Friday, 10 August 2012

Duck - Brace

Do I mean Duck Brace or Duck Face?

Actually, I meant both.  2 in 1, what's worst than this? I don't know, I will let YOU decide!

Before getting my braces, I've been reading all sorts of articles but not one of them so far tells me that having braces actually makes you more prone to making a duck face whether you know it or not!

BEHOLD, the secret is out!!

The rationale behind this is when there's a layer of object places along the outer layer of your upper teeth, be it a chewing gum or a strip of bacon that for some reason you would like to place it there, it hinders your mouth movement and actually makes it easier to cringe your lips or to purse them and when you are pursing your lips or pouting, whoa-la!  It makes you look like you are doing a duck face cause your lips WILL seem puffer than usual (cause of the layer of object stacked below).

There's actually 3 reasons for doing it (actively knowing and not knowing).

Not knowingly doing a duck face:  At first I didn't realize I was doing it till one of the day I looked into the mirror while typing (my mirror is hung beside me) and I was like O.O WHY AM I DOING A DUCK FACE!  It was only after that then I realized that I 'pursed' my lips or 'puffed' it up to avoid my inner lips from touching the braces as it cuts my lips thus ulcer thus pain.

Knowingly doing it:  NOT BY CHOICE even if I am actively doing it.  Reason:  Look at the pictures below :D

#1:  Natural smile.  But you can see all my braces so it becomes a geeky smile.

#2.  Supposedly natural smile :  I was just doing a normal smile with my mouth close but this evil metals are peeking from corners and gaps from my lips!

 #3.  Behold.  Stupid duck face / pursed lips face.  Well, you already know the rationale behind this duck face but that doesn't justify me doing it.  Mental note to self: DO NOT purse your lips!

#4.  For the lulz.  Enough said.  Or seen in this case.  *pukes*  It's a good thing I didn't had seaweed.

Well the third reason for pursing my lips was because I didn't want to let my lips be parted or looks like it's open when I am sitting and doing normal daily routine.  It does feel good to actually part your mouth once in a while to escape the friction between the braces and your lips but I didn't want to make it a habit of leaving my mouth open so I make an effort to purse my lips.

So for all of you who wants to get braces in the future, add this to one of your 'omigosh I am so happy" list or "Crap, now I quack" list.

Have fun!


  1. Oh, the duck face! I actually find people cute doing that. Haha. Don’t be surprised, it’s just your natural reflexes working. By doing the duck face, you keep your lips from constantly rubbing with the metal whenever you’re talking or eating. And no exceptions, you’re cute at it! :D

    1. Thanks Cody! :D Lol I think you are the ONLY one who thinks Duck face + braces is cute and that is really nice of you <3 How are you today?

  2. i think your duck face is really cute plus you have nice lips too