Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Today Is the Perfect 24 Hours

Today my time is really well spent.

There are times when I tell myself that 24 hours in a day is not enough (and that would be the time when I am in Japan >D) and most of the time, I wish that the day is made of less than 24 hours.  Then I can spend lesser time working and doing anything at all.

Today, I find that 24 hours is just enough.  My well spent 24 hours.

Morning and afternoon, I've got work as usual but so many things happened in between.  I got my car steering wheel fixed (some part of it chipped off on the very day I got Paddington (my car) and since its still under warranty, I get to change it for free! <3).  

Then Godparents came to fetch me FROM WORK to their place to HAVE LUNCH because of the above.  I've got no transport till around 1500 Hour so Godparents offered to pick me up ;_;  So so so very nice of them ;_;

Boss offered to buy us lunch this coming Friday.

I had an enjoyable dinner and movie date with my Godbrother's family + 2 aunts.

I found out that I am able to eat ALMOST EVERYTHING just 3 days after getting my lower braces fixed!! Amazing <.>  I don't know if it's the sheer determination of wanting to eat or just that my dentist is really professional <3

We watched Life of Pi.  By now I think needless to say, most of you would have know it's an adaption movie from a novel written by Yann Martel BUT what most of you don't know is, the book has been out for over 10 years (my Godbrother has been telling me this over and over again so YES, it's been OVER 10 YEARS!).  All of you who thinks this is a new in thing and keeps quoting things from Life of Pi the movie, LAME!  <3

Though you might not know / care, the director of this movie is Ang Lee, the person who directed  "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon".  As clueless as you are, I bet you must have heard of this.  Godparents thinks he is a very suitable director choice for this movie because of the nature of the story.

Godbrother's review:  The movie did the book justice.  The only parts missing are the extremely brutal part, which might not be suitable for audience purposes.

I am not going to spoil the story of Life of Pi here for you because I hate spoilers like you (I think) but I've known the summary of the story even before I watched the movie.  I think it's very rare for you to watch a movie where the Director absolutely did not mess with the important story line of a novel and just bring it out in its entirety from words to a motion moving picture.

All I can say is it's a good movie.  Well worth of the move ticket money.

After the movie date, I got an unexpected call from a friend saying that he is hungry and he wants someone to accompany him for dinner.  Of all the places, we went to McDonalds JUST when Godbrother and I was telling each other we should go and buy McDonald's Happy Meal Set just for the Rise of the Guardian toy like 3 hours earlier!

But I was super disappointed cause my friend didn't order the Happy Meal Set T_T  BUT as a surprise, he got me a toy! O.O  He says it was a gift from the set meal that he ordered but later told he it's just a small token he bought so HERE IT IS!  

Can you believe that this is actually MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER from Rise of the Guardian?!  It's THE SANDMAN and he is just SUPERBLY ADORABLE to the max and and, today's the LAST day to get him!! /hops around  THANK YOU FRIEND, for getting me this <3

When I was in McDonalds' and sitting there waiting for my friend to come with his food, there was a McDonald cleaning lady who are in her early twenties I would say and she was just wiping the table in front of me and glanced up at me because I was the only one sitting at that corner.  I caught her looking my direction and smiled at her.  

She immediately responded with a huge smile and keeps smiling at me.  I did not know what to do so I continued to smile back lol.  Then she started making sign languages at me while moving her lips but no voice came out.  It was then I realized that she's a deaf and mute person ._.  She is a very pretty young woman and I was touched when I realized that she was telling me that my hair is very nice because she keeps pointing to my hair and making some curly movements with thumbs up.

I feel like kicking myself for not knowing how to say thank you in sign language at that moment of time and I could only mouth the words 'thank you'.  She attempted to struck more conversation but truth be told, I really couldn't understand her T_T

Once again, I am really thankful to be born normal.  I might not be as good looking as her but I am born with the ability to speak, see, hear and have all fully functioning limbs.

Well, enough of sob stories.

I then reached home all beaten up and tired and just when I am about to shower, I found a little uninvited guest in the toilet.

It's a giant moth and guess where it's at?  RIGHT at the water tap where all my facial cleanser, tooth paste are situated >.>  You might not believe this but it has worked for me numerous times on different encounter such as against cockroaches in toilets.

What I do is I calmly SPEAK (yes, speak out loud) to them telling them not to disturb me and that if they leave me alone, I will leave them alone too.  I told the moth exactly that and guess what, for the entire time after I finish showering, it lied there quietly and after I finish showering and after I came back with my camera to take a picture of it as proof, it starts flying around everywhere.

You might think I am crazy but it really works lol.  Even with cockroaches or baby cockroaches so I guess that's one reason why I am not afraid of cockroaches.

After that just before bed, I am on Skype with my love ones and blogging about this.

This is one rare 24 hours of a normal working day really well spent. 

There, giant moth and water tap >D  You believe me now! <3

Good night guys, dead tired <3


  1. Hi Mish! I recently watched "The Rise of the Guardians" and I also loved The Sandman, he's so cute yet so powerful.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and noticing that I haven't been writing new blogs. I'm fine, having my medical check-ups was taking most of my time, hopefully I'll be back to writing soon, Merry Christmas too!
    Imee <3

    1. I hope you will be back soon and also in time for Christmas! <3

  2. "All of you who thinks this is a new in thing and keeps quoting things from Life of Pi the movie, LAME! <3"

    This comment. Made my day. xDDD

  3. Love, love, love the Sandman. Believe in what is good always. Don't let anyone steal that away from you.

    1. Thank you so much! I SUPER LOVE the Sandman too because he is just so funny, witty and expressive! Ah that face when he took the teeth from Santa and Bunny! LOL <3 He is the most adorable 'thing' that I've ever seen!