Friday, 2 November 2012

One Act of Kindness - From a Stranger

I can't remember when was the last time I actually receive an act of kindness from a total stranger because it has been that long since anyone has acted kindly without the tiniest bit of hope of reward or something of that sort.

Today, I've received such act of kindness.  Out of nowhere.  I must have done a lot of good this past weeks.  JUST KIDDING.  Don't you roll your eyes on me!

Today, I really needed a car wash very very badly because I needed it for an event tomorrow and  it just drizzled the entire afternoon.  NOT those kind of heavy rain where it actually makes your car clean but those small little tiny drops that leaves the weather warmer than before and also making your car look like it caught on spattergroit.  Brown little tiny spots all over a white car.  How ew is that.

So yes, I needed a car wash super desperately and it was already 7 in the evening.  The ONLY place available would be at xxx place and it costs much more than those automated car wash that you get from Petrol Station.

I parked my car at the car saloon and this one guy just walked up to me after I got down from my car and tell me in the most polite manner ever, telling me that his is very sorry but they can't accept anymore cars because they are very under power at the moment and they have few cars waiting in queue.

I told him I will wait patiently even if it takes 2 hours because, well!  It's an urgent matter so no negotiation! 

Well I obviously lost the negotiation because they really can't do it for me even when I requested for them to not vacuum or wash the insides of my car and I will still pay the full amount.  As my last chance, I asked the guy if he could perhaps, just help spray water over my car without cleaning it or anything just so that the dirt would come off perhaps.

He thought for a while, he says he will do it and ask me to get in the car while he does it.  I was so so so super duper thankful and sat in the car obediently while he rinses my car super quick and when he off his water pump, I got down and he ask me to get back in lol.  He took a piece of soapy clothe and started washing my mirrors and windows o.o  I was so surprised since he is rushing for time but I really appreciated it and after he is done with rinsing and all, I walked down to pay him and you know what, he say it's alright.  It's just a small service he is doing therefore he is not charging.

I. Cannot. Believe. My. Ears.

A stranger, or more like a businessman o.o refusing to accept a small fee after the work that he has done.  And he says good luck for the event tomorrow.


To be honest, I am really touched even though it is one really simple act of spraying water over my car.  Because he did it so sincerely. 

Fyi, it's not that I don't want to wash my own car.  It's rather I don't have the resources to because I live in an apartment where they don't provide water pump or hose or even a proper place to wash your car so you have to do it elsewhere.

When was the last time you met someone that would perform such act of kindness for you without any kind of hope of reward of any sort?

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  1. That sounds pretty awesome from him. Maybe some day you could go back there and give him a small present for being so friendly :D I'm sure he'd never expect that too and will be happily surprised.

    I can't really recall if anything like that happened to me lately though...