Friday, 16 November 2012

My Colourful Dream

Last night I had a funny and unexpected dream.  I dreamt that I met the celebrated Michelle Phan (Youtube Make Up Artist and Entrepreneur)  and her boyfriend, Dominique Capraro in flesh lol.  We were just chilling and laughing away but in my dream, Dominique doesn't look as good as his pictures lol >.>  Well it's a dream after all.

After that, the scene shifted to Japan where I was there with my parents and Godbrother.  It was Autumn.  I guess it's because I am still wishing that I visited Japan during Autumn and I've missed Autumn by just a month!  It would be awesome if I am in Tokyo right now ;_; So phail!  BUT, I am not complaining <3

BUT, it would have been awesome.  BUT, argh.  I should stop.

Anyways!  Lol, we were walking around and saw all this awesome Autumn leaves in every colour!  Yes, I mean every colour >.>  We were at this meadow and the meadow was lathered with the brightest red, yellow, green, BLUE and purple leaves and it was just so beautiful.  I remember I was so being myself in my dream because I was jumping and running around and pointing at all the colours to my family to the extend it annoys them cause they were like "YEAH, I see them TOO!".  It even occurred to me as to why are there even blue leaves when I was in my dream.  Throw logic out of the window Mish.  It's a dream.

And I was trying so hard to get a good picture but I didn't have my camera with me (impossibru!) and I am only left with my faithful Blackberry.  Unfortunately, faithful Blackberry is being a traitor because it refuse to take the pictures in its original colour!!

All those green, red, blue and purple leaves just appear as brown in my phone screen and I was cursing under my breath and wishing that I have my camera there instead but there's nothing I couild do so I dully and disappointingly took like 3 pictures of the 'brown' meadow and telling myself it's just the sunlight.  The sunlight is messing up with my screen colour and after I reach home, the pictures will just turn out alright.


Lolol <3  Well, that's the best that I could do with an MS Paint and a mouse.  Believe me, it's soooooooo much more prettier in my head but uh, not everyone is that gifted with drawing anyways.  So, here it is <3

And I vaguely remember there was the subway, the food and all of us chilling together in the room.   It was a nice dream.  Thanks brain.  But brain, I wish you would have equipped me with my camera or at least not let my Blackberry screw up.  =P

If only one could select their dreams like selecting their set menu in Mcdonalds <3  I want this, this and this.  I want to be this, this and this and the setting should be like this, this and this.  Asking for too much? =P  Perhaps I should try to get into lucid dreaming because then you can control your dreams :D

Interesting right?  Brain, should we try?

Brain:  I have no idea what you are talking about.  *Gives nightmare*

Me:  OKAY OKAY, I AM SORRY!  Anything but nightmare!

-  The End  -