Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alien Lobster that is Better Than Sex!

Is merely an expression of what I think.

Last weekend Godparents and I went for a seafood feast.  Not your average buffet seafood feast but a superbly awesome one.

Ta-dah!  Looks so cute that I got to take it lol <.>

You know why?  Because when we were devouring it, all the most seductive and orgasmic words filled our conversations and expressions such as the following:

"oh-my-gord it's so juicyyyyyy"

"it's so heavenly sweet"

"look at the amount of juice it's oozing out"

"oh gord"

"one of a kind"

"thickest consistency and taste in the world"

"oh lord ohhhh"

and so on and so forth.  I kid you not.

I mean, having a meal with a table full of Taiwanese is one of the most enjoyable meal that you can ever have because they are so full of witty and dirty comments that a heavenly meal nearly turned into an episode of porn because it's just so finger-lickin-delicious and so obscenely good.

Everyone's like licking and sucking their fingers dry  lobster down to the last drop of juice while cracking dirty jokes here and there, headed by of course non other than the Godfather >D

Okay, enough of vulgarity and lets get down to obscenity   pictures.

As starters, we had Escargot cooked in thick cream and a slice of mushroom, sweetest and freshest Oyster that you can ever find and also, thick-creamy-bitter Lobster Bisque!

Heavenly Escargot

Best Oyster I have ever tasted!


According to Godparents, Lobster Bisque is very hard to find and most of the time, they use canned Lobster Bisque so it's not the fresh one.  THIS, is made out of fresh lobster head and its so thick and creamy that it is bitter.  Can you imagine how thick and creamy it is?  Orz.  It's superbly good and yummy and Godparents says even the best of 5 Star Hotel in US couldn't serve one with such quality so he says I am one darn lucky person because I manage to taste this at the mere age of 20+ >D  

Dr Loosen's White Wine goes BEST with a meal like this.  OH, a glass of chilled wine after a bite of lobster meat is just ____________ . (fill in the blanks here with words that you can think of.  Let me give you a few choice that can go with it:  orgasmic, heavenly, insane, intense etc etc)

Dr Loosen's 2010 White Wine!

NOW, for the MAIN dish.  Have you ever heard of anyone saying that they get full JUST from eating prawn (lobster)?  I have not, until I experienced it myself.  You should all know by now I am not your average petite size person so my appetite is pretty big and guess what, I really WAS FULL from JUST lobster.  At the end of the meal, there's still EXTRA lobster meat left and we can't even stuff it in even if we want to!  If not everything will end up coming out rather than going in >D

The lobster that we had aren't just any normal lobster but THE Boston Lobster.  One of the sweetest of its kind and the bigger they are, the firmer the eat is and the juicier it get.  Imagine biting into a piece of the meat with a dab of melted butter.


I can't even describe it.  *spasm*

Yeah okay, enough of words and lets go with my favourite line:  FEAST YOUR EYES!

I am like HUGE but the lobster ain't looking small when I am holding it next to me!  And yes, the caption in the picture DOES say "white hair" because.. THERE IS ONE FREAKING WHITE HAIR IN THE PICTURE OKAY!  If you view it in full size then you can see it T_T I AM OLD!  

Look at the size of this monster!

Lobster the size of an iPhone 15!

That's my iPhone FIVE next to the lobster.  Can you imagine how HUGE it is?  I think this is the time when we finally need an iPhone 10 just so that we can compare the size of this lobster.  I think we can easily fit 3 iPhone 5 in this picture so does that mean we need an iPhone 15? >D  5 + 5 + 5!!

Look at the beauty and the sexiness that is lying right in front of you D:

The two pictures below are GIF pictures so just wait for a little longer to let it load and you will witness the almighty goodness of Boston Lobster <3

Godfather peeling off the lobster head.  Look at the size of that thing!  It's bigger than Goddad's hand omgee.

The amount of JUICE it's DRIPPING drip drip drip drip drip

The phrase "Tonight we dine in heaven" is not misleading at all because a small piece of heaven DO exist on Earth and I've just ate one of the pieces of heaven on Earth.

Just thinking of it while blogging is itself a torturing experience so it's best that I sign off quick and see you in my next post before I salivate and flood my keyboard!

Ciao! <3


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