Monday, 19 November 2012



Yes all in Caps Lock.  Check out the excitement >.>

Well can't be help cause cause CAUSE, I GOT MY NEW CAR!  OH THE THRILL!!

I am so tempted to say (scumbag) Mommie didn't pick up the phone when I called her so I called my friend to tell him (I mean, I've got to channel all that excitement out before I explode right?!) and he says I sounded so happy because I GUESS I AM!! I believe I was even giggling at some point >.> Mad hysteric woman. 

I was almost going to jump and all when the Uncle who does my car transaction calls me in the evening to tell me my car 'is ready' and I have to drive to xx location to pick my car up.  I was praying so hard on the way and telling myself not to 'step on it' but I honestly can't wait to reach the destination!  I even honked at a car in front of me because he was taking ages to move >.>  Sorry car, I normally aren't that impatient.  You just chose the wrong day to be slow ;_;

Well my new car is such a BEAUTY (no pun intended.  Listening to "Beauty and the Beast" RIGHT now) and his name is :  PADDINGTON JR. II  lawl!!  I have been thinking of the name for my new car and this is it!  This is also an honour to my old car, Paddington <3

It was so exciting driving in my new car because not only everything is brand new, it just felt so awesome that the aircond is finally cold and there is a freaking RADIO.  Well the radio in Paddington was stolen before I had possession of him and I absolutely love music so you can imagine the excitement when I on the radio and it's playing one of my recently crazed song:  Katy Perry's Wide Awake.

The title of the blog is call Surprise to Myself because it wasn't confirmed if I will get my car this week or next week since the past two alternate days was a Public Holiday and there's the loan and insurance issue but fast forward everything, Uncle managed to help me get my car today!  With a good tint >D

In other words, everything is perfect.  Today is really a perfect day.  And I get to eat homecook dinner with my Godfamily and hijacking my Godbrother's iPad to blog about this right now >D

In my excitement to go meet my newborn (car), I just put on the first thing that I could lay my hands on and drove all the way to meet Uncle and it is only later then I realize what I was wearing <3

Hahaha befitting day to wear a Nyan Cat T-shirt huh?  I guess I do feel like I am pooping rainbows right now <3  PERHAPS!  My dream is trying to hint me that I will get my car today cause I dreamt of a near-to-rainbow Meadow lol >.>  Okay I am reading too much here.  Just too happy.  Pretty hard to contain it all in.  Must let it seep out a bit here and there =P

I can't believe I will ever use this sentence but.. WHY ARE ALL THE OTHER CARS DRIVING SO SLOW!  LOL, I promise I wasn't speeding, just that the car accelerate much faster than old Paddington <3

Okay, see you peeps soon! <3  /cuddles carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrararararara