Thursday, 13 December 2012

Called a Radio Station This Morning

And my call actually got through.



That was my face this morning when the DJ picked up  my phone LOL.  I need to express myself in MS Paint because words could not describe how I felt.

I mean, most of the time, I don't have the guts to call the MIX FM (Radio station) and when I do call for some CD prizes and stuff like that, my calls never get through so when I DID get through today, LOL I was flabbergasted.  I think I might even panicked a little because it was so UNPLANNED!

This particular Radio channel always have this few minutes of "XX is looking for an advise on his/her situation" and callers usually call in to give their opinion or advise and I usually don't listen to it because it's not really my cup of tea, solving other people's problem or offering them advice because I don't think I am good at that BUT, this morning the situation was particularly interesting. At least for me that is and below is the excerpt taken from MIX FM's Facebook page regarding the 'situation' and you can even go onto their Facebook page to leave them a comment as to what YOU think!

Daniel’s been with his girl friend for about 1.5 years and things are going great and they are both doing well financially. They both had a chat one weekend and he said that if things get better and if all goes well they could eventually take things to another level. Weeks later they both attended dinner with both his and her parents. He excused himself during dinner to the loo and that’s when her parents asked his girlfriend about their relationship and she said they were getting married soon. When he got back to the table, he was shocked when they all congratulated him so he just played along because he didn’t want to ruin dinner. So how does he get out of this awkward situation?

Lol, I mean that's a pretty funny situation for me to listen to first thing in the morning.  My first thought was, if he is serious about that lady and they are at the right age with all the right circumstances, then why not.  I mean who wouldn't want to marry your Miss Right BUT (so many butts today)  if Daniel is shocked and 'wants to get out of this awkward situation' he obviously should set things right, which is to man up and speak his mind.

I mean even though divorce rate is high, one still should not take marriage lightly, at least for me that is.  You can only marry that one person when you are really sure he/she is the right one.  Right one here does not mean the 'perfect being' but is simply someone whom you can live your life with for many years to come.

If you are having second doubt and even thirds when you look at your current partner and think whether or not you guys can live together for a very long time in the future, it is best said that it's high time you start looking for someone else or you could stay single but again, this are just my personal thoughts.

Be a man, do the right thing is what I would love to say to men who dare not own up or spit it out when wanting a break up.  Ladies, be true to yourself and don't play the damsel in distress card too often because it's plain sickening.  I believe every couple should be honest with each other.  Be true to your heart (music plays  )! 

These are strictly not a piece of advise but rather some random personal thoughts :D  Don't hold it against me!   (music plays  )  Anyways, this morning was funny.  After the DJ got my name, he actually asked me twice:  So how YOUNG are you?  Like twice.  I was like I AM XX OKAY, I MAY SOUND YOUNG BUT I AM OLD (there are just times when you HAVE to admit that you are oldER >.>).  He went silent for like half a second on the other end and laughed.  DAMN, YES I HAVE SQUEAKY VOICE, DON'T JUDGE ME QQ

I think he didn't really believed me so he asked what's my current job status and whether or not I am married bla bla bla.  I think it's because of the 'topic' that they were discussing and they don't want to broadcast what a silly teenage girl might say to this so they want to make sure I am a qualified 'adult' to comment on this.   PFT.  ANYWAYS, THAT aside, I CALLED A RADIO STATION AND THE CALL GOT THROUGH, YIPEE!

It's nothing big or anything of that sort but it's just the small things in life that makes me happy <3  Try it out for yourself one fine day and hopefully when you do, I happen to be listening to the radio <3

Have a good day folks <3



  2. I can totally imagine you with that facial expression.

    Congrats on getting through with the phone call lol, too bad you didn't win a million or something :<

    Gotta agree with the "being open" stuff though, hiding stuff and just asking to make the other person annoying is just stupid.