Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tokyo DisneySea!

Blogging right next to a huge glass of milk and cookies is the life.  Well, a fattening one.  So don't do this at home unless you are trying to gain weight *pops cookie in mouth*

Disclaimer:  i.  Lots and LOTS of pictures because Disney is just THAT awesome.
                  ii.  Non of the pictures below are edited or photoshopped because Disney is just                                                        
                    THAT awesome.


Okay, let's start!  

Not much surprise here :D  Since I've already hinted that the next post will be Tokyo DisneySea in my Ghibli Museum post =P

The day that we went to Disney Sea couldn't be better because can you believe it?  It's actually shinning really brightly on the day we went! In fact, a bit too warm.  I swear I've gotten a tan after that day but it's all worth it <3

Something funny happened that morning though.  My parents told me and Godbrother to get ready by 7 sharp so that we can beat the working class people at the railway station, if not we are bound to be squeezed and juiced until absolute flatness in the train.

We woke up at 6 a.m. (sun rise is at 5.30 a.m.) and by 7 we are dressed and eaten our breakfast.  We sat there trying to wake up and by 7.30 a.m., my parents haven't call for us so we decided to go over to their room.  We knocked and when my mom opened the door, we saw that she is still dressed in P-Y-J-A-M-A-S!  We were like MOMMIEEEEEEEEEEE!! DADDIEE!! I THOUGHT YOU SAID S-E-V-E-N!!

They've done it.  They've woke up late ONCE in their life time and I am going to make them remember it for LIFE.  Most awesome threat ever!  It's like whenever they say something I will be like "Remember that timeeeeee!!!" LOL. 

Well anyways, after all the hustle and all, we are finally THERE.  At the station at least >.>  Since mommie and daddie got ready in a rush, they didn't really had breakfast so we ate at one of the two available shops in the station and ta-da!  Breakfast is served <3

#1  Yummy and Healthy Breakfast, no?


#3  Being an idiot outside the Entrance =P

#4 AND, We are IN!!

#5  So Halloween-ish!  The amount of effort they put to decorate the place is just so touching T^T

#6  Hehehe

#7  Well, bunch of guys in semi-meido (maid) costume, how can I resist to not take a picture? >D

#8  When in Disney, blend in!  I know I am a bit too old for all this cuteness but I just couldn't say no when daddie offered to buy me one.  So yes, in all the pictures below, it will be me wearing something funny on top of my head.  In my defense, it's totally cute and a normal thing to do when you are inside Disneyland/DisneySea.

#9  Ended up with this one.  Something simple yet cute.  Something that I like :D

Well, before you continue from this point on, let it be known that Disney Sea is very different from Disney Land.  Disney Land has more fun rides, more classic Disney cartoons that we grew up to but Disney Sea is more of a sight seeing,, have fun with your family or especially for couples to go because it's more of a feast your eyes thing rather than joy rides.  

Another very interesting thing about Disney Sea is the impressive architecture along the way when you explore deeper and deeper because they've divided the place into several themes such as 20,000 Leagues under the Sea where you can see a Golden Submarine, or Volcano to replica the Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Olden English Houses and many more!  

So, less words, more pictures starting NOW!

#10  Look at the BACKGROUNDD!! Even the camera choose to not focus on me but the background instead >.>

#11 See!! A photo that I took!  Pro right!! Just kidding.  Must be like one of those 1 in a million shot that turns out alright >.>

#12  I don't know what I was doing so I decided to gif it =P

#13 You are NEVER too old when in Disney!  Look at both of my parents! Hahahahaha <3

#14  One of the rides that we went on!  Actually, we went on almost all the rides but if I am to put in all the pictures from Disney Sea, it would be over 300.  So let's keep it to the bare minimum alright?

#15  Okay, I can't stop staring at her because she is just so perfect.  Perfect hair.  Perfect body. Perfect height.  Perfect dressing.  I WANT TO BRING ALL JAPANESE GIRLS HOME T^T



#18  Well, when daddie saw this ice cream truck, he couldn't resist and got one =P "Like father like daughter" To have a closer look of the ice cream, look at the picture below >D

#19  CUTE RIGHT!  



#22  And here we are!  At the Pirate of the Caribbean section! This is one of the ship and there's actually a live action Captain Jack Sparrow walking around but too many girls are flooding him so I decided to not join in but now that I think back, WHAT WAS I THINKING!  I should have took a picture with him!! Good job brain, good job.

#23  This place is quite beautiful as it really has those ancient pirate-ish architecture to this section.

#24 Never too old.  

#25  Tee-hee-hee.  Awesome family photo <3

#26  Ohiohio, light house!  And here we are!  At the Olden English houses <3  I love the architecture here but mommie finds it too old and not to her taste.  Talk about being young at heart >D


#28  Bro hated me for this picture.  He says "WHY YOU SO ASIAN! WHY PEACE SIGN!  WHY!"

#29  Beautiful beautiful house <3

#30  A quick snapshot of the special performance by the lake <3  It's pretty epic :o  Ended with fireworks and all.  They really put their heart into performing to make us visitors feel so welcomed  and warm!

#31  HAHAHA, AGRABAH!  Aladdin <3  Sorry but I had to be Indian here.

#32 OKAY stop right here!  Check out this cute cup that I am holding onto.  Do you know what it is?  SALT ICE CREAM.  I am NOT kidding you!!  This ice cream is super creamy and the after taste is a little bit salty but it's super good!  A MUST TRY when you are in Disney Sea!!  I kid you not!

#33 Closer view!

#34  The two best thing in life:  Food and Vacation.  Lolol


#36  Little Aladdin!  Japanese parents super love to dress their children up!  You see little Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, and Captain Jack Sparrow everywhere!  I do wonder where they got this costumes though :O  Maybe it's sold in Disney itself or it's custom made.  I have no idea. Wait.  DID you see what is the kid holding in his hand?!  A freaking smart phone.  Kid, I am still using button phone.  What's happening to the world? T_T

#37  Little Princess Jasmine asking for directions <3


#39  The view is breath taking right?  Remember, ALL this pictures are NOT photoshopped or filtered in anyway at all.  It's the original pictures straight from my brother or my camera <3

#40  Beloved Mommie <3



#43  Well, Day have to give way to Night and here Night is but fret not.  Even at night, they still have awesome decorations and super halloween themed!  Here I manage to take a picture of a cute Japanese guy =P

#44  Lol I saw one of the worker sweeping the floor and after he left, a few kids gathered around the leaves so I went over to have a peep and this is what I found!  This Japanese people are so damn adorable and creative lol.

All good things have to come to an end so on our way out, we stopped by few of the shops to look at more Disney merchandise =P




See you soon people! <3