Sunday, 4 November 2012

Comics / Mangas are Pornography Material

According to a reporter anyways.  He claims Comics or in the commonly known Japanese term as "Manga", are filled with pornography materials.

Okay this reporter right here by the name of Mohd Ridzuan Abu Hassan claims in the title of his article that the obsession of reading comic creates an opportunity or cause the tendency to read porn mangas.

This reporter also claim that the absolutely famous manga titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, 3x3 Eyes and GTO are 'famous porn mangas'.

Dude, pea size brain much?


DRAGON BALL?  GORILLA WITH TAILS ARE PORN.  I don't geddit.  Like I really DON'T get it at all.

IF what this reporter claim is the truth, the truth would also be I have been reading porn since the age of 5.  Because I started reading dragon ball then.  But that would be impossible isn't it?  You know why?

Because, Mr Mohd Ridzuan Abu Hassan, there is such thing call the MALAYSIAN CENSORSHIP BOARD.  They freaking censor everything in Mangas that we get in Malaysia, including children manga like Doraemon (Shizuka's bathing scene), Shin Chan (when he takes off his pants) and countless manga titles.  They go to the extend of re-drawing that particular scene.  Porn, you say?

So finding porn in manga?  Fat chance bro, fat chance.  It's like finding gold by the roadside and I am telling you, chances are close to nil.

Then, he mentioned about getting porn mangas from online since it's an easy source.  Bro, there is also such a thing call the 'category search'.  If you just log into any of the main free online reading manga website, the ones on the front page are always titles like Naruto or Bleach or One Piece and is most of the time devoid of any pornography material at all.  You want anime porn, you gotta search it in the category call hentai.

Some of the websites don't even contain hentai.

So if you do come across this titles, you have obviously used the search button to actively look for it.  So who are you blaming now?  Dude, we are all netizens.  We know how to use the internetz, prolly much more than you do anyways.  So don't you go around and kid about something like this because sadly bro, you are doing it wrong.

Above I have also translated some of the comments by other people for the pure fun of it, so that those of you who doesn't understand Malay can have fun knowing what this guy did and what others  think of him.

Like seriously dude.  Come up with better things to write man.  Even my post of me getting a new hair colour is probably much more interesting than yours.  Pft.

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