Monday, 26 November 2012

Blissful Saturday

Just weeks ago I was complaining to everyone who would listen that half of the people in my Facebook friend list is married or getting married.  Married to some random dude or lady that I have not met.  Married to their own classmates.  Married left.  Married right.  What about me?  This are the times I feel like Carrie from Sex and the City.  Am I going to be like the "Last Single Lady in New York" at the age of forty and still not married, and not even in New York .

I wasn't bitter about it.  More of a peer pressure thing till my mom snap me out of it.  She tell me it's a good time for me to focus in my just-budding career and keep a strong look out till I find the right person.  She "claims" that I am still young.

That aside, I am back!  <3  From the short weekend escape back to my hometown!  The journey ain't sweet at all, that I can tell it to you.

It might sound adventurous to you but to actually go through it, it is a test of my ability to stay awake.  One talent that I have acquired from University life. First of all, I've got to catch a midnight, as in twelve a.m. bus to the Airport.  It is a 2 hour journey, during midnight.  Where you are crammed with 30 other passengers that you don't know of and you can't see 85% of their face.  Not funny.  Even less amusing when you find out there's only 2 other female on the bus.  This is the time where your imagination decides to take on a creative toll and tells you 101 ways of how you could die during this 2 hours.  I can't even fall asleep during this trip and this is the first time that I am not sleeping in a two hours bus trip.

P/s:  Special thanks to my Godparents for sending me to the bus station nearing midnight on a Friday night T_T

Luckily, reality is better than my imagination.  I got to the Airport safely (thank goodness) but then, I am merely at my second stage of the ordeal!  Now, I have to wait for SIX hours before my flight (after a 2 hour bus trip + 7 hours of work)!!!

THIS is how I survived.

A hot cup of cocoa with a tinge of red velvet flavour (not bad imho <3), phone + charger so that I could chat online and finally, a trusted book.  I've finished the book by now because it is that addictive b-but, that book is depressing <.>

Looking stoned.  I think I look more stoned than the Christmas trees dangling with shinning stones behind.  Can you tell that I am really putting up a fight to keep my lids open?

Andddddddd, after I saw all the foam on the hot cocoa, I couldn't resist but do this T^T  Must be all the sleep deprived hours killing my brain cells at that time!

Annd after that, I checked in, boarded my flight and I am off to my hometown!  *Glee*  I was falling asleep so badly in the plane and I must have looked horrendous because I could feel all my hair flipping left and right and 80% of it covered my face.  This is the time when I am happy that I ain't that famous.  I mean, how would you feel if you seen Angelina Jolie sleeping like that in a plane? Lolol.  Horrendous.  >.>  It's not even profoundly funny.

NEXT.  Well I missed the very first session of the wedding day, which is the actual wedding itself lol but fret not!  I have photoes from my trusted cousin!  She showed me the moment I walked out of the Arrival Hall lol.  Everyone's so hyped and excited!

My cousin and her entire family.  2 sister and 1 brother <3  Look how blessed they are.

Their wedding ride <3

After that, mommie brought me to my favourite food from hometown.  It's call the Sibu Laksa!  <3   Ahh, my mouth is watering right now just by looking at the picture.  *wipes saliva off

After breakfast, home sweet home!!  Look at the Eden that my mom has grew in our lawn o.o  I am superbly impressed and so proud of her! <3

Andddddd, as the clock ticks by mercilessly, we are all dressed and seated at the restaurant and all this delicious food is being served!! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!  I still love Chinese wedding the most cause of all the food >D

I love this dress because first, it is handpicked by my mom and she bought it for me.  Second, I could actually FIT into it!  LOL  (it's a miracle!)  Three, I don't look that horrible in it even though its pink.  I am known to own only black coloured clothing though I love colours hahaha.

Picture with all my female cousins and then suddenly being photobombed by the dude behind >D

Unimpressed face.  Because we waited for soooooooooooo long before we manage to grab a picture with the bride :<

Everyone dressed up <3

Picture with bride and the bridegroom!!! <3  Bridegroom commented that I am too tall ._.

The entire set of cousins from my Dad's side <3

There are more of them but some went back already.  It's a pity that we couldn't get a proper group reunion picture :<

All added up together, it's a super blissful Saturday.  She is the first cousin to get married from my dad's side and we all wish her the best of happiness and smooth journey to their now joined journey!

Bless 24th November 2012 because it is not only such an important date to her but to all of us who was there to see her off as well!  I mean, getting married is not JUST getting married.  From now on, we can't just call each other out to go and fool around.  She will have to fulfill her obligation as a wife.  Obligation as a daughter in law.  Perhaps in few years time, obligation as a mother.

She is no longer like the rest of us, single and free of any obligation.  We could still wake up late on a weekend.  Have a quick weekend escape with friends somewhere.  Have random late night movie sessions.

Haha, how life has changed 360 degrees from the moment she said "I do".  Those two small but powerful three lettered word.

All sum up, it was indeed a wonderful Saturday.  Manage to have a small catch up time with mommie slotted somewhere in between.  Great food.  Family reunion.  Awesome night sleep with aircond and a good old (actually new) King size bed compared to my 3 wing-ed fan and Single bed.

Life's good.  I love a good life.  Who doesn't?  <3

See you all soon <3  I shall spare you the rant of the trip back except one small detail.  30 hours, 9 hours on plane rides and bus.  By the time I am on my bus back to Melaka and sleeping away, those moments when I was forcefully jerked by the bus sudden brakes or acceleration and woke up for those split seconds, I couldn't tell if I was on the plane or on the bus because I have been sleeping while sitting upright for too many hours within a day and a half.

It's incredible lol.


  1. Great pictures and great food!

    Congrats to them and I hope their life will continue to be as awesome as it was on that day.

    I wonder when it'll be time to marry for myself :D

    Anyways, good job on staying awake that long :D

    1. Yeah, staying awake for that long + lots of food = super sick till today >D I am starting to wonder if it's worth it.

      Haha get married when you found the right person and when the time is ripe =P