Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Have You Painted Your Future?

What's your future like?  Do you have any idea?

Are you the type of person who goes with the flow?  Or the type that has your future laid down right in front of you?

Or you are somewhere in between?

I am one of those who are somewhere in between because sometimes it appears so clearly to me where I am going but at times, no matter how hard I try to look, all I can see (or imagine) is a canvas full of abstract painting trying to take shape of something but it couldn't.

At this very point of time, at 2153 p.m. on 6th November 2012, the painting of my future is in abstract.  So many openings.  So many opportunities.  So much uncertainties.  So where do I begin?

There are only 3 clear object in my mind now that I could see myself have in the near future:-

i.  A new car;
ii.  iPhone 5;
iii. Secret :D  (time will reveal everything, don't worry)

As to the rest like my job, my friends, relationships and all, I have no idea where this path is leading to.  Is it leading to a meadow filled with the widest landscape of greens and bright blue sky or is it leading me towards a waterfall?

Or not so dramatic, maybe just a quiet old farm or a suburban city?

Back when I was in primary school, the future seems so certain.  I know I have to get past primary school and enter secondary school.  The time before I enter University, during that brief period, the future at that point of time seems like an endless revolving abstract because I don't know where to go and what course to take.  After my parents decided for me what career I should pursue, for the next 5 years my future seems certain again.

After graduation, it felt like someone has took a bottle of water and mixed all my paint inside it and now my paints are twirling around in the bottle, giving me different mixture of colours all the time.

It's an endless question and an endless quest.  Unlike some people that I know, they have planned their route for maybe the next ten years down the road.

Am I doing it right?  Or am I doing it wrong?

What about you?  What's the painting of your future like?

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