Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Be Thankful for Being Able to Read This

If you are reading this right now, be thankful.

No, not to God, okay if you are a Believer (NOT BelieBer) then yes, be thankful to God and also your parents/yourself (whichever one it is) because this is proof that you are currently sitting in a sheltered place, have a laptop/computer with internet connection to go online to, or some of you who are reading this via your mobile phone, be thankful once more because you own a smart phone!

Be thankful, because you own all this gadgets.  Be thankful that you have a fully functional computer/laptop instead of worrying when the next meal is.

Be thankful that you have an education or job waiting ahead of you tomorrow instead of worrying where that bullet is hitting who next.

Be thankful that you are doing your own laundry instead of not having proper clothing during a cold winter or a pair of sandals to walk on that scorching hot ground.

Many a time ALL of us open our ungrateful mouth to swear or complain about something such as the hot weather or traffic jam and we forgot that we are simply trap in the comfort of our car with air cond and radio to accompany us.

We forgot that while we go on and on about how God is unfair for not giving us a better body or a better face, our boss is unfair for not giving me the bonus that I think I deserve, money is simply not enough, not enough to go shopping, not enough to own another smartphone or SSD card, not enough camera lenses, not enough this that left right up down, we just simply forget that at certain part of the world, poverty is at large.

People are dying of hunger by the hour.  People are getting hit, shot, abused and murdered as the clock ticks away.  Kids are being enslaved to work inhuman hours at factory fixing up all those smart, sleek gadget that we hold comfortably in our pockets protected by a screen protector and a phone bumper.  Kids being used as sex slaves.  Drug traffickers.  Beggars, where they amputate kids limbs just so they can beg on the street.

I am sorry, this post isn't suppose to be depressing or anything of that sort.  I am just saying, we should be VERY thankful, that we are born normal.  With a normal functioning brain, limbs, organs, speech and eye sight.  We do not have to have a spectacular brain like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron.  We do not have to have a one-of-a-kind voice like Celine Dion or limbs like Michael Phelps.

I am thankful every single day that I have a family that loves me, an extra God-Family that loves me.  My friends that loves me.  My bosses.  My colleagues.  Even strangers on the road who sometimes smile back at me when I smile at them.  I love every single one of them. And I am thankful for having them in my life.

Of course at times they annoy the crap out of me, including my dearest ones but apart from that and bills that are going to be due, I realized that my life is already quite complete in some ways.  I've finished my education.  I've found a job.  I have a circle of close people whom I know I can always turn to for help.

I don't have to constantly worry about how many hours would I have to go without food till the next meal comes.  I don't have to constantly worry about getting woken up in the middle of the night due to some bombing or gun-shooting sound going right outside that thin wall that is sheltering me.   I don't have to constantly worry about not having a bed to sleep for the night.

I have transport.  I have shelter.  I have food.  I have love.  This are all the necessities that I need.  Things that I need, and I have it all already.  Things that I want, that's a very long list to go, but those are not things that I need and I can live just right without them.  Having them is like getting an extra bonus.  Not having them, it doesn't affect me much.

Imagine not having enough layers of clothing to go through that horrible winter that is coming.  Or not having enough water to drink during the drought.  I don't even want to imagine that because it's just too horrible.

We even have the luxury to go travelling at some point of our time.  We did not end up being maids to others (because if you are, you won't be reading this).  We did not end up being handicapped and is challenged by everyday life.

We are born just normal.  And I am thankful of it.  So should you.  Take a small little peace time and be just thankful for existing on this Earth and being surrounded by all that you beautiful things and people that you have now instead of being somewhere else at this very moment and constantly living in fear.

Be thankful, for being able to read this.  (Amen)


  1. Actually, we might get to experience this in a few weeks' time ;u; the only thing now is to wait, and hope it doesn't happen.

    1. I sincerely hope I have my iPhone 5 before this happens. ;_;

  2. I should start being grateful and thankful for what I have as well... sometimes people just take what they have for granted without thinking behind the scenes.

    Also, what in the world is a BelieBer? :P

    1. Do you honestly NOT know or are you pulling my leg? >D YES, BE GRATEFUL, BE VERY GRATEFUL! I mean THANKFUL!