Monday, 20 August 2012

abNORMAL Sunday Haul

My friends and I went up to KL today and this is how we spent our day <3

First stop:  KLCC for Book Fest Malaysia which will be going on from 18th August 2012 till 26th August 2012 and this are our hauls >D

This picture is taken AFTER filtering out books that we don't want and we still end up with 2 overflowing baskets of books:  (There's 59 books in total.  YES, it's FIFTY-NINE books for only 3 people)

 #1  Baskets of Books after filtering 

 #2 Amount of books me and my god brother bought.  Friend left with his bunch of books and I didn't get a chance to take a picture but altogether there's 9 huge plastic bag of books :D

 #3 The Two Towers of Books

#4  See how long it goes?  From one end to the other!!

#5  Titles of the Books that I Bought

After the book fest, we had High Tea at TWG 1837, Pavillion <3

 #6  Scones and Macarons <3  

The scones are the BEST scone ever topped with the best cream and tea jelly !!  The Macarons are really good and not as sweet as the rest of the Macarons that I've tasted before.  It's not powdery and it does not crack into a thousand pieces when we try to bite it or break it into half.

#7 Some Salad topped with a huge slice of Buttered Foie Gras and Prawn together with some really good toast to go with it <3

#8  View of the Salad from another Angle

#9  Own Reflection on the Gold Teapot!

#10  The Whole Sandwich Set together with 2 Mocktails and 2 Teas

Mocktails:  Pink Beauty and Dulcet Rose

Teas:        The Grand Wedding and Jasmine Tea

#11  Singapore something cake =P

Well, end of this week's haul! <3  Have a great Hari Raya 2012!


  1. Mich, we had high tea at TWG today too! Had the best darjeeling rose tea ever! Next time we go together!!

  2. Bookworm freaks... Should have at least bought Game of Thrones like I told you :D

    The food looks epic as usual, /jelly

    1. Lol I told you, Terry bought the entire set cause it was on sale :D We can just swap books! SCONES ARE SO GOOD ;_;

  3. Well what are you waiting for, send me some scones and make sure they are still declicious when they arrive :D