Monday, 27 August 2012

Singapore #2

Behold guys, this is the continuous of Singapore #1 of my Singapore trip so get ready for more photos less words in this post =P

I am going to arrange the pictures in chronological order as per the Theme Park's Order so that you can know what to expect when you go there :D  Well, just a small advice:  Bring ENOUGH money cause there are just so many nice things to buy ;_;  Especially the Pyramid shop.  Just goggle over the shirts, the key chains, the jewellery boxes and well, lots of things :D  For guys you might want to spend your money in the Transformers shop or even Jurassic Park souvenir shop <3

Here comes Universal Studio Singapore! <3

#1  Universal Studio Store Greets Your First Sight!

#2  Betty Boop's Stall!  This is the Junction that leads you to the first theme park stop or it could also signal the end of your tour for that day <3

#3 Surprise!! Betty Boop in flesh <3

#4  First Stop:  Who knows whose hut is this?? Answer issssssssssssss SHREK!!

#5  This is how it actually looks like between Shrek's Land and Jurassic Park :D

#6 Full View

 There are lots of rides and the one I really recommend would be the 4D movie of Shrek.  It's really fun cause you will be rocking on a horse, getting splashed by water fall waters spiders crawling over your leg and all this happen just with you sitting on a chair and a pair of 3D glasses!

#7  Inside of the Shrek 4D souvenir shop!  See how pretty the decorations are! <3

#8  The Entrance to a Shrek Theme Cafe <3

#9  Next Stop:  The Famous Jurassic Park!  They even had the Jurassic Park Theme song playing in the background and you could hear a bit of dinasaur roaring as you stroll along the park :D

#10  If you are not careful you might get eaten by a hiding T-Rex ;_;

#11  A Splendid Replica of the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III

#12  HWUAH! 2 Hardworking Anubis doing Morning Squats :D Jk lol

#13 See the Size of the Anubis.  HUMONGOUS!

#14  Idiotic Person :D

#15  Muscular Ancient Egyptian Man :D

#16  I want to go to Egypt one day.

#17  The Futuristic Park

#18  You can take pictures with humanoids parading down the street :D

#19  See what I found inside the Futuristic Souvenir Shop ;_________;  Hotness Overload

#20  Transformers Stop

#21 Transformers, The Ride

Guys:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO FOR THE TRANSFORMERS 4D RIDE.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's worth it.  It's really really worth it.  Just go.  No questions ask.  JUST GO!

#22 Optimus Prime

#23  Some symbols for you to decipher while waiting for your ride

#24  Godbro Trying to Prove that He Is (not) Superman

#25  Roman Carvings

#26  Hollywood Street - The Museum Library

#27 See Who Else Came to the Party! Sesame Street!!


#29  Working hard over here!

#30  Brother got banged!


 #32  Last picture of the day:  Me getting choked by Frankenstein.  I know I look funny but that's because I was trying to smile but Frankenstein was really choking me.  No joke, pressure around my neck hence that weird expression.  Try smiling while someone strangles you and you will probably look like this too :D

This mark the end of the Universal Studio Singapore trip but not the end of my Singapore Trip post! Wait for the last one, which will all be on foooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!



  1. Last pic was the funniest :D More!

    Looking forward to post #3!

    1. D: That's the worst picture of the entire collection! Well, strangle yourself and look into the mirror. I presume your expressoin should be somewhat similar :D