Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Walking With Midgets

Today when I was in McDonalds ordering their deliciously delicious Ayam Goreng Mcd, I felt like I wore the wrong thing out today.  I must have put on my dinosaur skin instead of my human skin because everyone is staring at me.   Or should I say 'looking up' to me?

Seriously, what is happening around Melaka?  Has everyone else been shrinking or have I been growing?  I am pretty sure it's the first one because scientifically speaking, I should have stop growing few year back.  95% of them are shorter than me.  Be them male or female.  Male one not thaaaaaaaaaaat bad, I mean they are just slightly shorter.  I swear the females, most of them didn't even reach my shoulder because I deliberately stared and compared.  The remaining 5% are not much taller, maybe around the same height.

I especially like their reaction.  Most of the time, be them guys or girls, what they would do instinctively was to look at my feet after noticing me.  What I believe they were trying to do was to check if I am wearing a 4 inch heels or anything taller.  Do not worry, I always, always and whenever possible will wear flats.  I only own a pair of sandals which is slightly taller, like say 2 inch.  It's nowhere near the description of being a high heel

And I thought East Malaysians are supposed to be the malnutrition ones since most of our earnings comes over to this side of Malaysia anyway.  I look out and all I saw was midget, midget and more midget.

Midget with geeky specs.  Midget with heels (the irony).  Midgets holding their grandson.  They are midgets of all age and both genders.


Short, short and shorter.  I think it's only Melaka.  I hope.  Well, maybe I am a dinosaur descendant breed.  Or I am simply just mish.


  1. Hahaha that's awesome :D
    That's exactly how I'm going to feel when I go visit an asian country in the future.

    How tall are you exactly?

  2. I am definitely one of the midgets. hahaha
    Don't lah like this jiejie...XD