Saturday, 10 November 2012

Qweekly Updates!

This weeks things has been going up and down, at least my health that is.

*Had a bad sore throat and cough.

*Suffered from major migraine, twice in a week.

*Had nose bleed for the first time in my life.

*iPhone 5 nowhere in sight.

*Watched Skyfall.

*Broke (or so I thought) my glasses.

* iPod is still under repair.

Wooh, talk about having a roller coaster ride in life for a week.

Whatever it is, all bad things will come to an end and the good things will take it's role from there.  Let's hope whatever bad things it is, it ends with this week alone and let me enjoy the festive season coming next week and month!

Yesterday, I accidentally dropped my glasses and when it hit the floor, I saw something white-ish flew.  When I stoop over to pick my glasses up, I realized one lens is missing from it's frame.  So the thing that flashes by was actually my lens lol.   Well thank goodness I manage to attach it back to it's frame if not I would've cried my eyeballs out cause the specs ain't cheap and now is not the time spend any extra cash!

Major sales is at every corner starting from yesterday.  Hands itching to just go out there and splurge but thank goodness my brains' not being a scumbag and encouraging me to go shopping.  (To be honest, it's simply because I am too lazy to drive downtown to squeeze with half of Malaccans at the mall.  BUT, if anyone is willing to drive me downtown, I would happily go shopping with you! <3.  Shame on me.)

I just came back from vacation, links here, here and here =P  But I am still craving for more vacations to come!  I know what I should do.  Instead of making a bucket list or 2013 resolutions, I should make a list of places that I would love to visit soon >D  Anyone wants to join me for such trip? <3

Anyways, have you guys thought of what you want to do for the next one month of your life?  For all you know, end of the world is coming and 20th December 2012 is the last day for Earth.

NAHHHHH, that's a hell lot of tosh.

I do NOT believe that 2012 is the end of the World because it just can't happen.  I am just starting to enjoy life as an adult.  At least let me shoulder some responsibility as an adult before end of the World comes  (Truth is I just want to go travel and if the Earth is destroyed, how am I suppose to travel!)

There are simply TOO MANY things that I have not done in life.  You know what?  I WILL make a bucket list over the course of next few days just to remind myself how much I should enjoy life before this life ends!  I mean, everyone have an average of 85 years to live and I've already used up a quarter of my 'battery!'.  Better not waste time so gentleman, start your engine.

Speaking of this, the other day, I saw something funny (and scary) on 9gag >D

This is just simply mind blowing.  And scary!  Imagine having to study all over again.  Like, ALL.OVER.AGAIN.

Noooooes, worst dream ever! Lol.

See you guys soon <3  Hope I get better :D

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  1. Lol, I wonder if some day in the future they will actually be able to tell when the world is ending? Like in XX days.. wonder what it'd feel like for humanity (I guess I should say end of humanity and not end of the world).

    Anyways, I've also made a list for things that I want to do in the near future instead of a "2013 resolution-list". Many things on that list include visiting the places you've been to since they really interest me as well. Hope I won't have to go alone though :O I'll see until then.

    How was Skyfall for you? Heard it wasn't as good as any of previous Bond movies before.

    Get well soon and stop being sick! It's no fun :D