish to read a few of those books too at some point.

    Anyways, what about reading the Game of Thrones books? Would like to see your feedback on those!

    1. Of course I do read it when I am in the toilet. That is actually one of my favourite 'camping' place >D

      I think everyone starts out with that problem but after a book or two, you won't even notice that problem anymore.

      The key is to never stop trying :D