Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Festive Season is Here!

Halloween just past and Christmas is coming up.  Then Boxing day. Then New Year. Chinese New Year.  Valentines Day.  White valentines.  I find that we are living in a world where there are lots of happy celebrations going about, especially during the end of the year.  It feels like things just couldn't get any better.  There's vacation.  There's nice weather.  There's nice decoration everywhere.  I generally think people are nicer during end of the year too =P

All the preparation, all the anticipation and all the shopping (key word? >D)!!!!  Partially kidding.  I find end of the year, especially November coming to December my favourite months out of the entire year, other than my birth month of course.

Maybe which is why this is known as the 'festive season' because it certainly is once festive ending and another starting for few months non stop!

As you can see from above, I am those who will be extra happy during this season because I simply find it so happy, warm from the heart, fun, charming - basically all the nicest word that I can think of to describe my mood and how I view my surrounding.

If you are living in a country where it's cold or snowy during this months, for me, I find that as an additional awesome factor because you get to set up Christmas trees, dress the part, have huge roasted turkeys not to mention all the gathering with friends and family and last but not least, the presents!  Unless of course if you are a Jew or an unbeliever.

I am not a believer but I am a 'celebrator'.  I celebrate anything nice and fun :D  And colourful.

But that's me.  I've got someone telling me they actually dislike festive season IF they are single and they would actually feel a certain kind of hollow or emptiness when such season arrives and when they see couples on the street or in the mall having a good time, they actually feel bitter about it.

For me, it doesn't affect me whether I am single or in a relationship during this seasons.  I have to admit of course it's more fun having a partner to do it with but perhaps it's because I grew up in the 'only child' situation, I think I might have adapted to the solitude or solitary life.  It's okay if I am alone, I am still happy.  Happier if there is someone to roam around or shop during this festive season together.  Would be super happy if I could do this with my family.

But, there are always two sides to a story.  While I might adapt to solitary life, others might thirst for a companion during this season.

So how about you?  Do you envy those couples that you see down that street when you yourself is walking alone?  Or do you wish them a happy ending from the bottom of your heart?

Happy holidays guys <3

#1 Me in my super colourful Mickey Mouse t-shirt and red pants to go with it.  Walking Christmas tree yo lolol <3

Season greetings from,

P/s:  Yeah, I draw horribly.  But I tried >D  <3


  1. "you get to set up Christmas trees, dress the part, have huge roasted turkeys"

    Can I do all at once? 8D Dress as a Christmas tree that's roasting a huge turkey???

    1. I honestly wish I am in a cold country and experiencing mild winter now :D Then I really GET to dress the part and EAT like one ;_;

  2. I actually live in a country where it's cold as hell during winter (or most other seasons too, anyways).
    It is a nice feeling actually, it feels like winter should be: COLD and sometimes SNOWY.
    We don't usually buy real christmas trees though, it's easier and cheaper to buy fake trees :D

    I do envy other coupleps when I see them though, not such a nice feeling to celebrate it without a partner. Hard to believe there are people who like to be alone then. Maybe it's in defiance? Who knows...