Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mind Blowing Videos

Like what my title suggested, all the videos below are super mind blowing lol.  Some in a good way, some in a not so good way.  All this videos are introduced to me by my Godbrother or our mutual friends which leads me to think:  WHAT AM I DOING WITH ALL THIS PEOPLE?!  They are NOT normal at all!  I mean, which normal people would watch this videos?!  (millions <.> cause each of this videos has more than a million views lol)

Lets (always) start off with the good mind blowing one!  Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while and this guy are just doing it for you to laugh!  Warning:  You are gonna laugh no matter how hard you try not to because they are THAT entertaining <3

Here we go!

The first video would be by Maskettafall <3

FUNNY RIGHT?!  LOL!  Especially for those of you who knows the song.  That part when he strained his HAAA to reach that pitch is so funny lolol <3

The SECOND video, is SUPERBLY mind blowing.  Out of the World.  Mind you, it's somewhat 18sx, though nothing is revealed (I believe.) but watch it with care!  Don't get eye cancer over this! <3

This second video is by Duck Sauce/ We are big beat  lol

SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?!  Are you mind blown?  I was.  I mean I still am.  Lol I wonder what are the things that went through all this people's mind when creating videos like this lol.   Awesomeness level x 9000!


Hope you guys have as much laugh as I did.  See you soon <3

P/s:  There is absolutely nothing wrong with me.  There's merely something wrong with my friends.  Nuffsaid.