Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Back! And with Updates from January's Japan Trip!

Well guys,

Sorry for being away for so long and not having anything scheduled to be auto posted but I don't believe in scheduled post.  I believe in writing in the present so that I could express exactly how I feel at this very moment and via this way, you can then truly understand my real time thoughts and actions.

I've tried scheduling some post before and they just somehow loses its 'feel' which is why at certain day, I would post more than 1 post because I am just so eager to share what I saw at that very moment with all of you.

As you know (or you might not), I was away for a short family vacation in Japan for the past 1 and a half week and this would also explain why I reply to all your Facebook birthday wishes late as I just got back yesterday morning at 6 a.m. and I only have the energy to look at Facebook this very evening (should totally use this excuse to get a smart device like iPhone or iPad so that I can at least connect to the outside world when overseas =P).

For those of you who has not been to Japan or wishes to do so, I would say do it!  You might say it's expensive but that's purely because you booked via a tour agency or you want to travel via MAS Airline.  Of course everyone would prefer to travel via MAS Airline cause they give you first class service, meal and luggage weight provided but not all can afford that sort of exorbitant air ticket price.

So for those of you who are like me and don't mind sitting at a stiff chair for 7 hours, AirAsia is your best travelling airline.  Yes you might have to pay for your meal or luggage but hey, comparing the prices, it's very much worth it.  For my trip this round, I paid RM 600 for RETURN tickets, including 1 meal and 30 kg luggage.  That's cheaper than my Chinese New Year tickets back to my home town to be honest.

This isn't my first trip to Japan though, first trip was in January this year during Chinese New Year.  Instead of spending it back at my hometown as I did for the past xx years, we decided to spend it in Japan instead and guess what, IT SNOWED!  Well I was just simply wishing, hoping that it will snow when we go since it's winter but my dad says it hasn't snowed in Tokyo for the past 6 to 7 years but what do you know!  My luck has proven him wrong because of all the days, it snowed on the very very first day of Chinese New Year!   Imagine the excitement!  Me and mommie were jumping around like kids whereas daddie calls us 'baka' (idiot) hahaha because we have both never seen snow before in our entire life!

Right, enough of words and lets have some pictures update!  All these pictures are dated back to January this year <3

We landed in Kansai Airport, Osaka instead of Narita Airport, Haneda Tokyo because that time Air Asia has not open its route to Tokyo yet.  Not complaining since I get to go here.

Osaka's famous Golden Pavillion.

I even got comments like "Did you photoshop yourself into that picture?"  Nope, I did not.

Yes I've carved my name and date so that I can remember it forever when I look at this picture <3  Who wouldn't!

And when in Japan, do as the Japanese does!  Go to Tokyo Disneyland!!

Entrance <3  The entire flower was covered with snow, yet the flowers are still blooming so prettily!

Walt Disney and Cinderella's castle behind <3  I look more like le mommie or le daddie?

Closer picture of the castle!

The Garden for Alice in Wonderland <3  Japanese people are so good at cultivating flowers ;_;

A scene from the Night Parade :D  It's GENIE!  MAKE A WISH!  HURRY!  (I wish for another million wishes)

Some of the nicest merchandise that they sell in Disneyland.  It's just so beautiful!

When in Japan, another MUST visit place would be

MOUNT FUJI!  Some more covered in snow! <3

See the amount of Snow?  AND MOUNT FUJI BEHIND?

Made Japanese Rabbit Snow.  Had to take off my glove while making this.  I swear I thought my fingers would've dropped off one by one T_T

Mount Fuji is right next to the Japan Safari Park so we visited the park too!  It does not require you to walk or charter any special cars.  All you need to do is pay for the entrance and they will open the huge gate that allows you to drive your car slowly along the tar road and all the animals are not caged but separated by automated gates depending on their species.  Remember, no winding down your window!

Is this a white llama?


They even allow you to feed this small kangaroo lookalike thing :D  They are super friendly and they will just come to you and gives you this expression of 'feed me! feed me!"

After that you can take a picture like this, which is right beside the kangaroo's cage <3

Horse riding!  Or more like Pony riding lol!

 Japanese kids are seriously without a doubt the cutest kid ever T_T I want to just bring them all back!

Well with all that snow, we definitely need something to keep us warm so we had lunch at the Safari Park!

Super yummylicious boiling hot Ramen and the Seaweed is edible!

 I forgot what it's called already but inside it's beef stew!

 See?!  Boiling hot beef stew with super fragrant crispy bread on top.  Oh I so want one right now.

This is one of the Safari Park's specialty!  Special Lion - Egg rice!  I realized one thing, whatever they display on their menu, the food comes looking exactly that unlike Malaysian food.  Blergh.

Well that's the end of my January Japan trip, and I posted it because I went to very different places this time and I just want to share as much as possible with all of you!  If you are interested in going to any of the places or you want to ask about the entrance fees or stuff like that, just drop me a mail and I will reply asap!

Winter is really nice to look at but it's not really a fun time to go because even after wearing a layer of long john, cashmere jumper, long jacket and a wind resistant jacket + gloves and beanie, the wind still manage to seeps through all this clothing and makes your skin crawl.

When you walk around and inhale in the cold air, your nose hurts.  Imagine getting a headache from breathing too much cold air but if you are a person who loves or can live with this cold weather, you would definitely love winter <3

I've never craved Malaysia's sunlight more than ever during my 9 days stay in Japan that time.  I finally got why Caucasians would fly to Malaysia to get sun tanned.  I always find that as one of the most ridiculous things to do in life but I take that allllllllll back now.

Good night guys!  Stay on for more updates and new posts! <3


 Me trying to eat those pretty snow.

Obviously an idiot >.>

Have fun!  See you guys soon!

P/s:  I miss my long hair ;_;