Monday, 19 November 2012



Yes all in Caps Lock.  Check out the excitement >.>

Well can't be help cause cause CAUSE, I GOT MY NEW CAR!  OH THE THRILL!!

I am so tempted to say (scumbag) Mommie didn't pick up the phone when I called her so I called my friend to tell him (I mean, I've got to channel all that excitement out before I explode right?!) and he says I sounded so happy because I GUESS I AM!! I believe I was even giggling at some point >.> Mad hysteric woman. 

I was almost going to jump and all when the Uncle who does my car transaction calls me in the evening to tell me my car 'is ready' and I have to drive to xx location to pick my car up.  I was praying so hard on the way and telling myself not to 'step on it' but I honestly can't wait to reach the destination!  I even honked at a car in front of me because he was taking ages to move >.>  Sorry car, I normally aren't that impatient.  You just chose the wrong day to be slow ;_;

Well my new car is such a BEAUTY (no pun intended.  Listening to "Beauty and the Beast" RIGHT now) and his name is :  PADDINGTON JR. II  lawl!!  I have been thinking of the name for my new car and this is it!  This is also an honour to my old car, Paddington <3

It was so exciting driving in my new car because not only everything is brand new, it just felt so awesome that the aircond is finally cold and there is a freaking RADIO.  Well the radio in Paddington was stolen before I had possession of him and I absolutely love music so you can imagine the excitement when I on the radio and it's playing one of my recently crazed song:  Katy Perry's Wide Awake.

The title of the blog is call Surprise to Myself because it wasn't confirmed if I will get my car this week or next week since the past two alternate days was a Public Holiday and there's the loan and insurance issue but fast forward everything, Uncle managed to help me get my car today!  With a good tint >D

In other words, everything is perfect.  Today is really a perfect day.  And I get to eat homecook dinner with my Godfamily and hijacking my Godbrother's iPad to blog about this right now >D

In my excitement to go meet my newborn (car), I just put on the first thing that I could lay my hands on and drove all the way to meet Uncle and it is only later then I realize what I was wearing <3

Hahaha befitting day to wear a Nyan Cat T-shirt huh?  I guess I do feel like I am pooping rainbows right now <3  PERHAPS!  My dream is trying to hint me that I will get my car today cause I dreamt of a near-to-rainbow Meadow lol >.>  Okay I am reading too much here.  Just too happy.  Pretty hard to contain it all in.  Must let it seep out a bit here and there =P

I can't believe I will ever use this sentence but.. WHY ARE ALL THE OTHER CARS DRIVING SO SLOW!  LOL, I promise I wasn't speeding, just that the car accelerate much faster than old Paddington <3

Okay, see you peeps soon! <3  /cuddles carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrararararara


  1. Wow, this post is full of joy, no doubt.
    Congrats on your new car, you've been waiting so long :D I'm really happy for you!

    Go try out the new radio later... does it support usb sticks? And what about hooking up a phone with it so you can talk freely while driving?

    1. Hahaha thanks! I LOVE the radio, abusing it every single moment I am in the car :D It does support USB sticks but it's a bit faulty so I gotta get it fixed I think. There is also a bluetooth connector for handset but I have not gotten around to full with that yet :D

  2. 4 Needless to say, I can see how much love you have for Paddington! Haha! You even named your new car Paddington Jr.! By the way, speeding won’t do you any good. So, always be in control of your speed! Drive safely!

    1. Yep! I solemnly promise that I shall not speed! =P We shall all treasure our own live and also others who are sharing the same road as us! :D

  3. Oh yes! Having a new car is so thrilling and exciting! I really think of it as one of the best things I could have in my life! :)) So, how’s driving so far? I hope that you haven’t been involved in any accident. Keep safe!

    1. Just last week I saw a minor dent on the front of my car and I nearly went ballistic T_T I have no idea who did it!! One whole (small) piece of paint and iron got scraped off D: So heartbroken T_T But all in all Paddington Jr. is still safe so thank goodness for that ._.