Friday, 23 November 2012

Quickly Updates!

Today will be a very, very long day.


Because I have to catch a midnight train to the airport after work and sit there till my flight which is in the wee hours in the  morning >.>

Things that I wish I can do:

1.  Bring my laptop, so that I can go online and browse stuff or chat.
2.  Bring my iPod, so that I can do the same thing as 1. without the dead weight.
3.  Take a later bus which is nearer to my flight time.
4.  Change my flight to leave a day earlier.

What I finally decide:

1.  Bring a book.

AHH, so different from my initial plan but I am really not willing to carry my laptop just for a 2 days trip!  It's so heavy and this time I didn't add on luggage check in because I thought it would be a 2 days one night trip so I will have to hand carry everything.  Besides, I totally killed my iPod.

Oh, why and where am I going for this trip?  It's actually for my cousin's wedding <3 The first in the family from my dad's side!  OF COURSE have to make a trip back to my hometown SPECIALLY for this wedding <3

I will upload pictures and details of the weddings after I am back but before that, a short preview of my 'wedding nails'!  <3  I am not the one getting married so I shall not be hammered for choosing such odd coloured nails <.> It looks like a fun colour at first but now, I think it looks fugly.  Urgh, the downside of not having a nail polish remover >.>

Judge for yourself.

#1  I was trying it out on a piece of paper of all the nail polishes that I have and colour combination lol <.>  Such a nerd.

#2  My SOOTD <3

What's SOOTD?  Well you know OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day right?  SOOTD is something I came up which means SEMI Outfit of the Day >.> This is only happening because I don't have a full body mirror, something which I have been wanting for a VERY LONG TIME.  Which is why I adore any full body mirrors that I see anywhere.  Malls.  Hotels.  My Godbrother's toilet.  Lawl.

See you guys after the wedding and I am looking forward to share it with you!


  1. sorry u too tall, no mirror can capture ur full body! =P

    1. LOL which cousin is this!! Cousin Tan?!

    2. who in the world is cousin tan?!??!?! haha, NOOOO! noobieeee! muax!


  2. your mirror can take a full body outfit also what...ahhh I miss playing with the nail polish in the room with you. hahaha

    1. <3 I have stopped putting nail polish for such a long time!! Ever since you left!! I want those gigantic full body mirror!